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# Makefile for the PCI bus specific drivers.
# Note! Dependencies are done automagically by 'make dep', which also
# removes any old dependencies. DON'T put your own dependencies here
# unless it's something special (ie not a .c file).
# Note 2! The CFLAGS definition is now inherited from the
# parent makefile.
O_TARGET := driver.o
export-objs := pci.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PCI) += pci.o quirks.o compat.o names.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PROC_FS) += proc.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PCI) += setup-res.o
# Some architectures use the generic PCI setup functions
obj-$(CONFIG_ALPHA) += setup-bus.o setup-irq.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ARM) += setup-bus.o setup-irq.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PARISC) += setup-bus.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SUPERH) += setup-bus.o setup-irq.o
obj-$(CONFIG_PPC32) += setup-irq.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SGI_IP27) += setup-irq.o
ifndef CONFIG_X86
obj-y += syscall.o
include $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make
names.o: names.c devlist.h classlist.h
devlist.h classlist.h: pci.ids gen-devlist
./gen-devlist <pci.ids
gen-devlist: gen-devlist.c
$(HOSTCC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) -o gen-devlist gen-devlist.c