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v1.1.0 (2018-04-24)
- Make Python3 compatible (thanks to QuLogic for most of the work)
- Rework grok-fsck to improve functionality:
- run repack and prune before fsck, for optimal safety
- add --connectivity flag to run fsck with --connectivity-only
- add --repack-all-quick to trigger a quick repack of all repos
- add --repack-all-full to trigger a full repack of all repositories
using the defined full_repack_flags from fsck.conf
- always run fsck with --no-dangling, because mirror admins are not
responsible for cleaning those up anyway
- no longer locking repos when running repack/prune/fsck, because
these operations are safe as long as they are done by git itself
- fix grok-pull so it no longer purges repos that are providing
alternates to others
- fix grok-fsck so it's more paranoid when pruning repos providing
alternates to others (checks all repos on disk, not just manifest)
- in verbose mode, most commands will draw progress bars (handy with
very large connections of repositories)