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* The PCI Utilities -- List All PCI Devices
* Copyright (c) 1997--2018 Martin Mares <>
* Can be freely distributed and used under the terms of the GNU GPL.
#include "pciutils.h"
* If we aren't being compiled by GCC, use xmalloc() instead of alloca().
* This increases our memory footprint, but only slightly since we don't
* use alloca() much.
#if defined (__FreeBSD__) || defined (__NetBSD__) || defined (__OpenBSD__) || defined (__DragonFly__) || defined (__DJGPP__)
/* alloca() is defined in stdlib.h */
#elif defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(PCI_OS_WINDOWS)
#include <alloca.h>
#undef alloca
#define alloca xmalloc
/*** Options ***/
extern int verbose;
extern struct pci_filter filter;
extern char *opt_pcimap;
/*** PCI devices and access to their config space ***/
struct device {
struct device *next;
struct pci_dev *dev;
/* Bus topology calculated by grow_tree() */
struct device *bus_next;
struct bus *parent_bus;
struct bridge *bridge;
/* Cache */
unsigned int config_cached, config_bufsize;
byte *config; /* Cached configuration space data */
byte *present; /* Maps which configuration bytes are present */
extern struct device *first_dev;
extern struct pci_access *pacc;
struct device *scan_device(struct pci_dev *p);
void show_device(struct device *d);
int config_fetch(struct device *d, unsigned int pos, unsigned int len);
u32 get_conf_long(struct device *d, unsigned int pos);
word get_conf_word(struct device *d, unsigned int pos);
byte get_conf_byte(struct device *d, unsigned int pos);
void get_subid(struct device *d, word *subvp, word *subdp);
/* Useful macros for decoding of bits and bit fields */
#define FLAG(x,y) ((x & y) ? '+' : '-')
#define BITS(x,at,width) (((x) >> (at)) & ((1 << (width)) - 1))
#define TABLE(tab,x,buf) ((x) < sizeof(tab)/sizeof((tab)[0]) ? (tab)[x] : (sprintf((buf), "??%d", (x)), (buf)))
/* ls-vpd.c */
void cap_vpd(struct device *d);
/* ls-caps.c */
void show_caps(struct device *d, int where);
/* ls-ecaps.c */
void show_ext_caps(struct device *d, int type);
/* ls-caps-vendor.c */
void show_vendor_caps(struct device *d, int where, int cap);
/* ls-kernel.c */
void show_kernel_machine(struct device *d UNUSED);
void show_kernel(struct device *d UNUSED);
void show_kernel_cleanup(void);
/* ls-tree.c */
struct bridge {
struct bridge *chain; /* Single-linked list of bridges */
struct bridge *next, *child; /* Tree of bridges */
struct bus *first_bus; /* List of buses connected to this bridge */
unsigned int domain;
unsigned int primary, secondary, subordinate; /* Bus numbers */
struct device *br_dev;
struct bus {
unsigned int domain;
unsigned int number;
struct bus *sibling;
struct bridge *parent_bridge;
struct device *first_dev, **last_dev;
extern struct bridge host_bridge;
void grow_tree(void);
void show_forest(struct pci_filter *filter);
/* ls-map.c */
void map_the_bus(void);