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ver 0.15:
Add support for Duktape 2.3.0 engine release.
ver 0.14:
Add support for Duktape 2.2.1 engine release.
ver 0.13:
Add support for Duktape 2.2.0 engine release.
ver 0.12:
Fix issue with D-Bus autostart service file.
Add support for Duktape 2.1.1 engine release.
ver 0.11:
Fix issue with unclean shutdown when disabling proxy.
Add support for building against SpiderMonkey 38.
Add support for Duktape 2.1.0 engine release.
ver 0.10:
Fix issue with domain lookups and host matching.
Fix issue with handling wrongly-formatted hostname.
Add support for proxy specific Javascript contexts.
Add support for browser only proxy option.
Add support for Duktape Javescript engine.
ver 0.9:
Fix issue with detaching threads that are never joined.
Fix issue with resolving wrongly formatted hostnames.
ver 0.8:
Fix issue with autostart configuration.
Fix issue with GLib mutex handling.
ver 0.7:
Fix issue with manual proxy configuration.
Fix issue with parsing of libproxy results.
Fix issue with non-Mozilla Javascript interpreters.
Fix issue with GLib thread management handling.
Fix issue with GLib atomic access handling.
ver 0.6:
Add support for SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine.
ver 0.5:
Add support for manual configuration handling.
Add support for set of unit tests.
ver 0.4:
Fix issue with case sensitive strings for PAC files.
Add support for SOCKS proxies.
Add support for newer XUL Runtime.
ver 0.3:
Fix issue with wrong libproxy soname.
Fix issue with usage of JS_GetStringBytes.
Fix issue with usage of JS_NewCompartmentAndGlobalObject.
ver 0.2:
Fix issue with use-after-free in CURL plugin.
Fix issue with recurring timeouts from CURL.
Fix issue with unhandled POLLHUP from CURL.
Fix issue with lifetime of proxy lookup result.
Fix issue with parallel invocation of Javascript engine.
Fix issue with initial proxy configuration during startup.
Fix issue with missing client delay during PAC download.
Fix issue with libproxy result and requested URL scheme.
Add support for V8 Javascript engine.
ver 0.1:
Initial public release.