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Note that items with (!) have high priority.
- use gettext() for column names on output in libsmartcols based tools and
accept trantated as well as original names on command line (lsblk -o NAME,SIZE).
- add MacOS to GitHub Actions (.github/workflows/cibuild.yml). Note, we have used
Mac in Travis-CI (see .travis.yml).
- add Coverity to GitHub Actions (see for example .github/workflows/coverity.yml
in systemd repo).
script (lib/pty-session.c)
- (!) add #ifdefs and optional code for non-signalfd() systems
- use terminal hyperlinks (for example for --help)
try on terminal: printf 'For more details see \e]8;;man:fdisk(8)\e\\fdisk(8)\e]8;;\e\\.\n'
- support huge input lines (for example read input by small fixed buffer
rather than try allocate all buffer for a whole line)
- use unsigned sizes for columns and lines
- check for limits to avoid segfaults
- make it more robust
- support another --reforms, see for example freebsd version
- read cpuid and uname information from file if --sysroot is specified, then
we can prepare regression tests completely independent on hw and architecture.
- read the default UID and GID from the target process.
- use /var/lib/hwclock/drift to store hw-clock drift numbers.
- use /etc/adjtime as read-only for UTC/LOCAL information only
- the /var/lib/hwclock/drift should be implemented backwardly compatible,
it means use the file only if exists, otherwise follow /etc/adjtime
- see topic/hwclock-drift-file branch
bash completion
- Optional argument handling requires user to press backspace to get
argument completion.
- Comma separated value, e.g., --output 'value1,value2', are not
completed for users.
libmount (mount/umount)
- mnt_context_get_excode() does not return error messages from /sbin/[u]mount.<type>
external helpers. It is disadvantages in same cases (non-terminal progarms).
The solution is to use pipe(), keep output from helper in memory and return it later
by mnt_context_get_excode() (or mnt_context_get_helper_output(), etc.). This feature
should be optional and disabled by default.
- add --onlyonce to force mount(8) to check if mountpoint is already used. Now
"already mounted" detection is used for --all only. The problem is if you
call "mount <mountpoint>" more than once for in fstab defined tmpfs (or network
filesystem etc.). In this case kernel does not return EBUSY, but a new instance
of the FS is created.
(... just idea, maybe wrong idea)
- support mapping by device-mapper if argv[0] is "kpartx" or --dm option is used.
It would be great if getopt could optionally ignore unknown options.
Currently, it outputs -- for every option it doesn't recognize but leaving the
option as it is could beneficial wrapper scripts which could then pass the
options they don't recognize as they are to the command they are wrapping.
- (!) use something better than gtk-doc for libmount and libblkid (doxygen?)
- (!) add API documentation to libuuid
- Improve line breaks in man pages and review markup
- consolidate newgrp(1)
* we have "su --group/--supp-group" to switch between groups, newgrp(1) in
util-linux and shadow-utils (and sg(1) alias in shadow-utils)
* the unique functionality provided by newgpr(1) is support for group
passwords [/etc/gshadow] -- do we really need this functionality?
* maybe we can mark group-passwords as deprecated, and replace sg(1) and
newgpr(1) with su(1) code. The another way is to ask for group password in
su --group too.
* note that shadow-utils newgpr(1) provides support for syslog and audit log.
libsmartcols / column -t
- add column --table-header-color
- add support for border of table
* extend 'struct libscols_symbols', use box-drawing chars UTF8/ASCII
* add scols_table_enable_border()
- extend ZFS proper to scan for more uberblocks if BLKID_SUBLKS_MAGIC flag is set.
This solution will make wipefs(8) more usable as ZFS is extremely variable with
additional root blocks locations. See
- (!) add support for BitLocker Drive Encryption
- (!) add support for dasd PT (used for example on s390)
- add support for Apple Partition Map (see libblkid/src/partitions/mac.c)
- add support for nested PT (e.g. hybrid MBR) to scripts
* add "nested-label:" block to sfdisk --dump
* add "nested-partitiontable" to sfdisk --JSON
* support nested labels parsing from dump
- don't backup PT in interactive mode before write to the devices is requested,
- add mllockall() and SCHED_FIFO to hwclock,
exotic requests
- add SELinux security contexts support to the 'ipcs' utility
Would be great to list the current system IPC Objects with their respective
security labels (where allowed) with something like 'ipcs -Z' - following the
way other tools reports those.