Merge tag 'audit-pr-20240312' of git://

Pull audit updates from Paul Moore:
 "Two small audit patches:

   - Use the KMEM_CACHE() macro instead of kmem_cache_create()

     The guidance appears to be to use the KMEM_CACHE() macro when
     possible and there is no reason why we can't use the macro, so
     let's use it.

   - Remove an unnecessary assignment in audit_dupe_lsm_field()

     A return value variable was assigned a value in its declaration,
     but the declaration value is overwritten before the return value
     variable is ever referenced; drop the assignment at declaration

* tag 'audit-pr-20240312' of git://
  audit: use KMEM_CACHE() instead of kmem_cache_create()
  audit: remove unnecessary assignment in audit_dupe_lsm_field()