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Nikolay Aleksandrov  says:


This set adds support for vlan port/bridge multicast router option. It is
similar to the already existing bridge-wide mcast_router control. Patch 01
moves attribute adding and parsing together for vlan option setting,
similar to global vlan option setting. It simplifies adding new options
because we can avoid reserved values and additional checks. Patch 02
adds the new mcast_router option and updates the related man page.

 # mark port ens16 as a permanent mcast router for vlan 100
 $ bridge vlan set dev ens16 vid 100 mcast_router 2
 # disable mcast router for port ens16 and vlan 200
 $ bridge vlan set dev ens16 vid 200 mcast_router 0
 $ bridge -d vlan show
 port              vlan-id
 ens16             1 PVID Egress Untagged
                     state forwarding mcast_router 1
                     state forwarding mcast_router 2
                     state forwarding mcast_router 0

Note that this set depends on the latest kernel uapi headers.


Signed-off-by: David Ahern <>