Release tiering-0.72

- Rebased on v5.13
- Change the ABI to enabling page demotion per request of the community.
- Add a way to enable NUMA balancing for memory area with
  MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY mode when bound via mbind().
- Introduce a new policy MPOL_PREFERRED_MANY, which will firstly
    try to allocate memory from a few preferred nodes, and fallback
    to all nodes in system if the try fails. The policy could be
    set with 'mbind' or 'set_mempolicy' syscalls
- Code cleanup and bug fixing.
- Add a README section (5) for Cgroup toptier memory control
README-tiering: Add updates for tiering-0.72

Add a release notes section in the README, and update existing sections
for this release.

Signed-off-by: Vishal Verma <>
1 file changed