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# Makefile for the AVM ISDN device drivers and CAPI subsystem.
# The target object and module list name.
O_TARGET := vmlinux-obj.o
# Objects that export symbols.
export-objs := kcapi.o capiutil.o b1dma.o b1pcmcia.o b1.o capifs.o
# Multipart objects.
list-multi := kernelcapi.o
kernelcapi-objs := kcapi.o
# Ordering constraints: kernelcapi.o first
# Each configuration option enables a list of files.
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI) += kernelcapi.o capiutil.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPI20) += capi.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPIDRV) += capidrv.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPIFS) += capifs.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1ISA) += b1isa.o b1.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1PCI) += b1pci.o b1.o b1dma.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1PCMCIA) += b1pcmcia.o b1.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_AVM_CS) += avm_cs.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_T1ISA) += t1isa.o b1.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_T1PCI) += t1pci.o b1.o b1dma.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_C4) += c4.o b1.o
# The global Rules.make.
include $(TOPDIR)/Rules.make
# Link rules for multi-part drivers.
kernelcapi.o: $(kernelcapi-objs)
$(LD) -r -o $@ $(kernelcapi-objs)