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This is a set of utilities for Linux networking.
Stable version repository:
Development repository:
How to compile this.
1. libdbm
arpd needs to have the berkeleydb development libraries. For Debian
users this is the package with a name like libdbX.X-dev.
DBM_INCLUDE points to the directory with db_185.h which
is the include file used by arpd to get to the old format Berkeley
database routines. Often this is in the db-devel package.
2. make
The makefile will automatically build a file which
contains definitions of libraries that may or may not be available
on the system such as: ATM, ELF, MNL, and SELINUX.
3. include/uapi
This package includes matching sanitized kernel headers because
the build environment may not have up to date versions. See Makefile
if you have special requirements and need to point at different
kernel include files.
Stephen Hemminger
Alexey Kuznetsov