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The following is a list of commands or features that are deprecated. All
deprecated utils are in maintenance mode and we keep them in source tree for
backward compatibility only.
what: column --table-empty-lines
why: renamed to --keep-empty-lines
since: v2.37
what: hwclock --debug
why: renamed to --verbose, and may be repurposed later.
since: v2.32
what: hwclock -v for version
why: renamed to -V
since: v2.20 (was repurposed to verbose in v2.32)
what: column --columns
why: renamed to --output-width
since: v2.30
what: sfdisk --show-size
why: this does not belong to fdisk, use "blockdev --getsz"
what: sfdisk --Linux
why: unnecessary option, only Linux (non-DOS mode) is supported
what: sfdisk --unit
why: unnecessary option, only 'S'ector unit is supported
what: sfdisk --show-pt-geometry
why: equal to --show-geometry for a long time
what: "swapon --summary" output format
why: does not provide control on output data formatting. The recommended solution
is to use --show=<columns> in all scripts.
What: mkfs
Why: use filesystem specific mkfs.<type>.
What: fdisk -s <device>
Why: this does not belong to fdisk, use "blockdev --getsz"
What: 'udev' and 'list' blkid(8) output formats
Why: udevd links libblkid directly; the 'list' is unnecessary, use lsblk(8)
What: line(1) command
Why: use the read(1) command
What: pg(1) command
Why: use less(1) or more(1)
What: CHS stuff in fdisk (except SUN where are partitions addresses by cylinders only)
Why: use addressing by sectors, CHS does not work with modern disks,
confusing for users...
What: losetup -s
Why: the option -s is in collision with the Loop-AES losetup dialect that is used
in some distributions. Use the long version (--show) only.
What: losetup output format without --list
deprecated format:
# losetup -a
/dev/loop0: []: (/home/fs-images/swap.img)
/dev/loop1: []: (/home/fs-images/disk.img), offset 100
new format:
# losetup
/dev/loop0 0 0 0 0 /home/fs-images/swap.img
/dev/loop1 0 100 0 0 /home/fs-images/disk.img
What: tunelp
Why: parallel port printers are probably almost extinct devices
The Single UNIX(TM) Specification, Version 2
Copyright (C) 1997 The Open Group
Legacy utilities which are part util-linux package are: