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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* erofs_cache.h
* Copyright (C) 2018 HUAWEI, Inc.
* Created by Li Guifu <>
#ifndef __EROFS_CACHE_H__
#define __EROFS_CACHE_H__
#include "mkfs_erofs.h"
#include <erofs/list.h>
enum erofs_meta_type {
struct erofs_meta_node {
struct list_head m_node;
struct block_buffer *m_blk;
int m_type;
int m_slot;
int m_len;
static inline void erofs_meta_node_init(struct erofs_meta_node *node, int type)
node->m_type = type;
node->m_blk = NULL;
node->m_slot = 0;
node->m_len = 0;
typedef struct block_buffer {
/* These two members are used to block management. */
struct list_head bb_global_node;
struct list_head bb_alloc_node;
/* This is the head of all metadata which is hold in this block. */
struct list_head bb_metadata_list;
u32 bb_blkaddr;
int bb_free_slot;
} block_buffer_t;
block_buffer_t *erofs_alloc_single_block_buffer(void);
block_buffer_t *erofs_alloc_multi_block_buffer(u32 nblocks);
block_buffer_t *erofs_look_up_free_pos(int request_size);
int erofs_flush_all_blocks(void);
int erofs_cache_init(u64 start_blk);
void erofs_cache_deinit(void);
u32 erofs_alloc_blocks(u32 nblocks);
void erofs_put_block_buffer(struct block_buffer *blk);
u64 erofs_get_total_blocks(void);