DTC 1.6.0

Changes since v1.5.1. include:
 * Some provision for out of tree builds (useful with meson)
 * Some fixes for win32 builds
 * Some improvements for FreeBSD builds:
   * Work with byacc as well as bison
   * Fix some compilation failures with clang
   * Default to cc instead of gcc
   * Add FreeBSD testing via Cirrus CI
 * Add non-x86 testing on Travis
 * Add options to allow builds of libfdt which sacrifice safety on bad
   inputs for reduced size and improved speed.  This is important for
   some embedded cases.
 * Allow testsuite to be executed on an already-installed dtc/libfdt,
   rather than just the one built in the source tree
Bump version to v1.6.0

We've accumulated some new features and a bunch of fixes.  Also the
versioning on v1.5.1 was messed up :(.  Prepare for another release.

Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david@gibson.dropbear.id.au>
1 file changed