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* ss.h 1.28 2000/06/12 21:55:40
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#ifndef _LINUX_SS_H
#define _LINUX_SS_H
#include <pcmcia/cs_types.h>
/* Definitions for card status flags for GetStatus */
#define SS_WRPROT 0x0001
#define SS_CARDLOCK 0x0002
#define SS_EJECTION 0x0004
#define SS_INSERTION 0x0008
#define SS_BATDEAD 0x0010
#define SS_BATWARN 0x0020
#define SS_READY 0x0040
#define SS_DETECT 0x0080
#define SS_POWERON 0x0100
#define SS_GPI 0x0200
#define SS_STSCHG 0x0400
#define SS_CARDBUS 0x0800
#define SS_3VCARD 0x1000
#define SS_XVCARD 0x2000
#define SS_PENDING 0x4000
/* for InquireSocket */
typedef struct socket_cap_t {
u_int features;
u_int irq_mask;
u_int map_size;
ioaddr_t io_offset;
u_char pci_irq;
struct pci_dev *cb_dev;
struct bus_operations *bus;
} socket_cap_t;
/* InquireSocket capabilities */
#define SS_CAP_PAGE_REGS 0x0001
#define SS_CAP_VIRTUAL_BUS 0x0002
#define SS_CAP_MEM_ALIGN 0x0004
#define SS_CAP_STATIC_MAP 0x0008
#define SS_CAP_PCCARD 0x4000
#define SS_CAP_CARDBUS 0x8000
/* for GetSocket, SetSocket */
typedef struct socket_state_t {
u_int flags;
u_int csc_mask;
u_char Vcc, Vpp;
u_char io_irq;
} socket_state_t;
extern socket_state_t dead_socket;
/* Socket configuration flags */
#define SS_PWR_AUTO 0x0010
#define SS_IOCARD 0x0020
#define SS_RESET 0x0040
#define SS_DMA_MODE 0x0080
#define SS_SPKR_ENA 0x0100
#define SS_OUTPUT_ENA 0x0200
#define SS_DEBOUNCED 0x0400 /* Tell driver that the debounce delay has ended */
#define SS_ZVCARD 0x0800
/* Flags for I/O port and memory windows */
#define MAP_ACTIVE 0x01
#define MAP_16BIT 0x02
#define MAP_AUTOSZ 0x04
#define MAP_0WS 0x08
#define MAP_WRPROT 0x10
#define MAP_ATTRIB 0x20
#define MAP_USE_WAIT 0x40
#define MAP_PREFETCH 0x80
/* Use this just for bridge windows */
#define MAP_IOSPACE 0x20
typedef struct pccard_io_map {
u_char map;
u_char flags;
u_short speed;
ioaddr_t start, stop;
} pccard_io_map;
typedef struct pccard_mem_map {
u_char map;
u_char flags;
u_short speed;
u_long sys_start, sys_stop;
u_int card_start;
} pccard_mem_map;
typedef struct cb_bridge_map {
u_char map;
u_char flags;
u_int start, stop;
} cb_bridge_map;
* Socket operations.
struct pccard_operations {
int (*init)(unsigned int sock);
int (*suspend)(unsigned int sock);
int (*register_callback)(unsigned int sock, void (*handler)(void *, unsigned int), void * info);
int (*inquire_socket)(unsigned int sock, socket_cap_t *cap);
int (*get_status)(unsigned int sock, u_int *value);
int (*get_socket)(unsigned int sock, socket_state_t *state);
int (*set_socket)(unsigned int sock, socket_state_t *state);
int (*get_io_map)(unsigned int sock, struct pccard_io_map *io);
int (*set_io_map)(unsigned int sock, struct pccard_io_map *io);
int (*get_mem_map)(unsigned int sock, struct pccard_mem_map *mem);
int (*set_mem_map)(unsigned int sock, struct pccard_mem_map *mem);
void (*proc_setup)(unsigned int sock, struct proc_dir_entry *base);
* Calls to set up low-level "Socket Services" drivers
extern int register_ss_entry(int nsock, struct pccard_operations *ops);
extern void unregister_ss_entry(struct pccard_operations *ops);
#endif /* _LINUX_SS_H */