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Tue May 09 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
* rngd.h, rngd.c, rngd_linux.c, Let the user
set the fill watermark explicitly, using the new -W
command line option. This gets rid of RNDGETPOOL
usage, and of a hardcoded (yuck) setting of 50%.
This change will make rngd work right with 2.6 kernels.
Thu Apr 15 2004 Jeff Garzik <>
*, put common code in a lib
Tue Apr 6 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
* rngd.c, rngtest.c: Add Copyright and license notices
to --version output, as per the GNU guidelines;
Improve --help output a little.
* rngtest.c: Cleanup logging, and exit with status 1
when input drains before the first block is tested.
* Minor text change.
Preparatory cleanup for merging the multithreaded
code later:
* rngd.c: split globals to rngd.h; split linux
/dev/random functionality to rngd_linux.c;
split entropy source (/dev/hwrandom) functionality
to rngd_entsource.c.
* rngd.h, rngd_linux.h, rngd_linux.c,
rngd_entsource.h, rngd_entsource.c: add
Tue Apr 6 2004 Jeff Garzik <>
* Release version 1.1.
Fri Apr 5 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
Add rngtest application:
* build rngtest.
* process
* stats.h/stats.c: add. Statistics based on ideas
from mtrngd.cpp by Martin Peck <>
* exits.h: add.
* rngtest.c: add.
* contrib/ remove rngtest.c.
* contrib/rngtest.c: remove.
* AUTHORS: add myself
Fri Apr 5 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
* rngd.c: use C99 initializers syntax, and stop
compilation if build env. is incomplete
* fips.c, fips.h: s/FIPS_TESTS/N_FIPS_TESTS/ and
remove uneeded includes
* fips.c: reword error message when build env. is
incomplete, and also reorder some includes
* AUTHORS,, fips.c, fips.h, rngd.c, Update Jeff Garzik's email address, remove
outdated email address for Philipp Rumpf, on request
by Jeff Garzik.
*, rngd.c: Change bugreport address to
Jeff Garzik's.
Fri Apr 4 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
* Add header and CVS Id tag; Do some cosmetic
reformating; Add rngd_SOURCES.
* rngd.c: move all FIPS test code to fips.h/fips.c
* fips.h, fips.c: add.
+ Update comments with more FIPS 140-2 trivia.
+ Use a context structure to hold the FIPS test data.
+ Implement FIPS 140-2 4.9 Continuous Run test.
+ Add constants with the test names and bitmask for
easier statistic reporting later.
Fri Apr 3 2004 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <>
* Add comments with the required versions
of the tools. Call aclocal before autoheader.
Use --copy for automake invocation.
Identify as version 1.1-devel.
* rename to
* Add GPL header. Convert to autoconf
2.50 macros, enable AM_MAINTAINER_MODE and disable
useless cross-platform compatiblilty glue that
isn't used anywere
* acconfig.h: remove
* .cvsignore: update for new autotools
Sat Jul 5 2003 Jeff Garzik <>
* contrib/rngtest.c, s/intel_rng/hwrandom/
Noticed by Olivier NICOLAS.
Sat Jul 5 2003 Sami Farin <>
"updated" to FIPS140-2 standard, it has a bit more
strict constraints on randomness.. about one out of
1000 blocks read from /dev/urandom causes a failure.
also a bugfix:
checks for EINTR in xread (maybe not necessary with
i810 driver?)
Sat Jul 5 2003 Jeff Garzik <>
Rename to rng-tools, release version 1.0.
Rename input device to /dev/hwrandom in code and docs.
Rename config.h to rng-tools-config.h.
Tue Mar 27 2001 Jeff Garzik <>
* rngd.c: Include config.h, pick up VERSION from, via config.h.
Mon Mar 26 2001 Philipp Rumpf <>
* rngd.c: fail before the daemon() call if we
can't open /dev/random or /dev/intel_rng
Mon Mar 26 2001 Philipp Rumpf <>
* rngd.c: bugfixes, allow --timeout=0 to disable
periodical writes.
Fri Mar 23 2001 Jeff Garzik <>
* rngd.c: Remove unused var.
Include stdlib.h for exit(3).
Fri Mar 23 2001 Philipp Rumpf <>
* rngd.c: fix argp_parse arguments
Fri Mar 23 2001 Jeff Garzik <>
* Change version in cvs
*,, Add man page.
* rngd.c: Update --help output, listing defaults.
Move 'arguments' local to top of file, call it
Fri Mar 23 2001 Philipp Rumpf <>
* rngd.c: fix mixed-up options
Fri Mar 23 2001 Philipp Rumpf <>
* rngd.c: add argp support
* rngd.c: make random write granularity, poll timeout
command line options
* rngd.c: optionally daemonize
Fri Mar 23 2001 Jeff Garzik <>
*,, contrib/,, NEWS, ChangeLog, AUTHORS, README,
contrib/ Add autoconf/automake support.