Merge tag 'for-6.9-tag' of git://

Pull btrfs updates from David Sterba:
 "Mostly stabilization, refactoring and cleanup changes. There rest are
  minor performance optimizations due to caching or lock contention
  reduction and a few notable fixes.

  Performance improvements:

   - minor speedup in logging when repeatedly allocated structure is
     preallocated only once, improves latency and decreases lock

   - minor throughput increase (+6%), reduced lock contention after
     clearing delayed allocation bits, applies to several common
     workload types

   - skip full quota rescan if a new relation is added in the same


   - zstd fix for inline compressed file in subpage mode, updated
     version from the 6.8 time

   - proper qgroup inheritance ioctl parameter validation

   - more fiemap followup fixes after reduced locking done in 6.8:
      - fix race when detecting delalloc ranges

  Core changes:

   - more debugging code:
      - added assertions for a very rare crash in raid56 calculation
      - tree-checker dumps page state to give more insights into
        possible reference counting issues

   - add checksum calculation offloading sysfs knob, for now enabled
     under DEBUG only to determine a good heuristic for deciding the
     offload or synchronous, depends on various factors (block group
     profile, device speed) and is not as clear as initially thought
     (checksum type)

   - error handling improvements, added assertions

   - more page to folio conversion (defrag, truncate), cached size and

   - preparation for more fine grained locking of sectors in subpage

   - cleanups and refactoring:
      - include cleanups, forward declarations
      - pointer-to-structure helpers
      - redundant argument removals
      - removed unused code
      - slab cache updates, last use of SLAB_MEM_SPREAD removed"

* tag 'for-6.9-tag' of git:// (114 commits)
  btrfs: reuse cloned extent buffer during fiemap to avoid re-allocations
  btrfs: fix race when detecting delalloc ranges during fiemap
  btrfs: fix off-by-one chunk length calculation at contains_pending_extent()
  btrfs: qgroup: allow quick inherit if snapshot is created and added to the same parent
  btrfs: qgroup: validate btrfs_qgroup_inherit parameter
  btrfs: include device major and minor numbers in the device scan notice
  btrfs: mark btrfs_put_caching_control() static
  btrfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag use
  btrfs: qgroup: always free reserved space for extent records
  btrfs: tree-checker: dump the page status if hit something wrong
  btrfs: compression: remove dead comments in btrfs_compress_heuristic()
  btrfs: subpage: make writer lock utilize bitmap
  btrfs: subpage: make reader lock utilize bitmap
  btrfs: unexport btrfs_subpage_start_writer() and btrfs_subpage_end_and_test_writer()
  btrfs: pass a valid extent map cache pointer to __get_extent_map()
  btrfs: merge btrfs_del_delalloc_inode() helpers
  btrfs: pass btrfs_device to btrfs_scratch_superblocks()
  btrfs: handle transaction commit errors in flush_reservations()
  btrfs: use KMEM_CACHE() to create btrfs_free_space cache
  btrfs: use KMEM_CACHE() to create delayed ref caches