Some minor fixes for KVM SRAO test cases

I give a quick overview and find some defects. Here is the list:

1) EARLYKILL is defined but not used
2) some echo info outside functions include "!", which will
   make shell confused and give wrong output
3) add page-types check on the host side
4) some $mnt usages are dangerous. Such as $mnt$get_tmp
   will return wrong path
5) fix a spell error for variable QEMU_PID
6) update p2v -> x-gpa2hva according to Ying's latest QEMU patch
7) in the usage can be executed directly but in fact
   it doesn't. Add execution permission for it.
8) add "-h" description and option "h" should not be given a ":"
9) make "-m" option a consistent action as other options
10) add more conditions check before tests
11) simplify some statements
12) auto mount mce_inject module

All of these fixes don't touch actual functions.

Signed-off-by: Chen Gong <>
2 files changed