Merge tag 'bcachefs-2024-06-22' of

Pull bcachefs fixes from Kent Overstreet:
 "Lots of (mostly boring) fixes for syzbot bugs and rare(r) CI bugs.

  The LRU_TIME_BITS fix was slightly more involved; we only have 48 bits
  for the LRU position (we would prefer 64), so wraparound is possible
  for the cached data LRUs on a filesystem that has done sufficient
  (petabytes) reads; this is now handled.

  One notable user reported bugfix, where we were forgetting to
  correctly set the bucket data type, which should have been
  BCH_DATA_need_gc_gens instead of BCH_DATA_free; this was causing us to
  go emergency read-only on a filesystem that had seen heavy enough use
  to see bucket gen wraparoud.

  We're now starting to fix simple (safe) errors without requiring user
  intervention - i.e. a small incremental step towards full self

  This is currently limited to just certain allocation information
  counters, and the error is still logged in the superblock; see that
  patch for more information. ("bcachefs: Fix safe errors by default")"

* tag 'bcachefs-2024-06-22' of (22 commits)
  bcachefs: Move the ei_flags setting to after initialization
  bcachefs: Fix a UAF after write_super()
  bcachefs: Use bch2_print_string_as_lines for long err
  bcachefs: Fix I_NEW warning in race path in bch2_inode_insert()
  bcachefs: Replace bare EEXIST with private error codes
  bcachefs: Fix missing alloc_data_type_set()
  closures: Change BUG_ON() to WARN_ON()
  bcachefs: fix alignment of VMA for memory mapped files on THP
  bcachefs: Fix safe errors by default
  bcachefs: Fix bch2_trans_put()
  bcachefs: set_worker_desc() for delete_dead_snapshots
  bcachefs: Fix bch2_sb_downgrade_update()
  bcachefs: Handle cached data LRU wraparound
  bcachefs: Guard against overflowing LRU_TIME_BITS
  bcachefs: delete_dead_snapshots() doesn't need to go RW
  bcachefs: Fix early init error path in journal code
  bcachefs: Check for invalid btree IDs
  bcachefs: Fix btree ID bitmasks
  bcachefs: Fix shift overflow in read_one_super()
  bcachefs: Fix a locking bug in the do_discard_fast() path