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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 1999 by Helge Deller
* Copyright 1999 SuSE GmbH (Philipp Rumpf)
* Copyright 1999 Philipp Rumpf (
* Initial Version 04-23-1999 by Helge Deller <>
#include <linux/autoconf.h> /* for CONFIG_SMP */
#include <asm/offset.h>
#include <asm/psw.h>
#include <asm/assembly.h>
#include <asm/pgtable.h>
.level 1.1
.section .initcall.init
.align 4
.export __initcall_start
.export __initcall_end
.export __setup_start
.export __setup_end
.export boot_args
.word 0 /* arg0 */
.word 0 /* arg1 */
.word 0 /* arg2 */
.word 0 /* arg3 */
.align 4
.import init_task_union,data
.import $global$ /* forward declaration */
.import fault_vector_11,code /* IVA parisc 1.1 32 bit */
.import fault_vector_20,code /* IVA parisc 2.0 32 bit */
.import start_parisc,code /* then enable VM and go here */
.export stext
.export _stext,data /* Kernel want it this way! */
/* Make sure sr4-sr7 are set to zero for the kernel address space */
mtsp %r0,%sr4
mtsp %r0,%sr5
mtsp %r0,%sr6
mtsp %r0,%sr7
/* Clear BSS (shouldn't the boot loader do this?) */
.import _edata,data
.import _end,data
ldil L%PA(_edata),%r3
ldo R%PA(_edata)(%r3),%r3
ldil L%PA(_end),%r4
ldo R%PA(_end)(%r4),%r4
cmpb,<<,n %r3,%r4,$bss_loop
stw,ma %r0,4(%r3)
/* Save away the arguments the boot loader passed in (32 bit args) */
ldil L%PA(boot_args),%r1
ldo R%PA(boot_args)(%r1),%r1
stw,ma %arg0,4(%r1)
stw,ma %arg1,4(%r1)
stw,ma %arg2,4(%r1)
stw,ma %arg3,4(%r1)
/* Initialize startup VM. Just map first 8 MB of memory */
ldil L%PA(pg0),%r1
ldo R%PA(pg0)(%r1),%r1
ldo _PAGE_TABLE(%r1),%r3
ldil L%PA(swapper_pg_dir),%r4
ldo R%PA(swapper_pg_dir)(%r4),%r4
mtctl %r4,%cr24 /* Initialize kernel root pointer */
mtctl %r4,%cr25 /* Initialize user root pointer */
#if (__PAGE_OFFSET != 0x10000000UL)
Error! Code below (the next two stw's) needs to be changed
stw %r3,0x100(%r4) /* Hardwired 0x1... kernel Vaddr start*/
ldo 0x1000(%r3),%r3
stw %r3,0x104(%r4)
ldo _PAGE_KERNEL(%r0),%r3 /* Hardwired 0 phys addr start */
stwm %r3,4(%r1)
ldo 0x1000(%r3),%r3
bb,>= %r3,8,$pgt_fill_loop
/* Load the return 'n burn */
copy %r0,%r2
/* And the RFI Target address too */
ldil L%start_kernel,%r11
ldo R%start_kernel(%r11),%r11
/* And the initial task pointer */
ldil L%init_task_union,%r6
ldo R%init_task_union(%r6),%r6
mtctl %r6,%cr30
/* And the stack pointer too */
ldo TASK_SZ_ALGN(%r6),%sp
/* And the interrupt stack */
ldil L%interrupt_stack,%r6
ldo R%interrupt_stack(%r6),%r6
mtctl %r6,%cr31
/* Set the smp rendevous address into page zero.
** It would be safer to do this in init_smp_config() but
** it's just way easier to deal with here because
** of 64-bit function ptrs and the address is local to this file.
ldil L%PA(smp_slave_stext),%r10
ldo R%PA(smp_slave_stext)(%r10),%r10
stw %r10,0x10(%r0) /* MEM_RENDEZ */
stw %r0,0x28(%r0) /* MEM_RENDEZ_HI - assume addr < 4GB */
** Code Common to both Monarch and Slave processors.
** Entry:
** %r11 must contain RFI target address.
** %r25/%r26 args to pass to target function
** %r2 in case rfi target decides it didn't like something
** Caller must init: SR4-7, %sp, %r10, %cr24/25,
/* Clear PDC entry point - we won't use it */
stw %r0,0x10(%r0) /* MEM_RENDEZ */
stw %r0,0x28(%r0) /* MEM_RENDEZ_HI */
/* PARANOID: clear user scratch/user space SR's */
mtsp %r0,%sr0
mtsp %r0,%sr1
mtsp %r0,%sr2
mtsp %r0,%sr3
/* Initialize Protection Registers */
mtctl %r0,%cr8
mtctl %r0,%cr9
mtctl %r0,%cr12
mtctl %r0,%cr13
/* Initialize the global data pointer */
ldil L%$global$,%dp
ldo R%$global$(%dp),%dp
* Set up our interrupt table. HPMCs might not work after this!
* We need to install the correct iva for PA1.1 or PA2.0. The
* following short sequence of instructions can determine this
* (without being illegal on a PA1.1 machine).
ldi 32,%r10
mtctl %r10,%cr11
.level 2.0
mfctl,w %cr11,%r10
.level 1.1
comib,<>,n 0,%r10,$is_pa20
ldil L%PA(fault_vector_11),%r10
b $install_iva
ldo R%PA(fault_vector_11)(%r10),%r10
ldil L%PA(fault_vector_20),%r10
ldo R%PA(fault_vector_20)(%r10),%r10
mtctl %r10,%cr14
/* Disable Q bit so we can load the iia queue */
rsm PSW_SM_Q,%r0
/* kernel PSW:
* - no interruptions except HPMC and TOC (which are handled by PDC)
* - Q bit set (IODC / PDC interruptions)
* - big-endian
* - virtually mapped
ldil L%KERNEL_PSW,%r10
ldo R%KERNEL_PSW(%r10),%r10
mtctl %r10,%ipsw
/* Set the space pointers for the post-RFI world
** Clear the two-level IIA Space Queue, effectively setting
** Kernel space.
mtctl %r0,%cr17
mtctl %r0,%cr17
/* Load RFI target into PC queue */
mtctl %r11,%cr18
ldo 4(%r11),%r11
mtctl %r11,%cr18
/* Jump to hyperspace */
.import smp_init_current_idle_task,data
.import smp_callin,code
break 1,1 /* Break if returned from start_secondary */
* smp_slave_stext is executed by all non-monarch Processors when the Monarch
* pokes the slave CPUs in smp.c:smp_boot_cpus().
* Once here, registers values are initialized in order to branch to virtual
* mode. Once all available/eligible CPUs are in virtual mode, all are
* released and start out by executing their own idle task.
** Initialize Space registers
mtsp %r0,%sr4
mtsp %r0,%sr5
mtsp %r0,%sr6
mtsp %r0,%sr7
/* Initialize the SP - monarch sets up smp_init_current_idle_task */
ldil L%PA(smp_init_current_idle_task),%sp
ldo R%PA(smp_init_current_idle_task)(%sp),%sp
ldw 0(%sp),%sp /* load task address */
mtctl %sp,%cr30 /* store in cr30 */
addil L%TASK_SZ_ALGN,%sp /* stack is above task */
ldo R%TASK_SZ_ALGN(%r1),%sp
/* point CPU to kernel page tables */
ldil L%PA(swapper_pg_dir),%r4
ldo R%PA(swapper_pg_dir)(%r4),%r4
mtctl %r4,%cr24 /* Initialize kernel root pointer */
mtctl %r4,%cr25 /* Initialize user root pointer */
/* Load RFI *return* address in case smp_callin bails */
ldil L%smp_callin_rtn,%r2
ldo R%smp_callin_rtn(%r2),%r2
/* Load RFI target address. */
ldil L%smp_callin,%r11
ldo R%smp_callin(%r11),%r11
/* ok...common code can handle the rest */
b common_stext
#endif /* CONFIG_SMP */
.align 4
.export $global$,data
.type $global$,@object
.size $global$,4
.word 0