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  1. c2fdbaa Re: [PATCH v4 11/38] platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Drop intel_scu_ipc_raw_command() by Mika Westerberg · 7 minutes ago master
  2. 6cc9227 Re: [PATCH RFC 2/3] x86/kvm/hyper-v: move VMX controls sanitization out of nested_enable_evmcs() by Paolo Bonzini · 7 minutes ago
  3. d684e8b Re: [PATCH v4 06/38] platform/x86: intel_scu_ipc: Fix interrupt support by Mika Westerberg · 9 minutes ago
  4. 863f72a Re: linux-next build error (7) by Ard Biesheuvel · 14 minutes ago
  5. b70e142 Re: [PATCH v5 01/10] capabilities: introduce CAP_PERFMON to kernel and user space by Alexey Budankov · 15 minutes ago
  6. 53b7752 Re: [PATCH 15/26] docs: i2c: smbus-protocol: enable kernel-doc function syntax by Jean Delvare · 14 minutes ago
  7. 9c36305 Re: [PATCH 02/01] KVM: x86: Use a typedef for fastop functions by Paolo Bonzini · 15 minutes ago
  8. 5e52116 Re: [PATCH] KVM: X86: Add 'else' to unify fastop and execute call path by Paolo Bonzini · 15 minutes ago
  9. ec81644 Re: [PATCH 1/3] dt-bindings: net: can: m_can: Add Documentation for stb-gpios by Sekhar Nori · 16 minutes ago
  10. 42ac63b Re: linux-next build error (7) by Dmitry Vyukov · 16 minutes ago
  11. 44f9e91 [PATCH 1/2] KVM: x86: reorganize pvclock_gtod_data members by Paolo Bonzini · 18 minutes ago
  12. f857ac2 [PATCH 2/2] KVM: x86: use raw clock values consistently by Paolo Bonzini · 17 minutes ago
  13. 3a65c1e [PATCH 0/2] KVM: x86: do not mix raw and monotonic clocks in kvmclock by Paolo Bonzini · 18 minutes ago
  14. 82be345 Re: [PATCH v2] sched/fair: Optimize select_idle_core by Valentin Schneider · 18 minutes ago
  15. 1f352cd RE: [PATCH v2] NFSv4: try lease recovery on NFS4ERR_EXPIRED by Robert Milkowski · 20 minutes ago
  16. 2832521 Re: [PATCH 20/20] ARM: socfpga: Drop unneeded select of PCI_DOMAINS_GENERIC by Dinh Nguyen · 22 minutes ago
  17. 3c7ced8 [PATCH] vt: Fix non-blinking cursor regression by Lukas Wunner · 23 minutes ago
  18. a16d1bb Re: [REPOST PATCH] drm/msm: Set dma maximum segment size for mdss by Sai Prakash Ranjan · 25 minutes ago
  19. 0d04411 Re: [PATCH v2] media: vimc: get pixformat info from v4l2_format_info by Helen Koike · 26 minutes ago
  20. d755c5a Re: [PATCH v2] firmware_loader: load files from the mount namespace of init by Greg Kroah-Hartman · 27 minutes ago