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# -*- mode: python -*-
# virtme-run: The main command-line virtme frontend
# Copyright © 2014 Andy Lutomirski
# Licensed under the GPLv2, which is available in the virtme distribution
# as a file called LICENSE with SHA-256 hash:
# 8177f97513213526df2cf6184d8ff986c675afb514d4e68a404010521b880643
import argparse
import virtmods
import modfinder
import tempfile
import shutil
import os
import fcntl
import sys
from mkinitramfs import mkinitramfs
uname = os.uname()
def make_parser():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Virtualize your system (or another) under a kernel image',
g = parser.add_argument_group(title='Selection of kernel and modules').add_mutually_exclusive_group()
g.add_argument('--installed-kernel', action='store', nargs='?',
const=uname.release, default=None, metavar='VERSION',
help='Use an installed kernel and its associated modules. If no version is specified, the running kernel will be used.')
g.add_argument('--kimg', action='store',
help='Use specified kernel image with no modules')
# Disabled until kmod gets fixed.
# g.add_argument('--kernel-build-dir', action='store', metavar='KDIR',
# help='Use a compiled kernel source directory')
g = parser.add_argument_group(title='Canned settings')
g.add_argument('--console', action='store_true',
help='Run headless -- use ctrl-A, x to exit')
g = parser.add_argument_group(title='Virtualizer settings')
g.add_argument('--qemu-opts', action='store', nargs=argparse.REMAINDER,
metavar='OPTS...', help='Additional arguments for QEMU. This will consume all remaining arguments, so it must be specified last.')
return parser
_ARGPARSER = make_parser()
def arg_fail(message):
def find_qemu(machine=None):
if machine is None:
machine = os.uname().machine
qemu = shutil.which('qemu-system-%s' % machine)
if qemu is not None:
return qemu
qemu = shutil.which('qemu-kvm')
if qemu is not None:
return qemu
return None
def find_kernel_and_mods(args):
if args.installed_kernel is not None:
kver = args.installed_kernel
modfiles = modfinder.find_modules_from_install(
virtmods.MODALIASES, kver=kver)
moddir = os.path.join('/lib/modules', kver)
kimg = '/boot/vmlinuz-%s' % kver
# Disabled until kmod gets fixed.
# elif args.kernel_build_dir is not None:
# kimg = os.path.join(args.kernel_build_dir, 'arch/x86/boot/bzImage')
# modfiles = modfinder.find_modules_from_install(
# virtmods.MODALIASES,
# moddir=os.path.join(args.kernel_build_dir, '.tmp_moddir'))
elif args.kimg is not None:
kimg = args.kimg
modfiles = []
moddir = None
arg_fail('You must specify a kernel to use.')
return kimg,modfiles,moddir
def main():
args = _ARGPARSER.parse_args()
qemu = find_qemu()
kimg,modfiles,moddir = find_kernel_and_mods(args)
tmpfd,tmpname = tempfile.mkstemp('irfs')
tmpfile = os.fdopen(tmpfd, 'r+b')
mkinitramfs(tmpfile, modfiles=modfiles)
qemuargs = [qemu]
# Set up virtfs
qemuargs.extend(['-virtfs', 'local,id=rootfs,path=/,security_model=passthrough,mount_tag=virtme.root,readonly'])
# Map modules
if moddir is not None:
qemuargs.extend(['-virtfs', 'local,path=%s,security_model=passthrough,mount_tag=virtme.moddir,readonly' % moddir])
# Turn on KVM if available
qemuargs.extend(['-machine', 'accel=kvm:tcg'])
# Ask QEMU to load the kernel image directly
qemuargs.extend(['-kernel', kimg])
# Set up the initramfs (warning: hack ahead)
fcntl.fcntl(tmpfd, fcntl.F_SETFD, 0)
qemuargs.extend(['-initrd', '/proc/self/fd/%d' % tmpfile.fileno()])
# Set up / override baseline devices
qemuargs.extend(['-cpu', 'host']) # We can't migrate regardless.
qemuargs.extend(['-balloon', 'virtio'])
qemuargs.extend(['-device', 'virtio-rng-pci'])
qemuargs.extend(['-parallel', 'none'])
qemuargs.extend(['-net', 'none'])
if args.console:
qemuargs.extend(['-echr', '1'])
qemuargs.extend(['-chardev', 'stdio,id=hvc0,signal=off,mux=on'])
qemuargs.extend(['-device', 'virtio-serial-pci'])
qemuargs.extend(['-append', 'console=hvc0 console=tty0'])
# qemuargs.extend(['-vga', 'none'])
# qemuargs.extend(['-display', 'none'])
# Handle --qemu-opts
if args.qemu_opts is not None:
# Go!
os.execv(qemu, qemuargs)
if __name__ == '__main__':