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- Priority scale: High, Medium and Low
- Complexity scale: C1, C2, C4 and C8.
The complexity scale is exponential, with complexity 1 being the
lowest complexity. Complexity is a function of both task 'complexity'
and task 'scope'.
- Card Emulation Mode
Priority: Low
Complexity: C8
Dependencies: Core:NDEF building library
Owner: Samuel Ortiz <>
In card emulation mode, the NFC adapter is in passive mode, and gets
activated by an initiator mode device. Then the initiator sends command
that the target is supposed to interpret and respond to. Most of the
commands are tag specific.
For a proper card emulation mode support, the NFC adapter must enter the
polling loop and not only initiate the RF field, but then wait for intiator
to activate it. Once activated, the NFC socket should enter the accept
state, and dispatch the various commands to the right plugins (one per
protocol, a.k.a. tags).
- Packaging
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C2
Owner: Samuel Ortiz <>
Packaging for both RPM packages based distributions should be done in order
to push neard into the mainstream Linux distributions.
- OBEX over LLCP
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Owner: Samuel Ortiz <>
- Split NDEF code
Priority: Low
Complexity: C4
NDEF code (Handover related in particular) should be splitted into parsing and
acting part. This would make code easier to follow and would also allow to
run unit tests on parsing part.
Reader mode
Writer mode
- MIFARE writer mode support
Priority: Low
Complexity: C2
Owner: Dorota Moskal <>
p2p mode
- SNEP and LLCP validation tests
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Owner: Ravi kumar Veeramally <>
Implement SNEP validation test cases as an optional neard plugin, and
LLCP ones as a set of tools/ binaries.
- Microsoft handover
Priority: Low
Complexity: C4
Owner: Samuel Ortiz <>
Microsoft handover implementation does not follow the NFC Forum specs.
It is specified here:
In order to support this handover implementation, a specific plugin
should be implemented as there is no overlap between it and the NFC
Forum handover.
- PHDC service
Priority: Medium
Complexity: C4
Owner: Olivier Guiter <>
PHDC (Personal Health Device Communication) is a protocol on top of LLCP
for exchanging ISO/IEEE 11073 PDUs. It has its own LLCP service name and
as such could be implemented as a p2p plugin.
The PHDC plugin would define its own D-Bus interface for the PHDC Manager