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2018-07-12 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.6.1.
* Fixed compilation issues on Linux systems with MUSL libc.
2018-06-30 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.6.0.
* BARs reported by the OS, but not set on the device itself are
reliably marked with "[virtual]".
* Library: Introduced a generic mechanism of string properties. This
avoids lots of special cases and makes ABI compatibility easier.
* On Linux systems with OpenFirmware, report corresponding device tree nodes
as device properties.
* VPD decoder knows several non-standard extensions.
* When PCIe link speed is less than the maximum supported by the
device, it is explicitly marked as "downgraded".
* Several new capabilities are not decoded yet, but at least their
names are printed.
* The Null capability is easily decoded.
* Formatting of several capabilities was cleaned up.
* The VGA16 bit in the bridge control register is now supported.
* Added a port to SylixOS. Thanks to YuJian Gong for contribution.
* Added a port to DOS/DJGPP. Thanks to Rudolf Marek for contribution.
* The order in which back-ends are probed was decoupled from the
internal back-end IDs. This helps, because new back-ends must have
their ID allocated at the end to keep the ABI, but they might need
to be proved earlier.
* The fbsd-device back-end should work again.
* Fixed a couple of bugs. Most notably, DeviceName was not printed.
* As usually, updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2017-11-17 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.6.
* Improvements of the FreeBSD back-end: read-only access for non-root,
support DragonFly BSD, support extended config space.
* MN VPD keyword is decoded correctly.
* As usually, updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2017-07-05 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.5.
* Better decoding of AER capability.
* "Slot Implemented" flag is decoded for PCI/PCI-X to PCIe bridges.
* Minor fixes of decoding other capabilities.
* As usually, updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2017-02-25 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.4.
* Previous version broke compilation on systems, for which lib/types.h
did not provide a 64-bit integer type. It is provided everywhere now.
2017-02-15 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.3.
* When lspci looks for Linux kernel modules, it uses the default
path to module directory provided by libkmod. Previously,
it tried to construct the path explicitly, which need not
work on all systems.
* Improved formatting of memory and I/O ranges behind a bridge.
* PCIe link capabilities now display GEN4 speed (16GT/s).
* PCIe device capabilities now show bits related to atomic operations.
Thanks to Satanand Burla for a patch.
* As usually, updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2016-10-03 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.2.
* The L1 power management capability is now decoded more
thoroughly. Thanks to Rajat Jain for the patch.
* The table of configuration registers used by setpci
had a bug in the definition of SUBSYSTEM_VENDOR_ID.
2016-05-22 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.1.
* Fixed symbol versioning of pci_init().
2016-05-19 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.5.0.
* New capabilities decoded: Downstream Port Containment,
Precision Time Measurement. Thanks to Keith Busch and
Jonathan Yong.
* Domain numbers extended to 31 bits. This will be used by the
Linux kernel on some machines in near future.
* Enhanced allocation regions are now decoded on Linux.
* The NetBSD back-end supports PCIe extended configuration space.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2016-01-03 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.4.1.
* New capabilities decoded: Process Address Space, Page Request
Interface, Enhanced Allocation. Thanks to David Daney and
David Woodhouse.
* DevCap SlotPowerLimit is now decoded for all components with
upstream ports.
* Database mirror at SourceForge moved to GitHub.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2015-09-14 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.4.0.
* On Linux, we report NUMA nodes of devices.
* The sysfs back-end does not die on read errors
of optional attributes. Instead, a warning is produced.
* Fixed several minor bugs.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2015-04-09 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.3.1.
* Removed hacks for backward compatibility with Linux libc5,
which were breaking newer non-glibc Linux systems. Thanks
to Felix Janda.
* Display VirtIO vendor-specific capability. Patch by Gerd
* Fixed memory leak in name cache.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2014-11-10 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.3.0.
(celebrating a one-year anniversary of the previous version :))
* Device names exported by BIOS are displayed on Linux.
* On Linux systems, HWDB is used to look up device names
when our ID database gives no match. (More precisely,
HWDB is consulted after local pci.ids, but before using
network to query online pci.ids.) Thanks to Tom Gundersen
for the initial patch.
* Added experimental back-end for OS X / Darwin. Thanks to
Richard Yao for providing it.
* Filters now support matching by device class. Original
patch by Matthew Wilcox, wrappers for ABI compatibility
by me.
* Interrupt Pin and Interrupt Line registers are displayed
for bridge devices, too.
* Several portability bugs have been fixed.
* Several typos have been fixed. Also, use of questionable
constructs in man pages has been reduced.
* PCIe link capabilities now include the ASPMOptComp bit.
* The "CRS Software Visibility" bit is now decoded properly.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2013-11-10 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.2.1.
* CardBus bridge capabilities are displayed.
* PCIe L1 PM substates are decoded.
* Various bugs were fixed in decoding of PCIe capabilities.
* The sysfs back-end does not spit out unnecessary warnings when
empty slots report only a partial device address. This actually
happens on IBM pSeries.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
2013-04-19 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.2.0.
* On newer Linux systems, we use libkmod to look up kernel modules
(modules.pcimap no longer exists). To facilitate this, libpci
is able to look up module aliases in sysfs.
* Various minor bug fixes.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
2012-06-25 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.10.
* Decoding of LTR/OBFF in PCIe capabilities.
* Various minor bug fixes.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
2012-01-14 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.9.
* Updated README.
* Wherever we mention the PCI ID database, we now refer to and the site is mentioned only
as a mirror. This includes update-pciids.
* Decode PCIe Gen 3 speeds and link status fields.
* Various minor bug fixes.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
2011-10-02 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.8.
* More capabilities: Transaction Processing Hints, Latency Tolerance
Reporting. Thanks to Jesse Barnes.
* Added BeOS and Haiku ports. Contributed by Francois Revol.
* pciutils.pc now uses Libs.private properly.
* When we format a name and it does not fit in the buffer, we truncate
it instead of returning "buffer too small" instead. This works on all
platforms with sane (i.e., C99-compatible) snprintf().
* Various minor bug fixes.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
2010-01-31 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.7.
* Minor improvements and bug fixes in decoding of the Virtual Channel
2010-01-24 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.6.
* More capabilities decoded: Virtual Channel (except arbitration
tables), Root Complex Link, Vendor-Specific (header only), SATA HBA.
* All extended capabilities have their version displayed (-vv or more).
2010-01-19 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.5.
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
* When scanning extended capabilities, properly mask the lowest 2 bits,
which are currently reserved. This avoids unaligned access errors on
broken hardware (see tests/broken-ecaps).
* Large bar sizes are displayed in human-readable format (with units).
Thanks to Matthew Wilcox.
* Physical slot information is displayed correctly for multi-function cards.
Fixed by Matthew Wilcox.
* Fixed a couple of typos everywhere.
* Library: Fixed bugs in freeing of capabilities.
* Windows back-end compiles again.
2009-08-14 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.4.
(sorry that I have missed 22/7 and released it later :-))
* Updated pci.ids to the today's snapshot of the database.
* Fixed memory and file descriptor leak in the dump back-end.
* The SR-IOV capability decoder now prints the VF BAR's.
Patch by Chris Wright, cleaned up by me.
* On request of certain company's lawyers, we now include a copy
of the GPL with our package. It seems that the pciutils are getting
mature if the most important bug of the month was this one ;-)
2009-07-04 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.3.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
* The VPD parser now reports unknown and vendor-defined items
properly. It also stops on any item in unknown format, avoiding long
output on bogus VPD data. Thanks to Ben Hutchings and Matthew Wilcox.
* The MSI-X table size now matches the spec. Thanks to Michael S.
* The Power Management capability now includes the soft reset bit.
Thanks to Yu Zhao.
* Decoding of the Advanced Features capability has been added.
Thanks to Yu Zhao.
* The whole package compiles on GNU/kFreeBSD again.
The following patches have been contributed by Matthew Wilcox:
* The procfs back-end is able to cope with /proc/bus/pci
containing names with domains, which occur on sparc64 and
possibly other architectures due to a kernel bug.
* The sysfs back-end no longer complains when a slot address
is missing, which happens with old versions of Linux fakephp.
* The Device Serial Number capability is printed in the right
byte order.
* The MSI and MSI-X capabilities are printed in a prettier way.
* The tree output mode (`lspci -t') shows domain numbers only
at the root, which makes the output more compact.
* Updated documentation on the bus mapping mode (`lspci -M').
2009-02-01 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.2.
* Fixed another silly bug in the command-line parser of setpci.
2009-01-30 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.1.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
* The configure script now sets LC_ALL to avoid being fooled by
locale-dependent behavior of `tr'.
* The command-line parser of setpci did sometimes segfault on invalid
input. Thanks to Andreas Wiese for a fix.
2009-01-18 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.1.0.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
* The Cygwin backend now works on Windows Vista. Thanks to Jonathan
* Fixed a bug in decoding of the SR-IOV capability. Patch by Yu Zhao.
* Details of some PCIe capabilities are displayed only with -vv.
* When a BAR is reported by the OS, but not by the device (i.e.,
it is marked as [virtual] in lspci), the [disabled] flag is
suppressed, because it does not make sense in such cases.
Patch by Yu Zhao.
2008-12-13 Martin Mares <>
* The source code of lspci has been split to multiple files, hopefully
making it easier to maintain.
* The library and lspci now know about physical slot names. So far,
they are provided by the sysfs back-end only. Thanks go to Alex Chiang.
* When a device has the VPD (Vital Product Data) capability and the
VPD data are supplied by the OS, they are decoded and printed in the
verbose mode. This currently works only on Linux with the sysfs
back-end. Thanks to Ben Hutchings of Solarflare for the patch.
* `setpci --version' now works properly.
* `setpci --dumpregs' prints a table of all known names of
registers and capabilities. This replaces the table of registers
in the setpci man page.
* The dry-run mode of setpci gives better feedback.
* The setpci utility is now able to address registers stored in PCI
capabilities (actually it allows a more general form of relative
* The library has gained functions for working with PCI capabilities.
* Address Translation Services capability is now decoded. Patch by
Yu Zhao.
2008-11-09 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.0.3.
* `lspci -k' now displays the subsystem ID, too. This makes `-k'
show everything needed to identify the device and the available
drivers, which was called for by many users.
* Fixed spelling of MSI. Patch by Matthew Wilcox.
* Better support for cross-compilation. Thanks to Alon Bar-Lev
for the patch.
* Fixed printing of the AER capability. Patch by Max Asbock.
* HT 1.02 capabilities are decoded as HT 1.03. Suggested by
Carl-Daniel Hailfinger.
* Fixed Cygwin build. Thanks to Steve Elliott for reporting the bug.
* Updated pci.ids to the current snapshot of the database.
2008-09-19 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.0.2.
* Fixed a minor bug in the configure script, which caused warnings
about redefinition of symbols during compilation.
2008-09-11 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.0.1.
* Updated pci.ids to the most recent snapshot.
* Added a Cygwin port. Patch by Christopher Voltz, ported to the
current tree by Martin Mares.
* Worked around compatibility problems with various default settings
of wget (we have to set --no-timestamping explicitly). Thanks to Ville
Skytta for pointing that out.
* Fixed printing of MSI capabilities. Thanks to Matthew Wilcox for
a patch.
* Added decoding of several PCI-X capabilities: device/link/slot 2,
Advanced Error Reporting, Access Control Services, Alternative Routing-ID,
Single Root I/O Virtualization. Thanks to Yu Zhao for patches.
* Fixed bug in filters which caused them to refuse vendor/device ID 0xffff.
* README: The linux-pci mailing list has moved to
* Fixed several build problems: builds without PCI_USE_DNS on Linux
and with PCI_USE_DNS on Solaris and *BSD. Static library mode also
compiles again on old versions of GCC.
2008-04-10 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 3.0.0.
* Updated API and ABI version.
2008-02-20 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.99.1-alpha2.
* Changed the default domain for the DNS resolver.
2008-02-18 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.99.1-alpha1.
* The makefile system has been reworked. All configuration settings
are now passed to the configure script in environment variables,
allowing for easy tweaking in the top-level Makefile. All control
knobs are now described in the README.
* The libpci can be built as a shared library with properly restricted
symbol exports. Use `make SHARED=yes' to enable that or `make SHARED=local'
for a local testing build (with hardwired paths to the library, so that
it does not need installation).
* The example program has been moved from lib/example.c to the top-level
directory, because it should be built exactly as the other utilities
are. It has been also improved slightly to educate better.
* The i386-ports method is enabled on Linux/x86_64 as well.
2008-02-13 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.10-net2.
* Support for resolving of PCI ID's using DNS together with a local
cache of resolved entries has been added. See the `-q' and `-Q' options
of lspci.
* The library now has a generic system of settable parameters, which
also include settings of the DNS resolver and cache. An `-O' option
has been added to lspci and setpci to allow setting of these options.
* Configuration of the access methods are now specified by the new
parameter system, replacing the pci_access->method_params array.
* Access methods now also have sensible names and help texts and it
is possible to look up method ID by a name.
* An `-A' switch has been added to both lspci and setpci, allowing to
select an arbitrary access method. The `-P' switch (configure proc
backend) has been removed as it is no longer needed and I do not know
any its user.
* Several source files have been split for better maintainability
(most notably the resolving of ID's).
* Man pages and help texts have been updated. A new man page `pcilib(7)'
has been added and description of library options has been moved there.
* When an unknown device ID is encountered, we print `Device <id>'
instead of `Unknown device <id>'. It uses less space and it also
should reduce the number of inexperienced users complaining that
the device is not supported by the OS. To lookup up OS drivers,
use the `-k' option.
* PCI_LIB_VERSION has been bumped to 0x020299.
* Makefile: stripping of the binaries during installation can be
overridden by the STRIP variable.
* lib/types.h: We use the integer types from <stdint.h> if the
compiler claims C99 support.
2008-02-11 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.10.
* lspci.c, setpci.c: Cleaned up the list of options.
* lib/names.c: Fix displaying of errors reported by zlib.
Previously, the buffer containing the error message had
been deallocated by gzclose() before the message was printed.
2008-01-07 Martin Mares <>
* Added quiet mode (-q). Clean up uncompressed
files left by previous versions of the pciutils. Patch by Mike
* Mention the -q switch.
2007-11-29 Martin Mares <>
* lib/dump.c: Squashed compiler warnings about code with
no effect (there really were surplus *'s).
2007-11-06 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.9.
* lspci.c: Added a new switch `-k' which requests printing
of information on kernel drivers attached to each device
and on kernel modules reporting the ability to handle the
device. So far, this is supported only on Linux with the
sysfs back-end, so it is implemented internally in the lspci
instead of the libpci. Thanks to Anicka <>
for help.
2007-10-19 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile, lib/Makefile: Moved -lz from LDFLAGS to LDLIBS.
Also added an explicit pattern rule for linking to make sure
that LDLIBS is used on all platforms. Thanks to Dan Nicholson
for the suggestion.
2007-10-19 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.8.
* pci.ids: Revised class codes to match Conventional PCI 3.0 specs.
Added a couple of new ones, renumbered `ADMA continuous operation'
prog-if to 0x30 (even the old SATA Class Code ECN doesn't mention
0x40) and renumbered the satellite communication controllers.
* lib/header.h: Include `PCI hot-plug' and `Secure device'
capabilities from PCI 3.0 specs. Also added `SATA HBA' and
`Advanced features' caps from various ECN's.
* lspci.c: All known capabilities have at least their name displayed
now. When we are unable to decode them completely, we signalize it
with a `<?>' mark.
* Document `<?>' and also mention that extended config
space is currently available only with the linux_sysfs back-end.
* lspci.c: Decode the Debug port capability (per EHCI 0.96 spec).
* lspci.c: Big code cleanup: re-arranged functions in the code,
renamed everything related to capabilities to cap_* and
all options except verbose to opt_*.
2007-10-14 Martin Mares <>
* lib/[fno]bsd-*: Removed extraneous braces.
2007-10-12 Martin Mares <>
* Capability loop detection introduced 2.2.7 did not work
properly with extended capabilities. Fixed.
2007-10-05 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.7.
* lspci.c (show_caps, show_ext_caps): Detect and report loops in
capability lists.
* lspci.c, lib/header.h: Finished decoding of the PCI Express
capability. The extended capabilities remain undecoded for now,
but at least the list of them has been updated to reflect the
current PCI Express 2.0 spec.
* lspci.c, lib/header.h: Decode new bits of traditional registers
as defined by PCIE / PCI-X. This includes discard timers in the bridge
control register and INTx enable/status in device control/status
* lib/fbsd-device.c: Support domains on new FreeBSD's. Contributed
by Marius Strobl.
2007-09-12 Hasso Tepper <>
* Extended the fbsd-device backend to run on Dragonfly BSD.
* lspci.c: alloca() is declared in <stdlib.h> on BSD's, not <alloca.h>.
2007-09-03 Martin Mares <>
* Resurrected the Windows port, including cross-compilation by MinGW.
Patch by Samuel Bronson <>.
2007-08-31 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile, lib/Makefile: `ar' and `ranlib' can be overriden to allow
2007-08-27 Martin Mares <>
* lib/names.c (pci_open): When calling gzopen(), use "rb" file mode
instead of "r". This is needed on DOS systems, where this function
somewhat illogically uses the binary flag for the compressed file
instead of the decompressed stream inside, where binariness really
2007-08-14 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_ht): Added decoding of Hypertransport MSI mapping capability,
based on a patch by Jason Gunthorpe.
* tests/cap-MSI-mapping: Added a test case. I plan to add test cases
(which are dumps of config space) for all new features.
2007-06-20 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.6.
* Makefile: Added an "install-lib" target. Thanks to Dan Nicholson
for a patch.
* Makefile, lib/Makefile: Generate and install pkg-config file
for libpci. Again by Dan Nicholson.
2007-06-20 Thomas Schwinge <>
* lib/i386-io-hurd.h: Rewritten for new Hurd kernels.
2007-05-04 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.5.
* pci.ids: Updated to the current snapshot of the database.
2007-02-14 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_express): Added PCI/PCI-X to PCI-Express Bridge type.
Patch by Mark Glines.
2007-02-09 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Updated to the current snapshot of the database.
2007-02-06 Martin Mares <>
* Replaced bzero() by memset() everywhere, it's better to lose a tiny
bit of readability than maintain hacks to make it work on various systems.
* lib/configure: tr on Solaris is a bit weird and it requires `[A-Z]'
instead of `A-Z'. Fortunately, the extra brackets don't hurt otherwise.
* lib/types.h, lib/configure: Solaris should use <stdint.h> to get precise
integer types.
2007-02-04 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: alloca() needs <alloca.h>.
2006-09-17 Martin Mares <>
* lib/dump.c: Fixed a couple of bugs in the dump backend which caused
devices with domains or with extended config space to be read incorrectly.
Also, dumps with partial lines are allowed now.
2006-09-10 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Updated to the current database snapshot.
* lspci.c (scan_device): If an error occurs when reading the standard config
header of a device, report it and ignore the device and return with exit
code 2 at the end.
2006-09-09 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.4.
* maint/release: Remind the maintainer about the current PCI_LIB_VERSION.
* lib/pci.h: Updated PCI_LIB_VERSION.
* lspci.c (show_machine): In the `-m' mode, do proper shell escaping
if the fields printed contain quotes or backslashes.
* lspci.c (show_machine): Added a `-vmm' mode, which removes the misuse
of the `Device' tag for two different purposes.
* Makefile: Moved all system-dependent decisions to lib/configure,
since is included in the top-level Makefile anyway.
* lib/configure: When configuring for Linux, ignore the kernel version
and always build all access methods.
* Makefile (CFLAGS): Removed -Winline, it's not needed and triggers
at many non-interesting places with gcc 3.4.
* Whitespace cleanup of all source files.
* The pci.ids file can be stored compressed if zlib is available.
Added transparent decompression to lib/names.c, modified
to keep the file compressed if applicable, updated Makefiles.
Based on a patch by Matthew Wilcox, but all the bugs are mine.
* Makefile, README: Allow installation to be done to a different directory
from the one we will eventually be placed in by setting DESTDIR.
Patch by Matthew Wilcox.
* Added .gitignore files.
* Makefile (clean): Clean *.orig, too.
* Cleaned up usage of `char' and `byte'.
* lib/header.h: PCI_CLASS_DOCKING_OTHER should be 0x0a80, not 0x0a01.
* lib/header.h: Added PCI_CLASS_xxx constants for all classes currently
defined in the pci.ids file.
2006-08-01 Martin Mares <>
* lib/i386-io-hurd.h: Fixed a silly typo.
2006-07-30 Martin Mares <>
* lib/Makefile: Added a missing rule for obsd-device.o.
* lspci.c, lib/header.h: Added support for MSI per-vector masking.
Contributed by Petr Vandrovec.
* lspci.c, lib/header.h: Added support for the `bridge subsystem ID'
capability. Contributed by Petr Vandrovec.
* lspci.c (show_htype1): Fixed bug in printing of 64-bit prefetchable
memory windows. Fix by Petr Vandrovec.
* maint/ Exclude .git directory from releases.
* lib/i386-ports.c, lib/i386-io-*: Report failures during port access
initialization by a->warn() instead of calling printf() or perror()
* lib/i386-ports.c, lib/i386-io-*: Moved the logic which keeps track of
the port access state to generic code.
* lib/i386-io-hurd.h: Ask the kernel for I/O port access appropriately.
Contributed by Thomas Schwinge and Samuel Thibault.
* lib/i386-ports.c: Define _GNU_SOURCE, it's needed by the Hurd module.
* lib/header.h: Whitespace cleanups.
* lib/i386-io-windows.h: Fixed indentation and spelling.
* README.Windows: Mention that WinIO.dll is needed and where to get it.
2006-06-27 Martin Mares <>
* lib/Makefile, Makefile: Added rules for building and cleaning the example.
* lib/example.c: Show how to use PCI_FILL_CLASS and used another register
for demonstrating the config space accesses. The example is still very
incomplete, though.
* lib/pci.h, lib/generic.c: Added PCI_FILL_CLASS.
* lib/sysfs.c: Fetch device ID and class from sysfs, because they can
be modified by kernel fixups.
* lspci.c: Use PCI_FILL_CLASS. Thanks to Matthew Willcox for the patch.
2006-06-03 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: Introduced the -nn switch. Thanks to David N. Welton
for the idea.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): Introduced PCI_LOOKUP_MIXED and
cleaned up the name selection code.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): If PCI_LOOKUP_NO_NUMBERS is given,
pci_access->numeric_ids is ignored.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): When class is identified and
subclass isn't, display class name and subclass number.
2006-05-31 Martin Mares <>
* setpci.c (main): Don't crash when an invalid width is specified.
* lspci.c, setpci.c, common.c: die() now uses the right program
name when printing an error message.
2006-05-19 Martin Mares <>
* README: Mention the public GIT tree.
* README: Updated the list of ports.
2006-05-10 Martin Mares <>
* lib/configure, lib/fbsd-device.c: Added support for GNU/kFreeBSD.
Thanks to Petr Salinger for the patch.
2006-05-05 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.3.
* lspci.c (scan_device): The -D switch didn't work as intended
in -m mode.
2006-05-05 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.2.
* pci.ids: Updated to the current database snapshot.
* lib/obsd-device.c (and other files in lib/*): Added OpenBSD
interface by Matthieu Herrb <>, based on
the existing FreeBSD interface.
* Moved pciutils to a GIT repository, which now contains merged
history from both CVS and Arch. Good bye, TLA!
2006-03-21 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_slot_name): Avoid the previous changes in default
display of domain name when in machine-readable mode. However, `-D'
forces domain display even there.
* Added a warning on -m being the only format, which is
guaranteed to be stable between lspci versions.
2006-03-13 Martin Mares <>
* Documented the -D switch.
* lspci.c (show_slot_name, scan_device): If there are multiple PCI
domains or if the `-D' switch is used, show the domain number for
all devices.
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Report cache line size in bytes.
* Use curl if available. Patch by Matthew Wilcox.
2006-01-04 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_express_link): Fixed decoding of link status register.
Thanks to Roland Dreier for his report.
2005-12-12 Martin Mares <>
* lib/nbsd-libpci.c: If libpci is used by an ordinary user, allow
at least read-only access. Patch by Pavel Celeda <>.
* Makefile: Corrected library path on NetBSD.
2005-11-26 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.1.
* lspci.c (show_machine): Subsystem vendors were printed incorrectly
in machine-readable modes. Thanks to Pavel Celeda for a bug report.
2005-10-11 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (new_bus): Fixed a memory leak. Thanks to Paul Sangree for reporting it.
2005-09-21 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.2.0.
* pci.ids: Updated copyright header.
* lib/sysfs.c (sysfs_get_resources): Removed warning about unsupported
64-bit addresses, they are now always supported.
* lspci.c (show_bases): Corrected printing of 64-bit addresses
in bus-centric mode.
* lib/configure: Enable 64-bit addresses on all Linux systems.
* lib/types.h: Don't pad 64-bit addresses to 16 xigits, only to 8 if they
are shorter.
2005-09-11 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test11.
* lspci.c: Removed unnecessary trailing zeros in pci_lookup_name() calls.
2005-09-10 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test10.
* pci.ids: Synchronized with the current database snapshot.
* Changed the default URL for downloading pci.ids
* lib/pci.h (PCI_LIB_VERSION): Added version identifier.
* lib/names.c: Rewritten the name database module almost from scratch.
Everything is much cleaner and there are hopefully no more memory leaks;
pci_lookup_name() now uses varargs in a backward compatible fashion.
The new code supports subsystem entries not tied to a specific device.
I had to extend the format of pci.ids in order to support it, so I have
extended the idea of the "C" (class) blocks and introduced "S" blocks
for subsystems. To avoid doing more incompatible changes in the future,
the parser skips unknown single-letter blocks without reporting errors.
2005-08-23 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test9.
* Makefile (OPT): Removed -fomit-frame-pointer, it's default in recent
gcc versions when optimizing anyway.
* Made the path to pci.ids customizable and independent on the SHAREDIR.
Just override IDSDIR in the top-level Makefile.
* pci.ids: Synchronized with the current database snapshot.
*, Improved the man pages. Documented all access
methods and which operations are privileged.
* lspci.c: Another rewrite of config register caching, now also including
lots of internal checks. It should be now perfectly able to cope with
portions of the configuration space being inaccessible, for example
due to insufficient access rights.
* lspci.c (show_pcix_nobridge, show_pcix_bridge): Cleaned up dumping of PCI-X
capabilities. Includes partial support for PCI-X 2.0 (probably incomplete
as I haven't seen the spec).
* lspci.c: Quell warnings about unused parameters.
* lspci.c: Removed C++ comments.
* lib/header.h: Merged definitions of extended capabilities and some new
PCI-X capability bits from linux-2.6.11/include/pci.h.
* lspci.c (show_caps): Try to scan extended capabilities only if the
device has either PCI-X or PCI Express capability in its normal capability
* lib/dump.c (dump_init): Reading of dumps works again. The dump reader
now also remembers how much data it has read and refuses attempts to
access more than that.
*, lspci.c, README: prefer spelling "buses" over "busses".
* lspci.c: If alloca() is not available, use xmalloc(), not malloc().
* lib/configure: Added x86_64 on Linux.
2005-08-22 Martin Mares <>
* lib/filter.c (pci_filter_parse_slot): Fixed parsing of domain filters.
Thanks to Matthew Wilcox for bug report.
* lspci.c: Corrected spelling of "Hz" (it was "hz" at several places).
Thanks to Krzysztof Oledzki for pointing that out.
2004-08-19 Martin Mares <>
* pciutils.spec (%attr): Setting attributes for /sbin/* is an anachronism,
because pciutils by default install to /usr/sbin. Update.
2004-08-13 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test8.
* lib/types.h, lib/pci.h, lib/sysdep.h: `byte' and `word' are
no longer exported to the outside world.
* README.Windows: Updated.
* maint/release: Substitute version number in win32/config.h.
* win32/config.h: Added.
* lib/sysdep.h (bzero, strcasecmp): are macros on Windows.
* compat/getopt.[ch]: Added copies of getopt.[ch] from the GNU
C library for use on systems where the default libraries lack
proper getopt. Currently used by the Windows port.
* lib/sysdep.h, lib/types.h: Updates of the Windows port from
Alexander Stock.
* lib/types.h: If PCI_HAVE_Uxx_TYPES is defined, libpci doesn't define
its own u8, u16, u32, byte and word types and uses what the user
has supplied instead. With this change, all namespace clashes should
be gone.
* Makefile, lib/Makefile: Updated dependencies.
* pciutils.h: Include lib/sysdep.h and move NONRET et al. there.
* lib/sysdep.h: No need to include <sys/types.h> on FreeBSD, because
it is included unconditionally in lib/types.h.
* Moved system-dependent stuff from lib/internal.h to lib/sysdep.h,
which is also used by the utilities. Also moved type declarations
from lib/pci.h to lib/types.h.
* All files: Prepend a "PCI_" prefix in front of all configuration
defines to avoid namespace clashes. CAVEAT: If there is any libpci
application using the (undocumented) defines, it has to be updated.
* lib/Makefile: Killed HAVE_OWN_HEADER_H, since we stopped sharing
headers with the kernel a couple of years ago.
* lib/sysfs.c (sysfs_get_resources): We have 7 resources, not 6.
* lspci.c (show_rom): Use the same logic for printing disabled
or unassigned ROM's as we do in show_bases() for the other BAR's.
* lib/generic.c (pci_generic_fill_info): Better reaction to
invalid 64-bit addresses. Also d->hdrtype should not include
bit 7, which caused mysterious errors on multi-function devices.
* lib/generic.c (pci_generic_fill_info): Fill in base addresses
even if the regions are known to be disabled. It is the client's
job to interpret them. (And it is not a trivial job if you want
to do it correctly, since you need to check I/O and memory enables
on all upstream bridges, too.) However, it could be interesting to
introduce functions for interpreting the addresses and even for
mapping the regions and doing I/O on them.
2004-07-30 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: HyperTransport improvements from Maciej.
2004-07-11 Martin Mares <>
* lib/sysfs.c (sysfs_get_resources): Arguments now correspond
to the format string. [Patch by Bill Nottingham]
2004-07-05 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test7.
* lspci.c (config_fetch): Wanted to merge Matthew's bug fix, but
ended up with rewriting the fetching mechanism to be fully dynamic,
but avoid reading config space registers not explicitly requested.
2004-06-29 Matthew Wilcox <>
* lspci.c: More work on PCI Express dumping.
* lib/header.h: Updated PCI Express capability definitions.
* lib/proc.c (proc_read): Removed bogus warning.
* common.c (xrealloc): Introduced.
* Added -xxxx.
2004-06-27 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test6.
* lspci.c (show_msix), lib/header.h: Added dumping of MSI-X cap.
Patch by Roland Dreier <>, cleaned up by me.
* lspci.c (show_pcix_nobridge, show_pcix_bridge): Handle config_fetch()
* lib/header.h: Added PCI Express extended capabilities. Again by Matthew.
* lspci.c (show_express): Added dumping of PCI Express cap.
Patch by Matthew Wilcox.
* lib/header.h: Added a list of PCI 3.0 capabilities and also details
on PCI Express caps. Patch by Matthew Wilcox <>.
* lspci.c (check_root): Gone. No explicit checks for root are needed,
report correct errors reported by the libpci instead.
* lspci.c: Added dumping of the extended config space on "-xxxx".
Better caching of config registers.
* setpci.c (main): Allow access to whole 4096 bytes of the config space.
* lib/sysfs.c, lib/proc.c: Don't print error messages on short reads,
just return the appropriate error code.
* lib: Added support for extended (4096-byte) configuration space,
currently implemented only in Linux proc and sysfs access methods
and of course in the dump reader.
2004-05-29 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test5.
* lib/pci.h: Windows don't have the standard u_int* types.
* lib/internal.h: <sys/param.h> required on Windows for endianity
* lib/i386-ports.c: Connected i386-io-windows.h.
* lspci.c (check_root): geteuid() is not available on Windows.
* lib/i386-io-windows.h: Added Windows port contributed by Alexander
Stock <>.
* lib/configure: Hopefully fixed SunOS port broken by various
changes to the configure script.
* Makefile, lib/configure: Cross-compilation support, patch by Maciej.
2004-05-28 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test4.
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Header type 1 is probably legal for all
types of bridges, not only for PCI-to-PCI bridges.
* lspci.c (format_agp_rate): Write "x16", not "x@".
(show_agp): rate[] could overflow.
Bugs reported by Jakub Bogusz <>.
* lspci.c (show_ht_*): Show HyperTransport capability with all its
details. Once again code by Maciej simplified (i.e., possibly broken)
by me.
* lib/header.h: Added declarations of HyperTransport capability.
Again thanks to Maciej.
* lspci.c: Decode all bits of the secondary status word in type 1 headers.
Thanks to Maciej W. Rozycki <> for the patch.
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test3.
*, Document domains and correct spelling.
* lib/dump.c (dump_init): Added ability to read domain numbers.
* lspci.c: Devices in domains different from 0 have their slot number
printed as "<domain>:<bus>:<slot>.<func>". Tree view supports domains
as well.
* lib/filter.c: Slot filters understand domains.
* lib/generic.c: Mention the domain in slot numbers in all error messages.
* lib/internal.h: The #ifdef for Linux <asm/byteorder.h> was wrong.
* lib/access.c (pci_get_dev): Added support for domains.
* lib/sysfs.c (sysfs_scan): Read vendor and device ID from the config
registers (or to be precise, leave it for the generic parts of the pcilib
to do so) instead of reading them from the sysfs. It's faster this way.
* lspci.c (show_pcix): Don't touch pci_dev->hdrtype, it's an internal
variable. Better read it from the config registers (it's cached anyway).
* lib/sysfs.c (sysfs_scan), lib/proc.c (proc_scan): Don't read the hdrtype.
lib/generic.c (pci_generic_fill_info): If hdrtype is -1 (unset), read it.
Saves lots of unnecessary file accesses.
* lib/pci.h (PCIADDR_PORT_FMT): Use %llx instead of %Lx, because the latter
is not supported by all C libraries.
* Makefile: Always enter the lib directory (remember that we don't have
full dependecies for the library in the top-level Makefile; hmmm, another
thing to rewrite some day).
* lib/sysfs.c: Added Linux sysfs access method based on the patch
written by Matthew Wilcox <>.
* lib/proc.c: Renamed the access method name from "/proc/bus/pci" to "Linux-proc".
* lib/pread.h: The hacks to support pread on various versions
of Linux libc moved there.
* lib/proc.c (proc_setup): The return value of snprintf() varies
between glibc versions, so we need to check both for a negative
values and for too large values.
* Removed last few references to the "Linux PCI Utilities", the
package is pretty cross-platform now :)
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test2.
* README, pciutils.lsm, pciutils.spec: Use @VERSION@ to make the
release scripts insert the current version. "make release" is gone.
* maint/release, maint/ Added a new system of scripts for
making releases including inter-version diffs etc.
* Makefile: Cleaned up.
* lib/fbsd-device.c: I patched another copy of this file by mistake,
this time the version checks should be right.
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.99-test1.
* pciutils.h, common.c,,, lib/internal.h:
Remove shadows of the syscall access method which was never
* Try to preserve permissions of the old file
if chmod supports --reference. Should close Debian Bug #223740.
* lib/proc.c (proc_setup): Increased path name length limit to 1024.
Thanks for Redhat and Mandrake for inspiration.
* lib/configure: Recognize ppc and ppc64, both have 64-bit addresses.
Grabbed from Redhat (Fedora) patches.
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
Merged bug fixes from Debian patches:
* lspci.c (show_verbose): "Cache Line Size" should be capitalized.
* lspci.c (show_pcix_nobridge): Added a missing newline.
* lib/proc.c (proc_scan): When reading the header type, don't
forget to clear the topmost bit indicating that the device has
multiple functions.
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
Updated the FreeBSD port. Thanks to Samy Al Bahra <>
for the patches:
* lib/Makefile: Add ${FREEBSD_SYS} to the include path if it's defined.
* lib/fbsd-device.c: Select the right set of system includes according
to __FreeBSD_version.
2003-12-27 Martin Mares <>
Merged support for Solaris on i386 by Bill Moore <>
and cleaned up:
* lib/configure: Recognize SunOS.
* lib/internal.h: Learn how to recognize byte order on SunOS.
* lib/i386-ports.c: Split OS-dependent I/O port access from i386-ports.c.
* lib/i386-io-linux.h: Linux specific part.
* lib/i386-io-hurd.h: GNU/Hurd specific part.
* lib/i386-io-sunos.h: SunOS specific part.
2003-12-26 Martin Mares <>
* lib/header.h (PCI_*_MASK): Cast to pciaddr_t explicitly.
* lib/pci.h: Types declared in <sys/types.h> should be usable on all
platforms we currently support, so kill the forest of #ifdef's and
use them in all cases.
* lib/pci.h: Use ULONG_MASK to decide whether we should use long
or long long to represent a 64-bit address. Killed HAVE_LONG_ADDRESS.
Define format strings for addresses, port numbers and IRQ numbers
directly in pci.h.
* lib/proc.c (proc_scan): Use PCIADDR_T_FMT for scanf'ing addresses.
2003-12-26 Marco Gerards <>
Added support for the GNU Hurd (cleaned up by Martin Mares):
* lib/configure [GNU]: Use the i386 ports for configuration access.
* lib/i386-ports.c: Don't call iopl() on the Hurd.
* lib/pci.h [OS_GNU]: Include <sys/types.h> and use it for defining
u8 to u32.
2003-12-26 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_pcix_bridge, show_pcix_nobridge): Don't forget to call
config_fetch() to ensure that the registers have been read. Thanks to
Bill Wood <> for the patch.
* lspci.c: Ensure that failure of config_fetch() is handled correctly
at all places.
* There was one more explicit reference to /usr/share/pci.ids.
Changed to @SHAREDIR@. Patch from Maciej W. Rozycki <>.
* setpci.c (main): Better error messages.
* setpci.c (ex_op): The demo mode should disable only writing, not reading.
* The documentation was inconsistent on what should -D do.
Document the new behaviour.
* pciutils.h, common.c, setpci.c: Introduced a NONRET macro encapsulating
the GCC specific __attribute__((noreturn)) and killed the hack with
redefining __attribute__ on non-GCC compilers.
* Makefile: Added missing dependencies. Parallel builds work now.
Problem reported by Andreas Haumer <>, but I chose
a different fix.
* Makefile (MANDIR): Use `:=' instead of `=' to avoid executing the shell
command every time $(MANDIR) is referenced.
* lspci.c (main): The error message for `lspci -s' incorrectly mentioned
a `-f' switch. Reported by Steve Finney <Steve.Finney@SpirentCom.COM>.
* lib/generic.c: Removed memory leak in pci_generic_bus_scan().
Reported by Gary Parnes <>.
* Replaced obsolete syntax of __attribute__((unused)) in the middle of
parameter declarations (which is no longer supported by GCC 3.1) by the
current syntax (attribute at the end). Thanks to
for reporting this problem.
* Removed CVS $Id$ tags from all files.
* Makefile: Added some more warnings.
* setpci.c: Cleaned up mask/value code.
2003-12-08 Thayne Harbaugh <>
* setpci.c: Individual bits to be set can be specified as <value>:<mask>.
2003-11-29 Martin Mares <>
* Imported the pciutils sources to my Arch repository. Good-bye, CVS.
2003-01-04 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.11.
* Makefile: Changed configuration of installation directories --
all paths are now set at the top of the Makefile instead of being
scattered between the installation rules. The default installation
now goes always to /usr/local regardless of the OS as most distributions
already contain some version of pciutils and we don't want custom
installations to interfere with the default ones.
* Makefile: Removed a couple of ancient install hacks: we no longer
try to avoid overwriting a newer pci.ids file (users are now expected
to use update-ids) and we don't try to remove /etc/pci.ids (a long time
has passed since the last version which used it).
* Makefile: Paths to pci.ids in man pages automatically get the right path.
* Added the update-ids utility.
* lib: Removed partially implemented "syscall" access method which will
probably never be needed.
2002-12-27 Martin Mares <>
* lib/nbsd-libpci.c: Cleaned up and hopefully made it endian safe.
* lib/generic.c (pci_generic_scan_bus): Added work-around for devices with
discontiguous numbering of functions. This is already present in the Linux
kernel for several years, but I forgot to update pciutils as well.
2002-12-26 Martin Mares <>
* lib/header.h, lspci.c: Dump AGP3 flags and speeds.
* lib/pci.h, Makefile: Removed HAVE_OWN_HEADER_H. Always use our own header,
there is no reason to prefer the kernel version.
* lib/proc.c (proc_scan): Don't forget to initialize hdrtype.
* Added preliminary version of NetBSD support by Quentin Garnier
2002-04-06 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: Mention "-xxx" in the help.
2002-03-30 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.10.
* Removed pci.ids from the CVS as they are now maintained separately.
They are still included in the tarball, but if you are building pciutils
from CVS sources or you want to get a newer ID file than the one distributed,
just use "make update-ids" to download the most recent snapshot from
* Makefile, README: Updated accordingly.
* Makefile: Added a couple of maintenance targets.
* maint/*: Maintainer's utilities now reside here (present only in CVS,
not in the tarball).
* lib/names.c (parse_name_list): End-of-line comments are no longer
supported. Hashes are now perfectly valid in all names and they start
a comment only at the start of the line.
2002-03-26 Martin Mares <>
* README: Rewritten.
* Makefile: When the currently installed pci.ids file is newer than
the version to be installed, don't overwrite it. Suggested by
Jean Delvare <>.
2002-03-24 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_pcix_bridge): Added PCI-X capability display.
Contributed by Jeff Garzik <>.
* lib/header.h: Added PCI-X stuff. Again by Jeff.
* Makefile (CFLAGS): -Werror is gone.
* lspci.c (format_agp_rate): Fixed AGP rate reporting.
* lib/filter.c (pci_filter_parse_slot): Allow bus 0xff, slot 0x1f and
function 7.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): When printing unknown subsystem vendor
or device hexadecimally, don't confuse it with chip vendor/device ID.
First reported by Marc Boucher <>.
2001-11-04 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.9.
* pci.ids: Synced with the PCI ID Repository at SourceForge
2000-08-25 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Updated ID's, synced with kernel 2.4.0-test7.
2000-06-13 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile (uninstall): Fixed.
* pci.ids: ID updates.
2000-05-20 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.8.
* pci.ids: ID updates.
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Min/max latency is now printed in nanoseconds.
2000-05-04 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_verbose): If the header type doesn't match device
class, just print a warning and still use the header type, assuming
bogus class info.
2000-05-01 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_pm): Updated according to PCI PM specs 1.1.
* pci.ids: Updated Contemporary Control ARCnet card entries.
* pci.ids: Synchronized class list with latest PCI SIG documents.
2000-04-29 Martin Mares <>
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): Fixed the cheat.
* lib/internal.h: Moved UNUSED/inline hacks above all other declarations.
* pci.ids: Various ID updates.
2000-04-21 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.7.
* pciutils.spec: Added German description.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): Added a cheat for case that subsystem ID's
are the same as device ID and just output subsystem name according to
device name.
* lib/proc.c: Use UNUSED instead of __attribute__((unused)).
* lib/pci.h: Added the correct typedefs for AIX.
* lib/generic.c (pci_generic_scan_bus): Export.
* lib/configure: Detect AIX. Use "echo '...\c'" instead of
"echo -n" if the shell isn't bash.
* lspci.c: Avoid using alloca() if not compiled by GCC.
(insert_dev): Avoid returning a void value.
* Makefile: Choose which install utility to use according to
OS type. Also use `-o' instead of `-or' in find arguments.
Part of the AIX port.
* lib/aix-device.c: Added AIX low-level interface. Contributed
by Dave Johnson <>, thanks a lot!
* pci.ids: Few new ID's.
* pciutils.h, lib/internal.h: Redefine __attribute__ and inline
when not compiled by GCC.
2000-04-17 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.6.
* pci.ids: Added a large batch of ID's contributed by Gunther
Mayer <> and synced the
list with the 2.3.99pre6 kernel.
Thu Mar 9 13:11:39 2000 Martin Mares <>
* lib/example.c: Added a simple example of how to use
the library.
*, Revealed --version. Well spotted
by Adam Sulmicki.
* pci.ids: Added lots of new ID's and synced with 2.3.50.
Tue Feb 15 00:16:21 2000 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 2.1.5.
* pciutils.spec: Updated spec file from Andreas Jaeger. Now using
%{_mandir} to find the right location to install manual pages to.
* pci.ids: New ID's.
* setpci.c (main): Don't crash when `-s' or `-d' is given with
no argument.
Mon Jan 24 20:04:11 2000 Andreas Jaeger <>
* lib/i386-ports.c: Include <asm/io.h> only on systems without
Mon Jan 24 11:24:43 2000 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile: Modified to work with the Linux FHS brain-damaged idea
of putting man pages to /usr/share/man. Now we choose either /usr/man
or /usr/share/man depending on which one exists.
Sun Jan 23 10:52:34 2000 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Synced with Linux 2.3.40.
* Released as version 2.1.4.
Thu Jan 20 11:08:32 2000 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (scan_device): Fixed bug in reading of cardbus extensions.
* lib/proc.c: pread/pwrite fixed again, this time on libc5 :(
* lspci.c (format_agp_rate): Better formatting of AGP rates.
* pci.ids: New ID's.
* lib/configure: Added configuration for ia64 (the same as for Alpha).
Patch from Stephane Eranian <>.
Thu Jan 13 23:01:52 2000 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 2.1.3.
* pci.ids: New ID's.
* lspci.c: Alpha IO_FORMAT fix by Andrea Arcangeli.
* lib/access.c: Corrected order of access methods -- it's wonderful how
long could such a bug remain unspotted. Thanks go to Andreas Schockenhoff.
Sat Dec 11 23:34:48 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 2.1.2.
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): Fixed printing of unknown subsystem ID's.
Sat Dec 4 13:11:03 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 2.1.1.
* pci.ids: Several new ID's.
* setpci.c (exec_op): Don't forget to increment address after writing
single value, so that `30.b=12,34,56,78' works as expected. Reported
by Petr Soucek <>.
Wed Nov 3 10:24:38 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_terse): If prog-if is zero, but it's present in the
ID list, show it.
Sat Oct 30 11:06:35 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 2.1.
* pci.ids: Synced to devlist.h in 2.3.24 kernel. Merged in
lots of contributed entries.
Thu Oct 14 10:40:12 1999 Dave Jones <>
* pci.ids: Added lots of subsystem definitions.
Sat Oct 9 14:32:28 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Better example.
* lspci.c: Resolve prog-if names.
* lib/names.c: Adapted to new pci.ids syntax.
* pci.ids: Reorganized the pci.ids file. Subsystems are listed
under devices, classes can optionally contain prog-if information.
New ID's, as usually.
Wed Sep 22 09:45:24 1999 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: New ID's. As usually.
* lspci.c (show_htype1, show_htype2): Don't show `closed' bridge windows
unless we're vvvery verbose.
Mon Sep 20 11:22:54 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_htype2): Don't forget a TAB before the "I/O window" line.
Tue Sep 14 09:31:01 1999 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: New ID's. Again.
Thu Aug 5 17:45:42 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_size): Don't show size if it's zero (usually
due to bus-centric mode being enabled).
Tue Jul 20 13:25:09 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/pci.h: Types are OS dependent.
* lib/internal.h: Byte order hacks are OS dependent.
* lib/configure: Recognize FreeBSD. Also set OS_XXX according to the OS.
* lib/Makefile, lib/access.c: Added fbsd-device target.
* pci.ids: Added an entry for PLX 9080 bridges with subsystem ID
incorrectly set to device ID.
* README: Added a note that we support FreeBSD.
* Makefile (PREFIX, ROOT): Set it depending on the OS.
(%.8): Grrr, BSD date is not able to convert date formats the same way
as GNU date does. Use sed instead.
(install): Use `-c' when calling install.
* lib/fbsd-device.c: Added FreeBSD /dev/pci access module contributed
by Jari Kirma <>.
* lib/proc.c: Rewrote the pread/pwrite things once again. Use pread
and pwrite only when we are certain it's safe (i.e., glibc 2.1
on all architectures or any libc on a i386 where we really know
how to use syscalls directly). In all other cases, emulate it
with lseek/read/write.
* pci.ids: Some more IDs.
Mon Jul 19 14:10:36 1999 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Added IDs of parallel port controller cards as sent
by Tim Waugh <>.
Wed Jul 7 00:55:48 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/proc.c (proc_scan): HAVE_LONG_ADDRESS instead of HAVE_64BIT_ADDRESS.
* lspci.c: ADDR_FORMAT now depends on both HAVE_64BIT_ADDRESS and
* lib/configure: HAVE_64BIT_ADDRESS now doesn't imply that the addresses
are represented as long long. Introduced a new flag HAVE_LONG_ADDRESS
to indicate this. Both Sparc architectures now use both 64BIT_ADDRESS
and LONG_ADDRESS since they have 32-bit userland, but don't set LONG_ADDRESS
on Alpha.
* lspci.c (show_msi): Added dumping of the MSI capability.
(show_slotid): The same for SlotID capability.
(show_caps): Seperated capability dumping, because it should
be used for both htype0 and htype1. Even PCI 2.2 doesn't mention
layout of htype2, so I'm a bit unsure about it wrt capabilities
-- they at least have to live somewhere else since address 0x34
is already defined differently in htype2.
* lib/header.h (PCI_STATUS_UDF): Marked as obsolete (PCI 2.2).
(PCI_CAP_ID_*): Added some new capabilities defined in PCI 2.2.
* lspci.c (show_htype0): Mask out lowest 2 bits from all capability pointers
(required by the PCI 2.2 specs).
Mon Jul 5 12:45:19 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_size): Added new function for dumping of region sizes.
(show_rom): Added. Now correctly dumps unassigned ROM addresses, disabled
ROMs et cetera.
* lib/pci.h (struct pci_dev): known_fields moved to the public part
of the structure.
* Added support for region sizes. Needs support in the kernel, because
sizes have to be scanned before drivers initialize yourself. pci_fill_info()
now returns a bitmask of what fields were really read.
Mon Jun 28 18:37:51 1999 Dave Jones <>
* Makefile:
Added `uninstall' target - removes all traces of pciutils.
* pci.ids:
- Lots of cleanups in the ATI, S3, Adaptec vendors.
- Changed Compaq QVision 1280/p definitions, as it's not possible
to determine the revision from the device ID.
- Same for the Tseng ET4000.
The id's said I had a rev C, when it was actually a rev B.
- Removed some unnecessary strings
`PCI'. Unless it's an AGP card, it should be obvious that it's PCI.
`Ethernet card'. This should be determined from config space.
- Lots of other new vendors & devices
- Other additional small cleanups.
Mon Jun 21 22:11:10 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/names.c (pci_lookup_name): When device ID lookup
fails, return hexadecimal device ID instead of vendor ID.
Well spotted by Axel Bodemann <>,
I've just extended the fix to subsystem ID's.
Thu Jun 17 19:48:21 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_agp): Bug fix from Petr Vandrovec
<>. The command register was displayed
Wed Jun 2 22:42:44 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/proc.c (SYS_pread, SYS_pwrite): Use hard-coded
numbers if not supplied by the libc.
Wed May 19 13:24:39 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released the whole package as version 2.0.
Fri May 14 22:42:02 1999 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Added several new ID's contributed by people
on the linux-pci list.
Mon Apr 19 15:21:08 1999 Jakub Jelinek <>
* lspci.c: Display I/O addresses correctly on sparc64.
* lib/header.h: Ditto.
* lib/configure: On sparc set HAVE_64BIT* as well, we want
a binary which works on both 32bit and 64bit SPARCs.
Sun Apr 18 21:14:58 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c, lib/proc.c: Alpha compilation fixes from Matthew Jacob
* pci.ids: A lot of updates from Adam J. Richter <>.
Sun Feb 28 22:26:21 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (do_map_bus): Don't dump functions 1--7 if not flagged
as a multi-function device, because several single-function devices
don't decode the function bits at all.
Sun Feb 14 23:48:22 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile (install): Don't use "-o root -g root" for installation
since it breaks on machines where programs are not installed by root.
Reported by Richard Gooch <>
Tue Feb 9 15:54:39 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_bases): Use new address masking macros and pciaddr_t.
* lib/pci.h: Using pciaddr_t for bus addresses, which are 32-bit
or 64-bit depending on CPU.
* lib/pci.h (PCI_ADDR_MEM_MASK): Added macros for address masks
according to bus address width.
Thu Jan 28 20:54:16 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 1.99.4.
* lspci.c: Capability list parser now recognizes both AGP
registers and PCI Power Management registers (the latter
is mainly guesswork based on DEC/Intel 21153 bridge specs
since I don't have the PCI Power Management document).
* lspci.c: Replaced numerous occurences of (x & flag) ? '+' : '-'
by FLAG macro.
* lspci.c: Added bridge checks to bus mapping code.
Wed Jan 27 14:59:16 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: Implemented bus mapping mode (-M).
* lspci.c (scan_devices): Split to scan_devices() and scan_device().
(show): Split to show() and show_device().
* lib/access.c (pci_init): When a->method == PCI_ACCESS_AUTO,
set it to the real access method afterwards.
Mon Jan 25 23:46:13 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/generic.c (pci_generic_fill_info): If in buscentric mode,
don't check PCI_COMMAND for I/O and memory enables.
Mon Jan 25 21:28:49 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile: Added target `release' which substitutes new version
number to .spec, .lsm and README. Also rewrote target `dist'.
* Released as 1.99.3.
Sun Jan 24 22:10:36 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lib/header.h: Until kernel adopts new layout of PCI
includes (i.e., separate declaration of header structure,
functions and device IDs), which is not going to happen
before 2.3, we'll use our own definiton of the header.
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Display `Cap' flag in device status.
* lspci.c (show_htype0): Display capability lists whereever
available. The only capability name we recognize now is `AGP'.
Unfortunately, capabilities are stored in device-dependent
portion of the configuration space and are thus available
only to root unless you read a dump.
* lspci.c (scan_devices): Use cache instead of buffering.
* lib/buffer.c: Removed (obsoleted by the cache).
* lib/access.c: Added general caching mechanism.
Sat Jan 23 21:30:54 1999 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Added few devices.
Fri Jan 22 19:29:31 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Version string is now defined in top-level Makefile, exported
to the configure script and also substituted to man pages.
* lspci.c (show_bases): Rewrote displaying of 64-bit addresses.
(show_verbose): Rewrote interrupt display logic.
* lib/i386-ports.c: Include sys/io.h only on glibc systems.
* lib/configure: Rewrote detection of Linux versions. Now it
works on 2.0 kernels (only with direct/dump access, of course).
* lib/internal.h: New bytesex macros using <asm/byteorder.h>
whenever available.
* lib/proc.c (proc_read, proc_write): Distinguish between short
read/write and real errors.
* lspci.c (show_htype{0,1}): Always use d->dev->rom_base_addr since
libpci respects buscentric mode automatically.
* lspci.c (show_hex_dump): For CardBus bridges, print out 128
bytes of header (the whole standard part).
* common.c: pcilib options are now all uppercase. Also moved
PCI access debugging option here.
* Released as 1.99.2.
Wed Jan 20 22:50:35 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Wrote configure script and rewrote Makefiles.
* Removed few unused variables.
Wed Jan 20 12:21:56 1999 Martin Mares <>
* common.c: Moved several functions used in both setpci and lspci
here. This includes parsing of libpci-related options.
* More library tweaks.
* filter.c, names.c: Moved to library.
* setpci: Rewritten to use the library.
* Released as 1.99.1.
Tue Jan 19 23:00:12 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (scan_devices): For cardbus bridges, read first 128
bytes of config space to get full standard header.
* Makefile (CFLAGS): Removed "-Wno-unused".
* Started the "New Generation" branch and introduced the
PCI library.
* lspci: Rewritten to use the library.
Tue Jan 19 22:24:08 1999 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 1.10.
Mon Jan 18 08:51:17 1999 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.8, setpci.8: Miscellaneous fixes as suggested by
Dag Wieers <>.
Sun Nov 29 20:05:56 1998 Martin Mares <>
* pciutils.spec (Name): Update from Krzysztof G. Baranowski.
Sun Nov 22 10:49:56 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile, pciutils.h: Moved pci.ids to /usr/share.
* Released as version 1.09.
Wed Nov 18 15:47:05 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_htype1): Fixed displaying of prefetchable memory behind
bridge. Thanks to Petr Vandrovec <> for bug report.
Fri Oct 23 18:59:19 1998 Martin Mares <>
* setpci.c: Don't include <syscall-list.h> with glibc >= 2.1.
Mon Oct 19 21:53:30 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Released as version 1.08.
* setpci.c: glibc 2.1.x already defines pread() and pwrite().
* lspci.8: Changed warning about lspci -xxx.
* lspci.c: Require "-xxx" for full configuration space dump, so that
it's impossible to crash the machine by single typo.
* specs: Added (courtesy of Krzysztof G. Baranowski <>).
Wed Sep 9 12:03:24 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_bases): Better displaying of unassigned and
disabled bases. Thanks to Gabriel Paubert <>
for an idea.
Wed Sep 2 10:58:01 1998 Martin Mares <>
* setpci.c (pread): Recognize glibc 1.99 numbered as 2.0 on the PPC.
(thanks to Geert Uytterhoeven for finding this out)
Fri Jul 17 10:43:30 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Print subsystem ID using the new resolver.
(show_machine): Print subsystem ID.
* names.c: New name resolution engine supporting subsystem IDs.
* Released as version 1.07.
Wed Jul 15 15:37:21 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_htype2 etc.): Displaying of CardBus headers.
(show_bases): Honor the `cnt' argument.
(grow_tree): Parse CardBus headers in tree mode as well.
* pci.h: Updated CardBus header field description. I still don't
have the CardBus standard available, but OZ6832 specs contain
full description of all header fields supported by the chip.
Tue Jun 9 22:53:59 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 1.06.
* names.c (parse_name_list): Killed an unused variable.
* setpci.c (pread, pwrite): Define SYS_(pread|pwrite) as __NR_\1
if they are not defined by glibc (needed for glibc built on older
kernels). Ugly.
* setpci.c (exec_op): Fixed error messages. Thanks, Steve!
Mon Jun 8 10:59:22 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 1.05.
* setpci.c: Problems with pread()/pwrite() with glibc on Alpha
should be gone. Again thanks to Steve for bug report.
* filter.c (filter_parse_slot): Fixed ":x" type filters.
* pci.ids: Killed duplicate entry. Thanks to Stephen Williams
<> for reporting this.
Sun Jun 7 19:27:51 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (main), setpci.c (main): Implemented "--version".
* Released as 1.04.
* pciutils.h (PCIUTILS_VERSION): Added version string.
* filter.c, names.c: Extraneous #include <linux/pci.h> removed.
Thanks to Geert Uytterhoeven <>
for bug report.
Thu May 28 14:45:58 1998 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: More updates from Jens Maurer.
Wed Apr 22 10:00:39 1998 Martin Mares <>
* pci.ids: Updates from Jens Maurer.
Sun Apr 19 11:14:25 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Released as 1.03.
* setpci.8: Written.
* setpci.c: Finished.
* lspci.c: Now able to fetch expansion ROM base from kernel device list
and print it if not in buscentric mode.
Tue Mar 31 23:11:57 1998 Martin Mares <>
* setpci.c: Added.
Sun Mar 22 15:39:08 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.8: Updated the documentation.
* lspci.c: Modified to use the new filtering mechanism (options -f and -d).
* filter.c: Introduced new generic device filter.
Thu Mar 19 17:03:48 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (grow_tree, show_tree_dev, print_it): Fixed displaying
of PCI-to-PCI bridges in the tree format.
Sun Feb 15 10:12:25 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c (show_machine): Added non-verbose mode of machine-readable
* pci.ids: Updates from Jens Maurer.
* Released as version 1.02.
Thu Feb 12 16:53:28 1998 Martin Mares <>
* lspci.c: Added a "-m" switch for dumping machine-readable
configuration data (requested by Bjoern Kriews <>).
Mon Feb 9 13:17:43 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile, pciutils.h: Include local pci.h instead of <linux/pci.h>
if available. This should avoid all problems with official kernel
not synchronized to newer PCI code in CVS -- standard distribution
of pciutils now contains pci.h from current CVS kernel, pciutils
in CVS contain no pci.h and use the correct kernel include.
* Makefile: Fixed installation path for man pages.
Sat Feb 7 15:15:46 1998 Martin Mares <>
* README: Updated.
* lspci.8: Created a man page.
* Releasing as version 1.0.
Tue Feb 3 20:56:00 1998 Martin Mares <>
* Makefile: Recognize architecture by calling uname and pass it as ARCH_xxx
to all the C sources. This should eliminate problems with 32-bit compilers
on sparc64.
* lspci.c (show_verbose): Recognize CardBus bridge header type.
(show_htype2): Stub routine.
(scan_config): Write sensible error message if the kernel denies reading of
upper part of the PCI config space.