Merge tag 'char-misc-5.16-rc1' of git://

Pull char/misc driver updates from Greg KH:
 "Here is the big set of char and misc and other tiny driver subsystem
  updates for 5.16-rc1.

  Loads of things in here, all of which have been in linux-next for a
  while with no reported problems (except for one called out below.)

  Included are:

   - habanana labs driver updates, including dma_buf usage, reviewed and
     acked by the dma_buf maintainers

   - iio driver update (going through this tree not staging as they
     really do not belong going through that tree anymore)

   - counter driver updates

   - hwmon driver updates that the counter drivers needed, acked by the
     hwmon maintainer

   - xillybus driver updates

   - binder driver updates

   - extcon driver updates

   - dma_buf module namespaces added (will cause a build error in arm64
     for allmodconfig, but that change is on its way through the drm

   - lkdtm driver updates

   - pvpanic driver updates

   - phy driver updates

   - virt acrn and nitr_enclaves driver updates

   - smaller char and misc driver updates"

* tag 'char-misc-5.16-rc1' of git:// (386 commits)
  comedi: dt9812: fix DMA buffers on stack
  comedi: ni_usb6501: fix NULL-deref in command paths
  arm64: errata: Enable TRBE workaround for write to out-of-range address
  arm64: errata: Enable workaround for TRBE overwrite in FILL mode
  coresight: trbe: Work around write to out of range
  coresight: trbe: Make sure we have enough space
  coresight: trbe: Add a helper to determine the minimum buffer size
  coresight: trbe: Workaround TRBE errata overwrite in FILL mode
  coresight: trbe: Add infrastructure for Errata handling
  coresight: trbe: Allow driver to choose a different alignment
  coresight: trbe: Decouple buffer base from the hardware base
  coresight: trbe: Add a helper to pad a given buffer area
  coresight: trbe: Add a helper to calculate the trace generated
  coresight: trbe: Defer the probe on offline CPUs
  coresight: trbe: Fix incorrect access of the sink specific data
  coresight: etm4x: Add ETM PID for Kryo-5XX
  coresight: trbe: Prohibit trace before disabling TRBE
  coresight: trbe: End the AUX handle on truncation
  coresight: trbe: Do not truncate buffer on IRQ
  coresight: trbe: Fix handling of spurious interrupts