Release: Version 1.31

This release add support for configuring tunneling with GRE or GUE
encapsulation. See manpage ipvsadm(8) for --tun-type and --tun-info,
plus more specific --tun-xxxx options for adjustments. Plus some
manpage adjustments.

The related kernel side commits:
- v5.3: 6aedd14b25db ("ipvs: strip gre tunnel headers from icmp errors")
- v5.3: 6f7b841bc939 ("ipvs: allow tunneling with gre encapsulation")
- v5.3: 29930e314da3 ("ipvs: add checksum support for gue encapsulation")
- v5.3: 508f744c0de3 ("ipvs: strip udp tunnel headers from icmp errors")
- v5.3: 2aa3c9f48bc2 ("ipvs: add function to find tunnels")
- v5.2: 84c0d5e96f3a ("ipvs: allow tunneling with gue encapsulation")

This release is based on the git tree:

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Git tree:

Signed-off-by: Jesper Dangaard Brouer <>
2 files changed