Merge tag 'docs-6.9' of git://

Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet:
 "A moderatly busy cycle for development this time around.

   - Some cleanup of the main index page for easier navigation

   - Rework some of the other top-level pages for better readability
     and, with luck, fewer merge conflicts in the future.

   - Submit-checklist improvements, hopefully the first of many.

   - New Italian translations

   - A fair number of kernel-doc fixes and improvements. We have also
     dropped the recommendation to use an old version of Sphinx.

   - A new document from Thorsten on bisection

  ... and lots of fixes and updates"

* tag 'docs-6.9' of git:// (54 commits)
  docs: verify/bisect: fixes, finetuning, and support for Arch
  docs: Makefile: Add dependency to $(YNL_INDEX) for targets other than htmldocs
  docs: Move ja_JP/howto.rst to ja_JP/process/howto.rst
  docs: submit-checklist: use subheadings
  docs: submit-checklist: structure by category
  docs: new text on bisecting which also covers bug validation
  docs: drop the version constraints for sphinx and dependencies
  docs: kerneldoc-preamble.sty: Remove code for Sphinx <2.4
  docs: Restore "smart quotes" for quotes
  docs/zh_CN: accurate translation of "function"
  docs: Include simplified link titles in main index
  docs: Correct formatting of title in admin-guide/index.rst
  docs: fix build error for missing files
  MAINTAINERS: Set the field name for subsystem profile section
  kasan: Add documentation for CONFIG_KASAN_EXTRA_INFO
  Fixed case issue with 'fault-injection' in documentation
  kernel-doc: handle #if in enums as well
  Documentation: update mailing list addresses
  doc: fix indentation
  scripts/kernel-doc: simplify signature printing