jobs: Block signals during tcsetpgrp

Harald van Dijk <> wrote:
> On 19/12/2020 22:21, Steffen Nurpmeso wrote:
>> Steffen Nurpmeso wrote in
>>   <>:
>>   |Long story short, after falsely accusing BSD make of not working
>> After dinner i shortened it a bit more, and attach it again, ok?
>> It is terrible, but now less redundant than before.
>> Sorry for being so terse, that problem crosses my head for about
>> a week, and i was totally mislead and if you bang your head
>> against the wall so many hours bugs or misbehaviours in a handful
>> of other programs is not the expected outcome.
> I think a minimal test case is simply
> all:
>         $(SHELL) -c 'trap "echo TTOU" TTOU; set -m; echo all good'
> unless I accidentally oversimplified.
> The SIGTTOU is caused by setjobctl's xtcsetpgrp(fd, pgrp) call to make
> its newly started process group the foreground process group when job
> control is enabled, where xtcsetpgrp is a wrapper for tcsetpgrp. (That's
> in dash, the other variants may have some small differences.) tcsetpgrp
> has this little bit in its specification:
>        Attempts to use tcsetpgrp() from a process which is a member of
>        a background process group on a fildes associated with its con‐
>        trolling  terminal  shall  cause the process group to be sent a
>        SIGTTOU signal. If the calling thread is blocking SIGTTOU  sig‐
>        nals  or  the  process is ignoring SIGTTOU signals, the process
>        shall be allowed to perform the operation,  and  no  signal  is
>        sent.
> Ordinarily, when job control is enabled, SIGTTOU is ignored. However,
> when a trap action is specified for SIGTTOU, the signal is not ignored,
> and there is no blocking in place either, so the tcsetpgrp() call is not
> allowed.
> The lowest impact change to make here, the one that otherwise preserves
> the existing shell behaviour, is to block signals before calling
> tcsetpgrp and unblocking them afterwards. This ensures SIGTTOU does not
> get raised here, but also ensures that if SIGTTOU is sent to the shell
> for another reason, there is no window where it gets silently ignored.
> Another way to fix this is by not trying to make the shell start a new
> process group, or at least not make it the foreground process group.
> Most other shells appear to not try to do this.

This patch implements the blocking of SIGTTOU (and everything else)
while we call tcsetpgrp.

Reported-by: Steffen Nurpmeso <>
Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
1 file changed