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Since 2.1.99-test5, pciutils should also be compilable on Windows. Thanks
to Alexander Stock for contributing the port.
Updated after version 2.2.6 to compile again, and with MinGW, even (only?)
cross-compiling. (Hopefully it works with MSVC too.)
To use this port, you need to install WinIO.dll first. You can get it
However, you need to use win32/config.{h,mk} instead of the automatically
generated lib/config.{h,mk} as lib/configure does not run on Windows.
BEWARE: The current implementation pokes I/O ports to access the PCI devices
directly. This leads to several problems: some devices are invisible, extended
PCIe configuration space is not available, and there are many potential race
conditions. Instead, libpci should use the proper Windows drivers.
Unfortunately, the Windows port currently lacks a maintainer. If you are willing
to step up and fix the issues, please let me know. -- Martin Mares