dma-direct: correct the physical addr in dma_direct_sync_sg_for_cpu/device

dma_map_sg() may use swiotlb buffer when the kernel command line includes
"swiotlb=force" or the dma_addr is out of dev->dma_mask range.  After
DMA complete the memory moving from device to memory, then user call
dma_sync_sg_for_cpu() to sync with DMA buffer, and copy the original
virtual buffer to other space.

So dma_direct_sync_sg_for_cpu() should use swiotlb physical addr, not
the original physical addr from sg_phys(sg).

dma_direct_sync_sg_for_device() also has the same issue, correct it as

Fixes: 55897af63091("dma-direct: merge swiotlb_dma_ops into the dma_direct code")
Signed-off-by: Fugang Duan <>
Reviewed-by: Robin Murphy <>
Signed-off-by: Christoph Hellwig <>
1 file changed