Merge tag 'for-v5.16' of git://

Pull power supply and reset updates from Sebastian Reichel:
 "Miscellaneous small fixes and improvements all over the place.

  Nothing stands out in particular"

* tag 'for-v5.16' of git:// (30 commits)
  power: supply: bq25890: Fix initial setting of the F_CONV_RATE field
  power: supply: bq25890: Fix race causing oops at boot
  power: supply: bq27xxx: Fix kernel crash on IRQ handler register error
  power: bq25890: add return values to error messages
  power: supply: axp288-charger: Simplify axp288_get_charger_health()
  power: supply: axp288-charger: Remove unnecessary is_present and is_online helpers
  power: supply: axp288-charger: Add depends on IOSF_MBIO to Kconfig
  power: supply: ab8500_bmdata: Use standard phandle
  dt-bindings: power: supply: ab8500: Standard monitored-battery
  power: supply: axp288_charger: Fix missing mutex_init()
  power: supply: max17042_battery: Prevent int underflow in set_soc_threshold
  power: supply: max17042_battery: Clear status bits in interrupt handler
  MAINTAINERS: power: supply: max17040: add entry with reviewers
  MAINTAINERS: power: supply: max17042: add entry with reviewers
  power: supply: max17040: fix null-ptr-deref in max17040_probe()
  power: supply: rt5033_battery: Change voltage values to ┬ÁV
  power: supply: axp288-charger: Optimize register reading method
  dt-bindings: power: Bindings for Samsung batteries
  power: supply: cpcap-battery: use device_get_match_data() to simplify code
  power: supply: max17042_battery: fix typo in MAX17042_IAvg_empty