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This is the project TODO list. It contains the wish list of Aiaiai author and
users. Feel free to send your requests to the Aiaiai mailing list. Remembere,
these are just wishes, and we do not necessarily have any specific plans
implementing them.
* Improve user-friendliness.
* Append random configuration to email when it fails to build.
* Separate all the e-mail front-end stuff to "doc/email".
* Improve the the e-mail front-end configuration file. Make all the variables
containing the text for end-users to refer instead. Just like
email.preamble refers the file, which contains the preamble. This is more
flexible and consistent.
* Eventually make non-email scripts (aiaiai-test-patchset) also
support the config file. This could be an alternative to specifying
everythig via options. E.g., would could run
'aiaia-test-patchset --config <path>/aiaiai.cfg' and have all the
details defined in 'aiaiai.cfg'.
* Start assigning versions to the scripts and do official releases, with
signed tags, and tarballs.
* Provide packages for various distributions. Including packages for the
'smack' validation tool, because distros do not provide it.
* Describe the coding style and various shell tricks in a separate file, in
order to make it easier for people to start hacking Aiaiai.
* Describe how the e-mail front-end distinguish patches and collects
* Describe some review policy, e.g., how many days I promise to wait
for review/reply before applying patches.