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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1 */
* Copyright (C) 2017 VMware Inc, Yordan Karadzhov <>
* @file KsSession.hpp
* @brief KernelShark Session.
#ifndef _KS_SESSION_H
#define _KS_SESSION_H
// Qt
#include <QtWidgets>
// KernelShark
#include "KsDualMarker.hpp"
#include "KsTraceGraph.hpp"
#include "KsTraceViewer.hpp"
class KsMainWindow;
* The KsSession class provides instruments for importing/exporting the state
* of the different components of the GUI from/to Json documents. These
* instruments are used to save/load user session in the GUI.
class KsSession
virtual ~KsSession();
/** Get the configuration document object. */
kshark_config_doc *getConfDocPtr() const {return _config;}
bool importFromFile(QString jfileName);
void exportToFile(QString jfileName);
void saveDataFile(QString fileName, QString dataSetName);
QString getDataFile(kshark_context *kshark_ctx);
void saveVisModel(kshark_trace_histo *histo);
void loadVisModel(KsGraphModel *model);
void saveGraphs(kshark_context *kshark_ctx,
KsTraceGraph &graphs);
void loadGraphs(kshark_context *kshark_ctx,
KsTraceGraph &graphs);
void saveDataStreams(kshark_context *kshark_ctx);
void loadDataStreams(kshark_context *kshark_ctx,
KsDataStore *data);
void saveMainWindowSize(const QMainWindow &window);
void loadMainWindowSize(KsMainWindow *window);
void saveSplitterSize(const QSplitter &splitter);
void loadSplitterSize(QSplitter *splitter);
void saveDualMarker(KsDualMarkerSM *dm);
void loadDualMarker(KsDualMarkerSM *dmm, KsTraceGraph *graphs);
void saveUserPlugins(const KsPluginManager &pm);
void loadUserPlugins(kshark_context *kshark_ctx, KsPluginManager *pm);
void saveTable(const KsTraceViewer &view);
void loadTable(KsTraceViewer *view);
void saveColorScheme();
float getColorScheme();
kshark_config_doc *_config;
json_object *_getMarkerJson();
void _savePlots(int sd, KsGLWidget *glw, bool cpu);
QVector<int> _getPlots(int sd, bool cpu);
void _saveCPUPlots(int sd, KsGLWidget *glw);
QVector<int> _getCPUPlots(int sd);
void _saveTaskPlots(int sd, KsGLWidget *glw);
QVector<int> _getTaskPlots(int sd);
void _saveComboPlots(KsGLWidget *glw);
QVector<int> _getComboPlots(int *nCombos);
bool _getMarker(const char* name, size_t *pos);
DualMarkerState _getMarkerState();