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ver 0.11
Added LLCP validation server support.
Added SNEP unit tests.
Added nfctool man page.
Added WiFi WSC NDEF building support.
Fixed AGF nfctool support.
Fixed type2 tag data length handling.
Fixed pkg-config libnl dependencies.
Fixed SNEP validation code for ARM.
ver 0.10
Added initial WiFi handover support.
Added Service Name Lookup support to nfctool.
Added NDEF building unit tests.
Added State support to Bluetooth handover agent.
Added neard and neard.conf man pages.
Added a copy of the NFC kernel header.
Fixed handover validation tests failures.
Fixed Tag and Device PropertyChanged signal.
ver 0.9
Added NDEF unit tests.
Added SNEP validation server support.
Added nfctool command line uility.
Added Bluetooth handover agent implementation.
Fixed build for several architectures.
Fixed p2p fallback mechanism.
Fixed Type3 tag reading default behaviour.
ver 0.8
Added raw NDEF push through the NDEF agent API.
Fixed a couple of p2p file descriptor leaks.
Fixed CR handover record handling in handover Select frames.
Fixed handover version check support.
Fixed handover code to support AC less frames.
Fixed p2p client event routine to support multiple incoming requests.
Fixed netlink support for nested events.
ver 0.7
Added support for Android Jelly Bean handover.
Added a Bluetooth handover automated script.
Added MIFARE Classic writing support.
Added MIFARE read only check support.
Added MIFARE check presence support.
Fixed a tag writing related double free.
Fixed tag plugins memory leaks.
Fixed tag plugins callback calls code paths.
Fixed URI NDEF writing.
ver 0.6
Added tag formatting support for Type 1, 3 an 4.
Added blank tag detection for Type 1, 3 and 4.
Added an NDEF agent API implementation.
Fixed the handover agent API.
Fixed potential NULL pointer dereferences.
Fixed a few plugin memory leaks.
Fixed p2p NDEF push while p2p link is down.
ver 0.5:
Added Handover Initiator support.
Added Handover selector support.
Added support for Type 2 tags formatting.
Added early binding support.
Fixed handover and p2p memory leaks.
Fixed Type 2 tag read command.
Fixed NDEF push return value.
Removed plugins enablement configure options.
ver 0.4:
Added target mode support for peer to peer.
Added a handover agent API.
Fixed SNEP read fragmentation.
Fixed SNEP response frames version field.
Fixed build dependencies.
Fixed netlink and adapter memory leaks.
ver 0.3:
Added a Tag D-Bus API.
Added an SNEP testing tool.
Added SNEP fragmentation support.
Added BlueZ signal handlers for adapter tracking.
Added BlueZ adapter properties handling.
Added a main.conf template.
Removed the Target D-Bus API.
Fixed Type 1 commands handling.
ver 0.2:
Added SNEP support.
Added tag presence check implementation.
Added initial publishing API implementation.
Added MIFARE reader support.
Added NFC type 3 writer mode support.
Added netlink Powered property handling implementation.
Fixed p2p network conditions errors.
Fixed valgrind memory leak reports.
ver 0.1:
Added reader mode for NFC types 1,2,3 and 4.
Added writer mode for NFC types 1,2, and 4.
Added peer to peer reader mode (NPP).
Added initial SNEP support.
Added initial Bluetooth OOB support.