Merge tag 'nfs-for-5.3-1' of git://

Pull NFS client updates from Trond Myklebust:
 "Highlights include:

  Stable fixes:

   - SUNRPC: Ensure bvecs are re-synced when we re-encode the RPC

   - Fix an Oops in ff_layout_track_ds_error due to a PTR_ERR()

   - Revert buggy NFS readdirplus optimisation

   - NFSv4: Handle the special Linux file open access mode

   - pnfs: Fix a problem where we gratuitously start doing I/O through
     the MDS


   - Allow NFS client to set up multiple TCP connections to the server
     using a new 'nconnect=X' mount option. Queue length is used to
     balance load.

   - Enhance statistics reporting to report on all transports when using
     multiple connections.

   - Speed up SUNRPC by removing bh-safe spinlocks

   - Add a mechanism to allow NFSv4 to request that containers set a
     unique per-host identifier for when the hostname is not set.

   - Ensure NFSv4 updates the lease_time after a clientid update

  Bugfixes and cleanup:

   - Fix use-after-free in rpcrdma_post_recvs

   - Fix a memory leak when nfs_match_client() is interrupted

   - Fix buggy file access checking in NFSv4 open for execute

   - disable unsupported client side deduplication

   - Fix spurious client disconnections

   - Fix occasional RDMA transport deadlock

   - Various RDMA cleanups

   - Various tracepoint fixes

   - Fix the TCP callback channel to guarantee the server can actually
     send the number of callback requests that was negotiated at mount

* tag 'nfs-for-5.3-1' of git:// (68 commits)
  pnfs/flexfiles: Add tracepoints for detecting pnfs fallback to MDS
  pnfs: Fix a problem where we gratuitously start doing I/O through the MDS
  SUNRPC: Optimise transport balancing code
  SUNRPC: Ensure the bvecs are reset when we re-encode the RPC request
  pnfs/flexfiles: Fix PTR_ERR() dereferences in ff_layout_track_ds_error
  NFSv4: Don't use the zero stateid with layoutget
  SUNRPC: Fix up backchannel slot table accounting
  SUNRPC: Fix initialisation of struct rpc_xprt_switch
  SUNRPC: Skip zero-refcount transports
  SUNRPC: Replace division by multiplication in calculation of queue length
  NFSv4: Validate the stateid before applying it to state recovery
  nfs4.0: Refetch lease_time after clientid update
  nfs4: Rename nfs41_setup_state_renewal
  nfs4: Make nfs4_proc_get_lease_time available for nfs4.0
  nfs: Fix copy-and-paste error in debug message
  NFS: Replace 16 seq_printf() calls by seq_puts()
  NFS: Use seq_putc() in nfs_show_stats()
  Revert "NFS: readdirplus optimization by cache mechanism" (memleak)
  SUNRPC: Fix transport accounting when caller specifies an rpc_xprt
  NFS: Record task, client ID, and XID in xdr_status trace points