Add missing input statements in manpage

Signed-off-by: Andi Kleen <>
diff --git a/mce-inject.8 b/mce-inject.8
index b6f5621..4bee52f 100644
--- a/mce-inject.8
+++ b/mce-inject.8
@@ -19,21 +19,27 @@
 to the machine check MSRs of the standard IA32 Machine check architecture
 described there.
+These generally represent the similarly CPU MSRs, with some
+metadata on where to inject the exception. Please see 
+the IA software developers Manual for more details.
 The machine check always starts with
 .I CPU number|broadcast [bank-number]
 Machine check is injected on CPU xx or broadcasted to all CPUs
-BANK bank-number
+.I BANK bank-number
-STATUS {number|fatal|corrected|uncorrected|pcc|uc|val|en|over}
+.I STATUS {number|fatal|corrected|uncorrected|pcc|uc|val|en|over}
 .I MCGSTATUS {number|mcip|ripv|eipv}
 .I ADDR number
 .I RIP number
+.I RIP number:<number>{string}
+.I RIP number:number
 .I MISC number
@@ -47,12 +53,30 @@
 Don't broadcast exceptions to all CPUs. Default is to broadcast UC
-MCE should be injected in IRQ context
+MCE should be injected in interrupt context
+MCE injected in process context.
 Don't inject MCE immediately but hold it for later injection. This is useful 
 for testing injection on multiple CPUs in parallel
+.I SOCKETID number
+Socketid. Ignored by kernel on injection.
+.I MCGCAP number
+Machine check capabilities register value. Currently ignored by kernel on injection.
+Inject in machine check poller code.
+Inject as machine check exception.
+.I APICID number
+APIC ID of CPU. Ignored by kernel on injection.
 multiple fields can be on a line.
 number can be hex/octal/decimal in the usual C format.
 Multiple machine checks can be in a single file, each new one