Merge tag 'nfsd-6.9' of git://

Pull nfsd updates from Chuck Lever:
 "The bulk of the patches for this release are optimizations, code
  clean-ups, and minor bug fixes.

  One new feature to mention is that NFSD administrators now have the
  ability to revoke NFSv4 open and lock state. NFSD's NFSv3 support has
  had this capability for some time.

  As always I am grateful to NFSD contributors, reviewers, and testers"

* tag 'nfsd-6.9' of git:// (75 commits)
  NFSD: Clean up nfsd4_encode_replay()
  NFSD: send OP_CB_RECALL_ANY to clients when number of delegations reaches its limit
  NFSD: Document nfsd_setattr() fill-attributes behavior
  nfsd: Fix NFSv3 atomicity bugs in nfsd_setattr()
  nfsd: Fix a regression in nfsd_setattr()
  NFSD: OP_CB_RECALL_ANY should recall both read and write delegations
  NFSD: handle GETATTR conflict with write delegation
  NFSD: add support for CB_GETATTR callback
  NFSD: Document the phases of CREATE_SESSION
  NFSD: Fix the NFSv4.1 CREATE_SESSION operation
  nfsd: clean up comments over nfs4_client definition
  svcrdma: Add Write chunk WRs to the RPC's Send WR chain
  svcrdma: Post WRs for Write chunks in svc_rdma_sendto()
  svcrdma: Post the Reply chunk and Send WR together
  svcrdma: Move write_info for Reply chunks into struct svc_rdma_send_ctxt
  svcrdma: Post Send WR chain
  svcrdma: Fix retry loop in svc_rdma_send()
  svcrdma: Prevent a UAF in svc_rdma_send()
  svcrdma: Fix SQ wake-ups
  svcrdma: Increase the per-transport rw_ctx count