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# Translation of util-linux messages to Croatian.
# Copyright © 1996-2006, 2008-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This file is distributed under the same license as the util-linux package.
# Permission is granted to freely copy and distribute
# this file and modified versions, provided that this
# header is not removed and modified versions are marked
# as such.
# Tomislav Krznar <>, 2012, 2013.
# Božidar Putanec <>, 2019, 2020.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: util-linux-2.36-rc2\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-04-12 09:59+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2020-12-07 11:59-0800\n"
"Last-Translator: Božidar Putanec <>\n"
"Language-Team: Croatian <>\n"
"Language: hr\n"
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"X-Generator: Lokalize 19.12.3\n"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:15
#, c-format
msgid " %s <disk device> <partition number> <start> <length>\n"
msgstr " %s <blok-uređaj> <broj particije> <početak> <duljina>\n"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:19
msgid "Tell the kernel about the existence of a specified partition.\n"
msgstr "Informira jezgru o postojanju specificirane particije.\n"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:52 disk-utils/blockdev.c:244 disk-utils/delpart.c:52
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:127 disk-utils/resizepart.c:96 misc-utils/kill.c:314
#: misc-utils/kill.c:375 misc-utils/rename.c:289 misc-utils/whereis.c:527
#: sys-utils/flock.c:177 sys-utils/ipcrm.c:160 sys-utils/ldattach.c:367
#: sys-utils/renice.c:144 sys-utils/switch_root.c:261 sys-utils/tunelp.c:152
#: term-utils/agetty.c:897 term-utils/agetty.c:898 term-utils/agetty.c:906
#: term-utils/agetty.c:907
msgid "not enough arguments"
msgstr "nema dovoljno argumenata"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:57 disk-utils/blockdev.c:293 disk-utils/blockdev.c:437
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:464 disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2766 disk-utils/delpart.c:58
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:229 disk-utils/fdisk.c:810 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1141
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:327 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:368
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:391 disk-utils/fsck.c:1466
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:161 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:520
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:53 disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:186
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:171 disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:660
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:799 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:838
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:316 disk-utils/mkswap.c:345 disk-utils/partx.c:1021
#: disk-utils/resizepart.c:104 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:380 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:501
#: disk-utils/sfdisk.c:812 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1093 disk-utils/swaplabel.c:65
#: libfdisk/src/bsd.c:642 login-utils/islocal.c:86 login-utils/last.c:694
#: login-utils/sulogin.c:444 login-utils/sulogin.c:481
#: login-utils/utmpdump.c:134 login-utils/utmpdump.c:354
#: login-utils/utmpdump.c:378 login-utils/vipw.c:250 login-utils/vipw.c:268
#: misc-utils/findmnt.c:1131 misc-utils/hardlink.c:584 misc-utils/logger.c:1241
#: misc-utils/mcookie.c:119 misc-utils/uuidd.c:231 sys-utils/blkdiscard.c:225
#: sys-utils/blkzone.c:144 sys-utils/dmesg.c:536 sys-utils/eject.c:499
#: sys-utils/eject.c:698 sys-utils/fallocate.c:405 sys-utils/fsfreeze.c:116
#: sys-utils/fstrim.c:103 sys-utils/hwclock.c:236 sys-utils/hwclock.c:903
#: sys-utils/hwclock-rtc.c:138 sys-utils/hwclock-rtc.c:403
#: sys-utils/hwclock-rtc.c:438 sys-utils/irq-common.c:253
#: sys-utils/ldattach.c:391 sys-utils/lscpu-cputype.c:456 sys-utils/lsmem.c:658
#: sys-utils/nsenter.c:131 sys-utils/rfkill.c:195 sys-utils/rtcwake.c:137
#: sys-utils/rtcwake.c:292 sys-utils/setpriv.c:256 sys-utils/setpriv.c:622
#: sys-utils/setpriv.c:645 sys-utils/swapon.c:374 sys-utils/swapon.c:517
#: sys-utils/switch_root.c:174 sys-utils/unshare.c:112 sys-utils/unshare.c:127
#: sys-utils/wdctl.c:361 sys-utils/zramctl.c:517 term-utils/agetty.c:2965
#: term-utils/mesg.c:154 term-utils/script.c:382 term-utils/scriptlive.c:256
#: term-utils/scriptlive.c:259 term-utils/scriptlive.c:262
#: term-utils/scriptreplay.c:282 term-utils/scriptreplay.c:285
#: term-utils/scriptreplay.c:288 term-utils/scriptreplay.c:291
#: term-utils/wall.c:421 text-utils/colcrt.c:284 text-utils/more.c:453
#: text-utils/rev.c:140 text-utils/ul.c:637
#, c-format
msgid "cannot open %s"
msgstr "nije moguće otvoriti %s"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:60 disk-utils/delpart.c:61 disk-utils/resizepart.c:101
msgid "invalid partition number argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument broja particije"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:61
msgid "invalid start argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument početka"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:62 disk-utils/resizepart.c:111
msgid "invalid length argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument duljine"
#: disk-utils/addpart.c:63
msgid "failed to add partition"
msgstr "nije uspjelo dodati particiju"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:63
msgid "set read-only"
msgstr "postavi samo za čitanje"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:70
msgid "set read-write"
msgstr "postavi za čitanje i pisanje"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:76
msgid "get read-only"
msgstr "pokaže status pisanja/čitanja; RO"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:82
msgid "get discard zeroes support status"
msgstr "pokaže stanje podrške za odbacivanje nula"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:88
msgid "get logical block (sector) size"
msgstr "pokaže veličinu logičkog bloka (sektora); SSZ"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:94
msgid "get physical block (sector) size"
msgstr "pokaže veličinu fizičkog bloka (sektora); BSZ"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:100
msgid "get minimum I/O size"
msgstr "pokaže minimalnu U/I veličinu"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:106
msgid "get optimal I/O size"
msgstr "pokaže optimalnu veličinu U/I"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:112
msgid "get alignment offset in bytes"
msgstr "pokaže odmak poravnanja u bajtovima"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:118
msgid "get max sectors per request"
msgstr "pokaže najveći broj sektora na zahtjev"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:124
msgid "get blocksize"
msgstr "pokaže veličinu bloka"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:131
msgid "set blocksize on file descriptor opening the block device"
msgstr ""
"postavi veličinu bloka u deskriptor datoteke\n"
" koja otvara blok-uređaj"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:137
msgid "get 32-bit sector count (deprecated, use --getsz)"
msgstr ""
"pokaže 32-bitni broj sektora\n"
" (zastarjelo, koristite --getsz)"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:143
msgid "get size in bytes"
msgstr "pokaže veličinu u bajtovima"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:150
msgid "set readahead"
msgstr "postavlja čita-unaprijed (readahead, RA)"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:156
msgid "get readahead"
msgstr "pokaže postavku za čita-unaprijed; RA"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:163
msgid "set filesystem readahead"
msgstr "postavlja čita-unaprijed za datotečni sustav"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:169
msgid "get filesystem readahead"
msgstr "pokaže postavku za čita-unaprijed datotečnog sustava"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:173
msgid "flush buffers"
msgstr "isprazni međuspremnike"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:177
msgid "reread partition table"
msgstr "ponovo pročita particijsku tablicu"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:187
#, c-format
msgid ""
" %1$s [-v|-q] commands devices\n"
" %1$s --report [devices]\n"
" %1$s -h|-V\n"
msgstr ""
" %1$s [-v|-q] naredbe uređaji\n"
" %1$s --report [uređaji]\n"
" %1$s -h|-V\n"
# In computing, ioctl (an abbreviation of input/output control) is a system call for device-specific input/output operations and other operations which cannot be expressed by regular system calls.
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:193
msgid "Call block device ioctls from the command line."
msgstr "Iz naredbenog retka pozove U/I kontrolu (IOCTLs) blok-uređaja."
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:196
msgid " -q quiet mode"
msgstr " -q radi tiho"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:197
msgid " -v verbose mode"
msgstr " -v prikaže više informacija"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:198
msgid " --report print report for specified (or all) devices"
msgstr " --report izvještaj za specificirane (ili sve) uređaje"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:203
msgid "Available commands:"
msgstr "Dostupne naredbe (--get pokaže, a --set postavlja):"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:204
#, c-format
msgid " %-25s get size in 512-byte sectors\n"
msgstr " %-25s pokaže veličinu u sektorima od 512 bajta\n"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:286 disk-utils/fdformat.c:219
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1336 disk-utils/isosize.c:155
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:175 disk-utils/mkfs.c:110 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:827
#: disk-utils/swaplabel.c:180 misc-utils/wipefs.c:779
#: sys-utils/blkdiscard.c:214 sys-utils/blkzone.c:487 sys-utils/tunelp.c:241
#: sys-utils/zramctl.c:713 sys-utils/zramctl.c:739
msgid "no device specified"
msgstr "nijedan uređaj nije specificiran"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:328
msgid "could not get device size"
msgstr "nije moguće doznati veličinu uređaja"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:334
#, c-format
msgid "Unknown command: %s"
msgstr "Nepoznata naredba: %s"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:350
#, c-format
msgid "%s requires an argument"
msgstr "%s zahtijeva argument"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:385 disk-utils/blockdev.c:497
#, c-format
msgid "ioctl error on %s"
msgstr "ioctl() pogreška na %s"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:387
#, c-format
msgid "%s failed.\n"
msgstr "%s nije uspješna.\n"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:394
#, c-format
msgid "%s succeeded.\n"
msgstr "%s je uspješno završen.\n"
#. TRANSLATORS: Start sector not available. Max. 10 letters.
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:481
msgid "N/A"
msgstr "Nedostupan"
#: disk-utils/blockdev.c:505
#, c-format
msgid "RO RA SSZ BSZ StartSec Size Device\n"
msgstr "RO RA SSZ BSZ Poč. Sek. Vel. Uređaj\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:191
msgid "Bootable"
msgstr "Bootable"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:191
msgid "Toggle bootable flag of the current partition"
msgstr "B = označi particiju da je / ili nije pokretačka (bootable)"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:192
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Brisanje"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:192
msgid "Delete the current partition"
msgstr "D = izbriši ovu particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:193
msgid "Resize"
msgstr "Veličina"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:193
msgid "Reduce or enlarge the current partition"
msgstr "R = smanji ili poveća ovu particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:194
msgid "New"
msgstr "Nova"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:194
msgid "Create new partition from free space"
msgstr "N = napravi novu particiju iz slobodnog prostora"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:195
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Završi"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:195
msgid "Quit program without writing changes"
msgstr "Q = završi program bez zapisivanja ikakvih promjena"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:196 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:439 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:1031
#: libfdisk/src/dos.c:2616 libfdisk/src/gpt.c:3182 libfdisk/src/sgi.c:1164
#: libfdisk/src/sun.c:1136
msgid "Type"
msgstr "Tip"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:196
msgid "Change the partition type"
msgstr "T = mijenjanje/odabiranje vrste (tipa) particije"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:197
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Pomoć"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:197
msgid "Print help screen"
msgstr "H = pomoć za rad s ovim programom"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:198
msgid "Sort"
msgstr "Raspored"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:198
msgid "Fix partitions order"
msgstr "korigira poredak/raspored particija"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:199
msgid "Write"
msgstr "Zapisivanje"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:199
msgid "Write partition table to disk (this might destroy data)"
msgstr "W = zapiše particijsku tablicu na disk (to može izbrisati podatke)"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:200
msgid "Dump"
msgstr "Dump"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:200
msgid "Dump partition table to sfdisk compatible script file"
msgstr "U = sprema particijsku tablicu kao kompatibilnu sfdisk skriptu"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:645 disk-utils/fdisk.c:465
#, c-format
msgid "internal error: unsupported dialog type %d"
msgstr "**interna programska greška**: nepodržana vrsta dijaloga %d"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1301
#, c-format
msgid "%s (mounted)"
msgstr "%s (montiran)"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1321
msgid "Partition name:"
msgstr "Ime particije:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1328
msgid "Partition UUID:"
msgstr "UUID particije:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1340
msgid "Partition type:"
msgstr "Tip particije:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1347
msgid "Attributes:"
msgstr "Atribut(i):"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1371
msgid "Filesystem UUID:"
msgstr "UUID datotečnog sustava:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1378
msgid "Filesystem LABEL:"
msgstr "Oznaka datotečnog sustava:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1384
msgid "Filesystem:"
msgstr "Datotečni sustav:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1389
msgid "Mountpoint:"
msgstr "Točka montiranja:"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1733
#, c-format
msgid "Disk: %s"
msgstr "Disk: %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1735
#, c-format
msgid "Size: %s, %<PRIu64> bytes, %ju sectors"
msgstr "Veličina: %s, %<PRIu64> bajt(a/ova), %ju sektora"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1738
#, c-format
msgid "Label: %s, identifier: %s"
msgstr "Oznaka: %s, identifikator: %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1741
#, c-format
msgid "Label: %s"
msgstr "Oznaka: %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1892
msgid "May be followed by M for MiB, G for GiB, T for TiB, or S for sectors."
msgstr "Broju možete dopisati M za MiB, G za GiB, T za TiB ili S za sektore."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1898
msgid "Please, specify size."
msgstr "Niste specificirali veličinu."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1920
#, c-format
msgid "Minimum size is %<PRIu64> bytes."
msgstr "Minimalna veličina je %<PRIu64> bajt(a/ova)."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1929
#, c-format
msgid "Maximum size is %<PRIu64> bytes."
msgstr "Maksimalna veličina je %<PRIu64> bajt(a/ova)."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1936
msgid "Failed to parse size."
msgstr "Veličina nije razumljiva."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:1994
msgid "Select partition type"
msgstr "Odaberite vrstu particije"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2044 disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2074
msgid "Enter script file name: "
msgstr "Unesite ime datoteke za skriptu: "
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2045
msgid "The script file will be applied to in-memory partition table."
msgstr "Skripta će se primijeniti na tablicu particija u memoriji."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2054 disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2096
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:481 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:525
#, c-format
msgid "Cannot open %s"
msgstr "Nije moguće otvoriti %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2056 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:483
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to parse script file %s"
msgstr "Nije uspjelo raščlaniti skriptu u datoteci %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2058 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:485
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to apply script %s"
msgstr "Nije uspjelo primijeniti skriptu %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2075
msgid "The current in-memory partition table will be dumped to the file."
msgstr "Trenutna tablica particija u memoriji bit će spremljena u datoteku."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2083 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:513
msgid "Failed to allocate script handler"
msgstr "Nije uspjelo rezervirati memoriju za procesiranje skripte"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2089
msgid "Failed to read disk layout into script."
msgstr "Nije uspjelo pretvoriti sliku (layout) diska u skriptu."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2103
msgid "Disk layout successfully dumped."
msgstr "Slika (layout) diska je uspješno spremljena."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2106 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:531
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to write script %s"
msgstr "Nije uspjelo zapisati skriptu %s"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2142
msgid "Select label type"
msgstr "Odaberite vrstu oznake"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2145 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1156 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:489
msgid "Device does not contain a recognized partition table."
msgstr "Uređaj ne sadrži prepoznatljivu particijsku tablicu."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2153
#, fuzzy
msgid "Select a type to create a new label, press 'L' to load script file, 'Q' quits."
msgstr "Odaberite vrstu za novu oznaku ili pritisnite „L“ za učitavanje skripte iz datoteke."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2202
msgid "This is cfdisk, a curses-based disk partitioning program."
msgstr "Ovo je cfdisk, program za particioniranje diska."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2203
msgid "It lets you create, delete, and modify partitions on a block device."
msgstr "Omogućuje stvaranje, brisanje i izmjenu particija na blok-uređaju."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2205
msgid "Command Meaning"
msgstr "Naredba Značenje"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2206
msgid "------- -------"
msgstr "------- --------"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2207
msgid " b Toggle bootable flag of the current partition"
msgstr " b aktivira/deaktivira bootable flag ove particije"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2208
msgid " d Delete the current partition"
msgstr " d izbriše trenutnu particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2209
msgid " h Print this screen"
msgstr " h ispiše ovu pomoć koju sada čitate"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2210
msgid " n Create new partition from free space"
msgstr " n kreira novu particiju iz slobodnog prostora"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2211
msgid " q Quit program without writing partition table"
msgstr " q izlaz iz programa bez zapisivanja promjena"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2212
#, fuzzy
msgid " r Reduce or enlarge the current partition"
msgstr "R = smanji ili poveća ovu particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2213
msgid " s Fix partitions order (only when in disarray)"
msgstr " s korigira poredak particija (ako nisu u korektno poredane)"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2214
msgid " t Change the partition type"
msgstr " t promijeni vrstu particije"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2215
msgid " u Dump disk layout to sfdisk compatible script file"
msgstr " u sliku (layout) diska spremi kao sfdisk kompatibilnu skriptu"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2216
msgid " W Write partition table to disk (you must enter uppercase W);"
msgstr " W zapiše particijsku tablicu na disk (veliko slovo W);"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2217
msgid " since this might destroy data on the disk, you must either"
msgstr " to može uništiti podatke na disku i zato morate zapisivanje"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2218
msgid " confirm or deny the write by entering 'yes' or 'no'"
msgstr " potvrditi ili odbiti s „yes“ (da) ili „no“ (ne)"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2219
msgid " x Display/hide extra information about a partition"
msgstr " x pokaže/skrije dodatne informacije o particiji"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2220
msgid "Up Arrow Move cursor to the previous partition"
msgstr "gore pomakne kursor na prethodnu particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2221
msgid "Down Arrow Move cursor to the next partition"
msgstr "dolje pomakne kursor na sljedeću particiju"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2222
msgid "Left Arrow Move cursor to the previous menu item"
msgstr "lijevo pomakne kursor na prethodnu stavku menija"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2223
msgid "Right Arrow Move cursor to the next menu item"
msgstr "desno pomakne kursor na sljedeću stavku menija"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2225
msgid "Note: All of the commands can be entered with either upper or lower"
msgstr "Upozorenje: sve naredbe mogu se unijeti s malim ili velikim"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2226
msgid "case letters (except for Write)."
msgstr "slovom -- osim W (Write, zapisivanje)."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2228
msgid "Use lsblk(8) or partx(8) to see more details about the device."
msgstr "Koristite lsblk(8) ili partx(8) za više detalja o uređaju."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2238 disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2541
msgid "Press a key to continue."
msgstr "Pritisnite bilo koju tipku za nastavak."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2324
msgid "Could not toggle the flag."
msgstr "Nije (bilo) moguće (de)aktivirati flag."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2334
#, c-format
msgid "Could not delete partition %zu."
msgstr "Particiju %zu nije (bilo) moguće izbrisati."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2336 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:662
#, c-format
msgid "Partition %zu has been deleted."
msgstr "Particija %zu je izbrisana."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2357
msgid "Partition size: "
msgstr "Veličina particije: "
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2398
#, c-format
msgid "Changed type of partition %zu."
msgstr "Vrsta particije %zu je promijenjena."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2400
#, c-format
msgid "The type of partition %zu is unchanged."
msgstr "Vrsta particije %zu nije promijenjena."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2421
msgid "New size: "
msgstr "Nova veličina: "
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2436
#, c-format
msgid "Partition %zu resized."
msgstr "Veličina particije %zu je promijenjena."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2454 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1138 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:592
msgid "Device is open in read-only mode."
msgstr "Uređaj je otvoren samo za čitanje."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2459
msgid "Are you sure you want to write the partition table to disk? "
msgstr "Sigurni ste da želite zapisati particijsku tablicu na disk? "
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2461
msgid "Type \"yes\" or \"no\", or press ESC to leave this dialog."
msgstr "Upišite „yes“ ili „no“ ili napustite ovaj dijalog pritiskom na Esc."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2466 login-utils/lslogins.c:218 sys-utils/lscpu.c:412
#: sys-utils/lscpu.c:422 sys-utils/lsmem.c:266
msgid "yes"
msgstr "da"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2467
msgid "Did not write partition table to disk."
msgstr "Particijska tablica NIJE zapisana na disk."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2472
msgid "Failed to write disklabel."
msgstr "Nije uspjelo zapisati oznaku diska."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2478 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:599
msgid "The partition table has been altered."
msgstr "Tablica particija je promijenjena."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2501 disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2574
msgid "Note that partition table entries are not in disk order now."
msgstr "Napomena: stavke particijske tablice za sada nisu u poretku kao na disku."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2538
#, c-format
msgid "Device already contains a %s signature; it will be removed by a write command."
msgstr "Uređaj već sadrži potpis %s; naredba pisanja će ga ukloniti"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2550
msgid "failed to create a new disklabel"
msgstr "nije uspjelo kreirati novu oznaku diska"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2559
msgid "failed to read partitions"
msgstr "nije uspjelo pročitati particije"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2572
#, fuzzy
msgid "Device is open in read-only mode. Changes will remain in memory only."
msgstr "Uređaj je otvoren samo za čitanje."
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2658
#, c-format
msgid " %1$s [options] <disk>\n"
msgstr " %1$s [opcije] <disk>\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2661 disk-utils/fdisk.c:855 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2018
msgid "Display or manipulate a disk partition table.\n"
msgstr "Prikaže ili modificira particijsku tablicu diska.\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2665
#, c-format
msgid " -L, --color[=<when>] colorize output (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " -L, --color[=<kȁd>] oboji izlaz (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2668
msgid " -z, --zero start with zeroed partition table\n"
msgstr " -z, --zero započinje s praznom particijskom tablicom\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2670
#, c-format
msgid " --lock[=<mode>] use exclusive device lock (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " --lock[=<mode>] rabi ekskluzivnu bravu uređaja (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2671
#, fuzzy
msgid " -r, --read-only forced open cfdisk in read-only mode\n"
msgstr " -r, --read-only postavi loop-uređaj samo-za-čitanje\n"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2714 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1014 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2319
#: misc-utils/cal.c:426 sys-utils/dmesg.c:1453 text-utils/hexdump.c:121
msgid "unsupported color mode"
msgstr "nepodržani način bojenja"
#: disk-utils/cfdisk.c:2744 disk-utils/fdisk.c:949 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:231
msgid "failed to allocate libfdisk context"
msgstr "nije uspjelo rezervirati memoriju za libfdisk kontekst"
#: disk-utils/delpart.c:15
#, c-format
msgid " %s <disk device> <partition number>\n"
msgstr " %s <disk_uređaj> <broj particije>\n"
#: disk-utils/delpart.c:19
msgid "Tell the kernel to forget about a specified partition.\n"
msgstr "Javi jezgri da zaboravi specificiranu particiju.\n"
#: disk-utils/delpart.c:62
msgid "failed to remove partition"
msgstr "nije uspjelo ukloniti particiju"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:54
#, c-format
msgid "Formatting ... "
msgstr "Formatiranje... "
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:69 disk-utils/fdformat.c:139
#, c-format
msgid "done\n"
msgstr "gotovo\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:81
#, c-format
msgid "Verifying ... "
msgstr "Provjeravanje... "
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:109
msgid "Read: "
msgstr "Čitanje: "
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:111
#, c-format
msgid "Problem reading track/head %u/%u, expected %d, read %d\n"
msgstr "Problem pri čitanju zapisa %u, glave %u: očekivan: %d, pročitan: %d\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:128
#, c-format
msgid ""
"bad data in track/head %u/%u\n"
"Continuing ... "
msgstr ""
"oštećeni podatci u zapisu %u, glave %u\n"
"Nastavlja se... "
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:146 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:183
#: disk-utils/swaplabel.c:123 misc-utils/wipefs.c:648 sys-utils/blkdiscard.c:86
#: sys-utils/tunelp.c:95
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] <device>\n"
msgstr " %s [opcije] <uređaj>\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:150
msgid "Do a low-level formatting of a floppy disk.\n"
msgstr "Formatira disketu.\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:153
msgid " -f, --from <N> start at the track N (default 0)\n"
msgstr " -f, --from <N> počinje od zapisa N (zadano 0)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:154
msgid " -t, --to <N> stop at the track N\n"
msgstr " -t, --to <N> prestane na zapisu N\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:155
msgid ""
" -r, --repair <N> try to repair tracks failed during\n"
" the verification (max N retries)\n"
msgstr ""
" -r, --repair <N> pokuša popraviti zapise koji nisu prošli\n"
" verifikaciju (ne više od N pokušaja)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:157
msgid " -n, --no-verify disable the verification after the format\n"
msgstr " -n, --no-verify bez provjere nakon formatiranja\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:195
msgid "invalid argument - from"
msgstr "nevaljani argument - from"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:199
msgid "invalid argument - to"
msgstr "nevaljani argument - to"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:202
msgid "invalid argument - repair"
msgstr "nevaljani argument - repair"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:223 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:157
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:182 disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:337
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:758 disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:796
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:835 disk-utils/mkswap.c:342 disk-utils/partx.c:959
#: login-utils/last.c:708 login-utils/utmpdump.c:137 misc-utils/namei.c:135
#: misc-utils/rename.c:120 misc-utils/rename.c:182 sys-utils/blkdiscard.c:228
#: sys-utils/blkzone.c:147 sys-utils/dmesg.c:538 sys-utils/fallocate.c:201
#: sys-utils/fsfreeze.c:119 sys-utils/fstrim.c:75 sys-utils/nsenter.c:166
#: sys-utils/nsenter.c:170 sys-utils/swapon.c:522 sys-utils/switch_root.c:93
#: sys-utils/switch_root.c:134 sys-utils/switch_root.c:139
#: term-utils/mesg.c:144 term-utils/mesg.c:156
#, c-format
msgid "stat of %s failed"
msgstr "stat() od %s nije uspio"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:226 disk-utils/partx.c:1018 misc-utils/lsblk.c:1525
#: sys-utils/blkdiscard.c:230 sys-utils/blkzone.c:149
#: sys-utils/mountpoint.c:109
#, c-format
msgid "%s: not a block device"
msgstr "%s: nije blok-uređaj"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:231
msgid "could not determine current format type"
msgstr "nije moguće odrediti trenutnu vrstu formata"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:233
#, c-format
msgid "%s-sided, %d tracks, %d sec/track. Total capacity %d kB.\n"
msgstr "%stran, zapisa: %d, sektora/zapisu: %d. Ukupni kapacitet %d kB.\n"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:234
msgid "Double"
msgstr "Dvostruki"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:234
msgid "Single"
msgstr "Jednostruki"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:241
msgid "user defined start track exceeds the medium specific maximum"
msgstr "početni zapis definiran korisnikom prelazi granicu medija"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:243
msgid "user defined end track exceeds the medium specific maximum"
msgstr "konačni zapis definiran korisnikom prelazi granicu medija"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:245
msgid "user defined start track exceeds the user defined end track"
msgstr "početni zapis definiran korisnikom prelazi konačnu granicu definiranu korisnikom"
#: disk-utils/fdformat.c:253 misc-utils/logger.c:1045
msgid "close failed"
msgstr "greška pri zatvaranju"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:206
#, c-format
msgid "Select (default %c): "
msgstr "Odaberite (zadano %c): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:211
#, c-format
msgid "Using default response %c."
msgstr "Koristi se zadani odgovor %c."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:224 disk-utils/fdisk.c:298 disk-utils/fdisk.c:375
#: libfdisk/src/dos.c:1382 libfdisk/src/gpt.c:2506
msgid "Value out of range."
msgstr "Vrijednost je izvan raspona."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:253
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%s, default %c): "
msgstr "%s (%s, zadano %c): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:256 disk-utils/fdisk.c:323
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%s, default %<PRIu64>): "
msgstr "%s (%s, zadano %<PRIu64>): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:261
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%c-%c, default %c): "
msgstr "%s (%c-%c, zadano %c): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:265 disk-utils/fdisk.c:327
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%<PRIu64>-%<PRIu64>, default %<PRIu64>): "
msgstr "%s (%<PRIu64>-%<PRIu64>, zadano %<PRIu64>): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:268
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%c-%c): "
msgstr "%s (%c-%c): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:271 disk-utils/fdisk.c:330
#, c-format
msgid "%s (%<PRIu64>-%<PRIu64>): "
msgstr "%s (%<PRIu64>-%<PRIu64>): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:442 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:205
msgid " [Y]es/[N]o: "
msgstr " [D]a/[N]e: "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:486
msgid "Hex code or alias (type L to list all): "
msgstr "Hex kȏd ili alias (pritisnite L za kompletan popis): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:487
msgid "Partition type or alias (type L to list all): "
msgstr "Vrsta particije ili alias (pritisnite L za kompletan popis): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:490
msgid "Hex code (type L to list all codes): "
msgstr "Hex kȏd (pritisnite L za popis svih kodova): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:491
msgid "Partition type (type L to list all types): "
msgstr "Vrsta particije (L za popis svih vrsta): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:511
#, c-format
msgid "Failed to parse '%s' partition type."
msgstr "nije uspjelo raščlaniti vrstu particije „%s“."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:602
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:628
msgid "DOS Compatibility flag is set (DEPRECATED!)"
msgstr "Kompatibilnost s DOS-om je omogućena (ZASTARJELO!)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:629
msgid "DOS Compatibility flag is not set"
msgstr "Kompatibilnost s DOS-om nije omogućena"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:651 disk-utils/fdisk.c:689
#, c-format
msgid "Partition %zu does not exist yet!"
msgstr "Particija %zu još ne postoji!"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:656 disk-utils/fdisk.c:667 libfdisk/src/ask.c:1028
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Nepoznato"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:666
#, c-format
msgid "Changed type of partition '%s' to '%s'."
msgstr "Tip particije „%s“ promijenjen je na „%s“."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:670
#, c-format
msgid "Type of partition %zu is unchanged: %s."
msgstr "Vrsta particije %zu nije promijenjena: %s."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:766
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s: offset = %<PRIu64>, size = %zu bytes."
msgstr ""
"%s: odmak = %<PRIu64>, veličina = %zu bajt(a/ova)."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:772
msgid "cannot seek"
msgstr "nije moguće tražiti (seek)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:777
msgid "cannot read"
msgstr "nije moguće čitati"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:788 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:258 libfdisk/src/dos.c:968
#: libfdisk/src/gpt.c:2434
msgid "First sector"
msgstr "Prvi sektor"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:814
#, c-format
msgid "BLKGETSIZE ioctl failed on %s"
msgstr "ioctl(BLKGETSIZE) nije uspjela na %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:832
#, c-format
msgid "The device contains '%s' signature and it will be removed by a write command. See fdisk(8) man page and --wipe option for more details."
msgstr ""
"Uređaj ima potpis %s, a naredba pisanja će ga ukloniti.\n"
"Pogledajte man stranicu fdisk(8) i opciju --wipe za detalje."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:837
#, c-format
msgid "The device contains '%s' signature and it may remain on the device. It is recommended to wipe the device with wipefs(8) or fdisk --wipe, in order to avoid possible collisions."
msgstr ""
"Uređaj ima potpis %s, a koji je možda ostao na uređaju. Da se izbjegnu\n"
"moguće kolizije, preporučuje se obrisati uređaj s wipefs(8) ili s fdisk --wipe."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:850
#, c-format
msgid ""
" %1$s [options] <disk> change partition table\n"
" %1$s [options] -l [<disk>...] list partition table(s)\n"
msgstr ""
" %1$s [opcije] <disk> mijenja particijsku tablicu\n"
" %1$s [opcije] -l [<disk>...] pokaže particijsku tablicu\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:858
msgid " -b, --sector-size <size> physical and logical sector size\n"
msgstr " -b, --sector-size <veličina> fizička i logička veličina sektora\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:859
msgid " -B, --protect-boot don't erase bootbits when creating a new label\n"
msgstr " -B, --protect-boot ne briše bootbits pri kreiranju nove oznake\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:860
msgid " -c, --compatibility[=<mode>] mode is 'dos' or 'nondos' (default)\n"
msgstr " -c, --compatibility[=<mode>] mode je „dos“ ili „nondos“ (zadano)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:862
#, c-format
msgid " -L, --color[=<when>] colorize output (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " -L, --color[=<kȁd>] oboji izlaz (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:865
msgid " -l, --list display partitions and exit\n"
msgstr " -l, --list pokaže particije i iziđe\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:866
msgid " -x, --list-details like --list but with more details\n"
msgstr " -x, --list-details kao --list ali s više detalja\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:868
msgid " -n, --noauto-pt don't create default partition table on empty devices\n"
msgstr ""
" -n, --noauto-pt ne kreira zadanu particijsku tablicu na\n"
" praznim uređajima\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:869
msgid " -o, --output <list> output columns\n"
msgstr " -o, --output <lista> izlazni stupci\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:870
msgid " -t, --type <type> recognize specified partition table type only\n"
msgstr " -t, --type <tip> prepoznaje samo vrstu „tip“ particijskih tablica\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:871
msgid " -u, --units[=<unit>] display units: 'cylinders' or 'sectors' (default)\n"
msgstr " -u, --units[=<jedinice>] prikaz u „cylinders“ ili „sectors“ (zadano)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:872
msgid " -s, --getsz display device size in 512-byte sectors [DEPRECATED]\n"
msgstr " -s, --getsz veličina u sektorima (po 512 bajta) [DEPRECATED]\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:873
msgid " --bytes print SIZE in bytes rather than in human readable format\n"
msgstr " --bytes veličine u bajtovima umjesto u čitljivom obliku\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:875
#, c-format
msgid " --lock[=<mode>] use exclusive device lock (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " --lock[=<mode>] rabi ekskluzivnu bravu uređaja (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:877
#, c-format
msgid " -w, --wipe <mode> wipe signatures (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " -w, --wipe <kȁd> briše potpise (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:879 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2072
#, c-format
msgid " -W, --wipe-partitions <mode> wipe signatures from new partitions (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr ""
" -W, --wipe-partitions <kȁd> briše potpise s novih particija\n"
" (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:882
msgid " -C, --cylinders <number> specify the number of cylinders\n"
msgstr " -C, --cylinders <broj> broj cilindra koje će se koristiti\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:883
msgid " -H, --heads <number> specify the number of heads\n"
msgstr " -H, --heads <broj> broj glava koje će se koristiti\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:884
msgid " -S, --sectors <number> specify the number of sectors per track\n"
msgstr " -S, --sectors <broj> broj sektora po zapisu\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:959 disk-utils/fdisk.c:961 disk-utils/partx.c:882
msgid "invalid sector size argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument za veličinu sektora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:971
msgid "invalid cylinders argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument cilindara"
# bp: driver > možda: upravljački program (predugo) > upravitelj > upravljač (prihvaljivo)
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:983
msgid "not found DOS label driver"
msgstr "nije pronađen driver za oznaku DOS"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:989
#, c-format
msgid "unknown compatibility mode '%s'"
msgstr "nepoznati način kompatibilnosti, „%s“"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:996
msgid "invalid heads argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument glava"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1002
msgid "invalid sectors argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument sektora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1034
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported disklabel: %s"
msgstr "nepodržana oznaka diska: %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1042
msgid "unsupported unit"
msgstr "nepodržana jedinica (unit)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1050 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1055 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2280
#: disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2285
msgid "unsupported wipe mode"
msgstr "nepodržani način brisanja"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1076
msgid "The device properties (sector size and geometry) should be used with one specified device only."
msgstr ""
"Svojstva uređaja (veličina sektora i geometrija) treba koristiti\n"
"samo s jednim specificiranim uređajem."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1107 disk-utils/fdisk.c:1122 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:702
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:192 disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:786
#: disk-utils/partx.c:975 disk-utils/raw.c:136 disk-utils/raw.c:149
#: disk-utils/raw.c:161 disk-utils/raw.c:202 misc-utils/cal.c:524
#: misc-utils/findfs.c:58 misc-utils/look.c:149 misc-utils/whereis.c:580
#: misc-utils/whereis.c:591 misc-utils/whereis.c:602 misc-utils/whereis.c:644
#: schedutils/chrt.c:436 schedutils/ionice.c:262 schedutils/taskset.c:188
#: sys-utils/chcpu.c:355 sys-utils/chmem.c:422 sys-utils/dmesg.c:1536
#: sys-utils/ipcmk.c:138 sys-utils/ldattach.c:320 sys-utils/losetup.c:917
#: sys-utils/lscpu.c:1291 sys-utils/lsmem.c:643 sys-utils/mount.c:833
#: sys-utils/mount.c:841 sys-utils/mount.c:888 sys-utils/mount.c:901
#: sys-utils/mount.c:973 sys-utils/mountpoint.c:191 sys-utils/pivot_root.c:71
#: sys-utils/swapoff.c:258 sys-utils/swapon.c:992 sys-utils/switch_root.c:270
#: sys-utils/umount.c:625 term-utils/setterm.c:1197 text-utils/col.c:584
#: text-utils/more.c:2063
msgid "bad usage"
msgstr "pogrešna uporaba"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1128
#, c-format
msgid "Welcome to fdisk (%s)."
msgstr "Dobro došli u fdisk (%s)."
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1130 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1783
msgid ""
"Changes will remain in memory only, until you decide to write them.\n"
"Be careful before using the write command.\n"
msgstr ""
"Promjene se obavljaju i ostaju u memoriji računala dok ih ne odlučite\n"
"zapisati na disk. Budite oprezni prije uporabe naredbe za pisanje.\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk.c:1162
msgid "A hybrid GPT was detected. You have to sync the hybrid MBR manually (expert command 'M')."
msgstr ""
"Otkriven je hibridni GPT.\n"
"Hibridni GPT morate ručno sinkronizirati (naredba za eksperte „M“)."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:43
#, c-format
msgid "Disklabel type: %s"
msgstr "Tip oznake diska: %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:47
#, c-format
msgid "Disk identifier: %s"
msgstr "Identifikator diska: %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:61
#, c-format
msgid "Disk %s: %s, %ju bytes, %ju sectors"
msgstr "Disk %s: %s, %ju bajta, %ju sektora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:68
#, c-format
msgid "Disk model: %s"
msgstr "Model diska: %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:71
#, c-format
msgid "Geometry: %d heads, %llu sectors/track, %llu cylinders"
msgstr "Geometrija: %d glava, %llu sektora/zapis, %llu cilindra"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:76 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:299
#, c-format
msgid "Units: %s of %d * %ld = %ld bytes"
msgstr "Jedinice: %s od %d * %ld = %ld bajta"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:82 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:305
#, c-format
msgid "Sector size (logical/physical): %lu bytes / %lu bytes"
msgstr "Veličina sektora (logička/fizička): %lu bajta / %lu bajta"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:85
#, c-format
msgid "I/O size (minimum/optimal): %lu bytes / %lu bytes"
msgstr "Veličina U/I (minimalna/optimalna): %lu bajta / %lu bajta"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:89
#, c-format
msgid "Alignment offset: %lu bytes"
msgstr "Odmak poravnanja: %lu bajta"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:120 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:241
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1253
msgid "failed to allocate iterator"
msgstr "nije uspjelo rezervirati memoriju za iterator"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:126 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:247
#: disk-utils/partx.c:669 login-utils/lslogins.c:1062 misc-utils/fincore.c:356
#: misc-utils/findmnt.c:1662 misc-utils/lsblk.c:2170 misc-utils/lslocks.c:456
#: misc-utils/uuidparse.c:252 misc-utils/wipefs.c:157 sys-utils/losetup.c:325
#: sys-utils/lscpu.c:577 sys-utils/lscpu.c:727 sys-utils/lscpu.c:927
#: sys-utils/lsipc.c:351 sys-utils/prlimit.c:297 sys-utils/rfkill.c:464
#: sys-utils/swapon.c:283 sys-utils/wdctl.c:299 sys-utils/zramctl.c:496
#: text-utils/column.c:210
msgid "failed to allocate output table"
msgstr "nije uspjelo rezervirati memoriju za izlaznu tablicu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:167 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:271
#: disk-utils/partx.c:583 login-utils/lslogins.c:1120 misc-utils/fincore.c:123
#: misc-utils/findmnt.c:705 misc-utils/findmnt.c:723 misc-utils/lsblk.c:1116
#: misc-utils/lslocks.c:393 misc-utils/uuidparse.c:154 misc-utils/wipefs.c:224
#: sys-utils/losetup.c:348 sys-utils/losetup.c:377 sys-utils/lscpu.c:491
#: sys-utils/lscpu.c:756 sys-utils/lscpu.c:788 sys-utils/lsipc.c:481
#: sys-utils/lsipc.c:562 sys-utils/lsipc.c:664 sys-utils/lsipc.c:756
#: sys-utils/lsipc.c:920 sys-utils/prlimit.c:229 sys-utils/rfkill.c:379
#: sys-utils/swapon.c:179 sys-utils/wdctl.c:249 sys-utils/zramctl.c:414
#: text-utils/column.c:460 text-utils/column.c:485
msgid "failed to allocate output line"
msgstr "nije uspjelo rezervirati memoriju za izlazni redak"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:177 disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:278
#: disk-utils/partx.c:646 login-utils/lslogins.c:1221 misc-utils/fincore.c:159
#: misc-utils/findmnt.c:709 misc-utils/findmnt.c:728 misc-utils/lsblk.c:1157
#: misc-utils/lslocks.c:443 misc-utils/uuidparse.c:239 misc-utils/wipefs.c:264
#: sys-utils/losetup.c:305 sys-utils/lscpu.c:559 sys-utils/lscpu.c:763
#: sys-utils/lscpu.c:792 sys-utils/lscpu.c:802 sys-utils/lsipc.c:521
#: sys-utils/lsipc.c:646 sys-utils/prlimit.c:261 sys-utils/rfkill.c:407
#: sys-utils/swapon.c:227 sys-utils/wdctl.c:277 sys-utils/zramctl.c:481
#: text-utils/column.c:469
msgid "failed to add output data"
msgstr "nije uspjelo dodati izlazne podatke"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:197
#, c-format
msgid "Partition %zu does not start on physical sector boundary."
msgstr "Particija %zu ne počinje na granici fizičkog sektora."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:205
#, c-format
msgid "Filesystem/RAID signature on partition %zu will be wiped."
msgstr "Potpis datotečnog sustava / RAID na particiji %zu bit će obrisan."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:214
msgid "Partition table entries are not in disk order."
msgstr "Stavke particijske tablice nisu u poretku kao na disku."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:233 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:1026 libfdisk/src/dos.c:2610
#: libfdisk/src/gpt.c:3178 libfdisk/src/sgi.c:1158 libfdisk/src/sun.c:1130
msgid "Start"
msgstr "Početak"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:233 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:1027 libfdisk/src/dos.c:2611
#: libfdisk/src/gpt.c:3179 libfdisk/src/sgi.c:1159 libfdisk/src/sun.c:1131
msgid "End"
msgstr "Kraj"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:233 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:1028 libfdisk/src/dos.c:2612
#: libfdisk/src/gpt.c:3180 libfdisk/src/sgi.c:1160 libfdisk/src/sun.c:1132
msgid "Sectors"
msgstr "Sektori"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:233 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:1030 libfdisk/src/dos.c:2614
#: libfdisk/src/gpt.c:3181 libfdisk/src/sgi.c:1162 libfdisk/src/sun.c:1134
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Veličina"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:293
#, c-format
msgid "Unpartitioned space %s: %s, %ju bytes, %ju sectors"
msgstr ""
"Neparticionirani prostor %s:\n"
" %s, %ju bajta, %ju sektora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-list.c:483
#, c-format
msgid "%s unknown column: %s"
msgstr "%s nepoznati stupac: %s"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:96
msgid "Generic"
msgstr "Opće"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:97
msgid "delete a partition"
msgstr "izbriše particiju"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:98
msgid "list free unpartitioned space"
msgstr "pokaže veličinu slobodnog neparticioniranog prostora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:99
msgid "list known partition types"
msgstr "popis svih poznatih tipova particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:100
msgid "add a new partition"
msgstr "doda novu particiju"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:101
msgid "print the partition table"
msgstr "ispiše particijsku tablicu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:102
msgid "change a partition type"
msgstr "mijenja vrstu particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:103
msgid "verify the partition table"
msgstr "verificira particijsku tablicu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:104
msgid "print information about a partition"
msgstr "ispiše informacije o particiji"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:106
msgid "print the raw data of the first sector from the device"
msgstr "ispiše sirove podatke prvog sektora uređaja"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:107
msgid "print the raw data of the disklabel from the device"
msgstr "ispiše sirove podatke oznake diska uređaja"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:108
msgid "fix partitions order"
msgstr "korigira poredak particija"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:110
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Razno"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:111
msgid "print this menu"
msgstr "ispiše ovaj meni"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:112
msgid "change display/entry units"
msgstr "promijeni jedinice za ispis informacija"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:113
msgid "extra functionality (experts only)"
msgstr "dodatne funkcije (samo za eksperte)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:115
msgid "Script"
msgstr "Skripta"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:116
msgid "load disk layout from sfdisk script file"
msgstr "učita sliku diska iz datoteke sa sfdisk skriptom"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:117
msgid "dump disk layout to sfdisk script file"
msgstr "sliku diska spremi kao sfdisk kompatibilnu skriptu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:119
msgid "Save & Exit"
msgstr "Spremanje i svršetak"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:120
msgid "write table to disk and exit"
msgstr "zapiše tablicu na disk i iziđe"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:121
msgid "write table to disk"
msgstr "zapiše tablicu na disk"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:122
msgid "quit without saving changes"
msgstr "izlaz iz programa bez spremanja promjena"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:123
msgid "return to main menu"
msgstr "povratak u glavni meni"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:125
msgid "return from BSD to DOS"
msgstr "vrati se iz BSD u DOS"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:127 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:226
msgid "return from protective/hybrid MBR to GPT"
msgstr "vrati se u GPT iz zaštitnog/hibridnog MBR"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:138
msgid "Create a new label"
msgstr "Kreiranje nove oznake"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:139
msgid "create a new empty GPT partition table"
msgstr "kreira novu praznu GPT tablicu particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:140
msgid "create a new empty SGI (IRIX) partition table"
msgstr "kreira novu praznu SGI (IRIX) tablicu particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:141
msgid "create a new empty DOS partition table"
msgstr "kreira novu praznu DOS tabelu particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:142
msgid "create a new empty Sun partition table"
msgstr "kreira novu praznu Sun tablicu particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:146
msgid "create an IRIX (SGI) partition table"
msgstr "kreira IRIX (SGI) particijsku tablicu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:155
msgid "Geometry (for the current label)"
msgstr "Geometrija (za ovu oznaku)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:156
msgid "change number of cylinders"
msgstr "mijenja broj cilindara"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:157
msgid "change number of heads"
msgstr "mijenja broj glava"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:158
msgid "change number of sectors/track"
msgstr "mijenja broj sektora/zapisu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:167 include/pt-mbr-partnames.h:98
msgid "GPT"
msgstr "GPT"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:168
msgid "change disk GUID"
msgstr "promijeni GUID diska"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:169
msgid "change partition name"
msgstr "promijeni ime particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:170
msgid "change partition UUID"
msgstr "promijeni UUID particije"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:171
msgid "change table length"
msgstr "promijeni duljinu tablice"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:172
msgid "enter protective/hybrid MBR"
msgstr "unese zaštitni/hibridni MBR"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:175
msgid "toggle the legacy BIOS bootable flag"
msgstr "aktivira/deaktivira zastarjeli BIOS bootable flag"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:176
msgid "toggle the no block IO protocol flag"
msgstr "(de)aktivira protokol „block U/I“ (block IO protocol flag)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:177
msgid "toggle the required partition flag"
msgstr "flagom označi particiju kao: potrebna/nepotrebna"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:178
msgid "toggle the GUID specific bits"
msgstr "aktivira/deaktivira GUID-specifične bitove"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:188
msgid "Sun"
msgstr "Sun"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:189
msgid "toggle the read-only flag"
msgstr "postavi/nepostavi kao samo-za-čitanje (read-only flag)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:190
msgid "toggle the mountable flag"
msgstr "postavi/nepostavi kao sposobnu za montiranje (mountable flag)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:192
msgid "change number of alternate cylinders"
msgstr "mijenja broj alternativnih cilindara"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:193
msgid "change number of extra sectors per cylinder"
msgstr "mijenja broj dodatnih sektora po cilindru"
# interleaving is a technique used to improve access performance to storage by putting data accessed sequentially into non-sequential sectors.
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:194
msgid "change interleave factor"
msgstr "mijenja faktor preplitanja (interleave factor)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:195
msgid "change rotation speed (rpm)"
msgstr "mijenja brzinu rotacije (okretaja po minuti, rpm)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:196
msgid "change number of physical cylinders"
msgstr "mijenja broj fizičkih cilindara"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:205
msgid "SGI"
msgstr "SGI"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:206
msgid "select bootable partition"
msgstr "odabere bootable particiju"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:207
msgid "edit bootfile entry"
msgstr "redigira stavku boot-datoteke (bootfile entry)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:208
msgid "select sgi swap partition"
msgstr "odabere particiju za odlaganje SGI (SGI swap partition)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:209
msgid "create SGI info"
msgstr "kreira SGI info"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:218
msgid "DOS (MBR)"
msgstr "DOS (MBR)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:219
msgid "toggle a bootable flag"
msgstr "aktivira/deaktivira bootable flag"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:220
msgid "edit nested BSD disklabel"
msgstr "redigira ugniježđenu BSD oznaku diska"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:221
msgid "toggle the dos compatibility flag"
msgstr "postavi/nepostavi kao kompatibilnu s DOS-om"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:223
msgid "move beginning of data in a partition"
msgstr "pomakne početak podataka u particiji"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:224
msgid "change the disk identifier"
msgstr "mijenja identifikaciju diska"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:236
msgid "BSD"
msgstr "BSD"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:237
msgid "edit drive data"
msgstr "redigira podatke diska"
# It is in this sense that the computer "pulls itself up by its bootstraps"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:238
msgid "install bootstrap"
msgstr "instalira bootstrap (kȏd koji započinje pokretanje, samopokretač)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:239
msgid "show complete disklabel"
msgstr "pokaže kompletnu oznaku diska"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:240
msgid "link BSD partition to non-BSD partition"
msgstr "particiju BSD poveže s ne-BSD particijom"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:372
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Help (expert commands):\n"
msgstr ""
"Pomoć (naredbe za eksperte):\n"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:374 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1447
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:394
#, c-format
msgid "You're editing nested '%s' partition table, primary partition table is '%s'."
msgstr ""
"Sad redigirate ugniježđenu particijsku tablicu „%s“;\n"
"primarna particijske tablice je „%s“."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:424
msgid "Expert command (m for help): "
msgstr "Naredbe za eksperte (m za pomoć): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:426
msgid "Command (m for help): "
msgstr "Naredbe (m za pomoć): "
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:436
msgid ""
"All unwritten changes will be lost, do you really want to quit? "
msgstr ""
"Promjene koje nisu zapisane bit će izgubljene. Zaista želite izići? "
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:449
#, c-format
msgid "%c: unknown command"
msgstr "%c: nepoznata naredba"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:474 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:507
msgid "Enter script file name"
msgstr "Unesite ime datoteke za skriptu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:486
msgid "Resetting fdisk!"
msgstr "Program fdisk se resetira!"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:493
msgid "Script successfully applied."
msgstr "Skripta je uspješno primijenjena."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:519
msgid "Failed to transform disk layout into script"
msgstr "Nije uspjelo pretvoriti sliku (layout) diska u skriptu."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:533
msgid "Script successfully saved."
msgstr "Skripta je uspješno spremljena."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:556 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1673
#, c-format
msgid "Partition #%zu contains a %s signature."
msgstr "Particija #%zu sadrži potpis %s."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:559 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1676
msgid "Do you want to remove the signature?"
msgstr "Zaista želite ukloniti potpis?"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:564 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:1681
msgid "The signature will be removed by a write command."
msgstr "Potpis će se ukloniti naredbom pisanja (write)."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:597
msgid "failed to write disklabel"
msgstr "nije uspjelo zapisati oznaku diska"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:640
msgid "Failed to fix partitions order."
msgstr "Nije uspjelo popraviti poredak particija."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:642
msgid "Partitions order fixed."
msgstr "Poredak particija je korigiran."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:660
#, c-format
msgid "Could not delete partition %zu"
msgstr "Nije (bilo) moguće izbrisati particiju %zu"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:689
msgid "Changing display/entry units to cylinders (DEPRECATED!)."
msgstr "Mijenjanje jedinica za ispis informacija u cilindre (ZASTARJELO!)."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:691
msgid "Changing display/entry units to sectors."
msgstr "Mijenjanje jedinica za ispis informacija u sektore."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:701 disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:872
msgid "Leaving nested disklabel."
msgstr "Ostavlja se ugniježđena oznaka diska."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:738
msgid "New maximum entries"
msgstr "Novi maksimum za broj stavki"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:749
msgid "Entering protective/hybrid MBR disklabel."
msgstr "Ulazimo u zaštitnu/hibridnu MBR oznaku diska."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:765
msgid "New UUID (in 8-4-4-4-12 format)"
msgstr "Novi UUID (u 8-4-4-4-12 formatu)"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:780
msgid "New name"
msgstr "Novo ime"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:843
msgid "Entering nested BSD disklabel."
msgstr "Ulazimo ugniježđene BSD oznake diska."
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:1041
msgid "Number of cylinders"
msgstr "Broj cilindara"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:1048
msgid "Number of heads"
msgstr "Broj glava"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:1054
msgid "Number of sectors"
msgstr "Broj sektora"
#: disk-utils/fdisk-menu.c:1105
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "Failed to create '%s' disk label"
msgstr "nije uspjelo kreirati novu oznaku diska"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:213
#, c-format
msgid "%s is mounted\n"
msgstr "%s je montiran\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:215
#, c-format
msgid "%s is not mounted\n"
msgstr "%s nije montiran\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:329 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:180
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:187 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:243
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:264 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:307 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:647
#: login-utils/last.c:214 login-utils/last.c:251 login-utils/sulogin.c:657
#: misc-utils/hardlink.c:586 misc-utils/hardlink.c:743
#: schedutils/uclampset.c:111 sys-utils/ctrlaltdel.c:44
#: sys-utils/irq-common.c:259 sys-utils/rfkill.c:216 sys-utils/setpriv.c:265
#: term-utils/setterm.c:746 term-utils/setterm.c:802 term-utils/setterm.c:806
#: term-utils/setterm.c:813
#, c-format
msgid "cannot read %s"
msgstr "nije moguće čitati %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:331
#, c-format
msgid "parse error: %s"
msgstr "greška pri raščlambi: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:358
#, c-format
msgid "cannot create directory %s"
msgstr "nije moguće kreirati direktorij %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:371
#, c-format
msgid "Locking disk by %s ... "
msgstr "Zaključava se disk pomoću %s... "
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:382
#, c-format
msgid "(waiting) "
msgstr "(čekam) "
#. TRANSLATORS: These are followups to "Locking disk...".
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:392
msgid "succeeded"
msgstr "uspjeh"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:392
msgid "failed"
msgstr "neuspjeh"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:409
#, c-format
msgid "Unlocking %s.\n"
msgstr "Otključava se %s.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:440
#, c-format
msgid "failed to setup description for %s"
msgstr "nije uspjelo postaviti opis za %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:470 misc-utils/findmnt.c:801 misc-utils/lsblk-mnt.c:15
#: sys-utils/mount.c:104 sys-utils/swapon-common.c:19 sys-utils/umount.c:52
#, c-format
msgid "%s: parse error at line %d -- ignored"
msgstr "%s: greška pri raščlambi retka %d -- ignorira se"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:502 disk-utils/fsck.c:504
#, c-format
msgid "%s: failed to parse fstab"
msgstr "%s: nije uspjelo raščlaniti fstab"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:685 login-utils/login.c:1108 login-utils/sulogin.c:1025
#: login-utils/vipw.c:197 sys-utils/flock.c:350 sys-utils/nsenter.c:182
#: sys-utils/swapon.c:319 sys-utils/unshare.c:242 sys-utils/unshare.c:567
msgid "fork failed"
msgstr "fork nije uspio"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:692
#, c-format
msgid "%s: execute failed"
msgstr "%s: nije uspjelo izvršiti"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:780
msgid "wait: no more child process?!?"
msgstr "wait: nema više djece procesa?!?"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:783 sys-utils/flock.c:368 sys-utils/swapon.c:351
#: sys-utils/unshare.c:594 sys-utils/unshare.c:607
msgid "waitpid failed"
msgstr "waitpid() nije uspjela"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:801
#, c-format
msgid "Warning... %s for device %s exited with signal %d."
msgstr "Upozorenje... %s za uređaj %s je izašao sa signalom %d."
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:807
#, c-format
msgid "%s %s: status is %x, should never happen."
msgstr "%s %s: stanje je %x, nikad se ne bi smjelo dogoditi."
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:853
#, c-format
msgid "Finished with %s (exit status %d)\n"
msgstr "Završeno s %s (izlazni status %d)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:934
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid "error %d (%s) while executing fsck.%s for %s"
msgstr "greška %d (%m) pri izvršavanju fsck.%s za %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1000
msgid ""
"Either all or none of the filesystem types passed to -t must be prefixed\n"
"with 'no' or '!'."
msgstr ""
"Ili svi ili nijedan datotečni sustav proslijeđeni opciji -t moraju imati\n"
"prefiks „no” ili „!”."
# bp: A bind mount is an alternate view of a directory tree. Classically, mounting creates a view of a storage device as a directory tree. A bind mount instead takes an existing directory tree and replicates it under a different point.
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1116
#, c-format
msgid "%s: skipping bad line in /etc/fstab: bind mount with nonzero fsck pass number"
msgstr ""
"%s: preskače loši redak u /etc/fstab:\n"
"„bind mount“ s različitim od nula fsck prolazom"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1128
#, c-format
msgid "%s: skipping nonexistent device\n"
msgstr "%s: preskače nepostojeći uređaj\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1133
#, c-format
msgid "%s: nonexistent device (\"nofail\" fstab option may be used to skip this device)\n"
msgstr ""
"%s: nepostojeći uređaj (fstab opcija „nofail” može se rabiti\n"
"za preskakanje ovog uređaja)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1150
#, c-format
msgid "%s: skipping unknown filesystem type\n"
msgstr "%s: preskače se nepoznata vrsta datotečnog sustava\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1164
#, c-format
msgid "cannot check %s: fsck.%s not found"
msgstr "nije moguće provjeriti %s: fsck.%s nije pronađen"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1268
msgid "Checking all file systems.\n"
msgstr "Provjeravaju se svi datotečni sustavi.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1359
#, c-format
msgid "--waiting-- (pass %d)\n"
msgstr "--čeka se-- (prolaz %d)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1385
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] -- [fs-options] [<filesystem> ...]\n"
msgstr " %s [opcije_fsck] [-- opcije_datotečnog_sustava] [<datotečni_sustav>...]\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1389
msgid "Check and repair a Linux filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Provjera i popravljanje Linux datotečnog sustava.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1392
msgid " -A check all filesystems\n"
msgstr " -A provjeri sve datotečne sustave\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1393
msgid " -C [<fd>] display progress bar; file descriptor is for GUIs\n"
msgstr " -C [<fd>] prikaže tijek napretka; „fd“ je deskriptor datoteke za GUI-je\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1394
msgid " -l lock the device to guarantee exclusive access\n"
msgstr " -l zaključa uređaj za jamstvo isključivog pristupa\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1395
msgid " -M do not check mounted filesystems\n"
msgstr " -M ne provjerava montirane datotečne sustave\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1396
msgid " -N do not execute, just show what would be done\n"
msgstr " -N ne čini ništa, samo pokaže što bi se moglo učiniti\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1397
msgid " -P check filesystems in parallel, including root\n"
msgstr " -P paralelno provjerava datotečne sustave, uključujući i korijenski\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1398
msgid " -R skip root filesystem; useful only with '-A'\n"
msgstr " -R preskoči korijenski datotečni sustav, korisno samo uz „-A”\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1399
msgid ""
" -r [<fd>] report statistics for each device checked;\n"
" file descriptor is for GUIs\n"
msgstr ""
" -r [<fd>] pokaže statistiku za svaki provjereni uređaj;\n"
" „fd“ je datotečni deskriptor za GUI-ije\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1401
msgid " -s serialize the checking operations\n"
msgstr " -s serijski izvršava operaciju provjeravanja\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1402
msgid " -T do not show the title on startup\n"
msgstr " -T bez naslova pri pokretanju\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1403
msgid ""
" -t <type> specify filesystem types to be checked;\n"
" <type> is allowed to be a comma-separated list\n"
msgstr ""
" -t <vrsta> vrste datotečnih sustava koje treba provjeriti;\n"
" <vrsta> može biti popis odvojen zarezima\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1405
msgid " -V explain what is being done\n"
msgstr " -V objašnjava što radi\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1411
msgid "See the specific fsck.* commands for available fs-options."
msgstr "Pogledajte specifične fsck.* naredbe za dostupne opcije datotečnog sustava."
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1456
msgid "too many devices"
msgstr "previše uređaja"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1468
msgid "Is /proc mounted?"
msgstr "Je li /proc montiran?"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1476
#, c-format
msgid "must be root to scan for matching filesystems: %s"
msgstr "morate biti administrator za provjeru odgovarajućih datotečnih sustava: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1480
#, c-format
msgid "couldn't find matching filesystem: %s"
msgstr "nije moguće pronaći odgovarajući datotečni sustav: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1488 disk-utils/fsck.c:1585 misc-utils/kill.c:281
#: sys-utils/eject.c:279
msgid "too many arguments"
msgstr "previše argumenata"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1543 disk-utils/fsck.c:1546
msgid "invalid argument of -r"
msgstr "nevaljani argument za -r"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1558
#, c-format
msgid "option '%s' may be specified only once"
msgstr "opcija „%s“ smije se navesti samo jedanput"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1565 misc-utils/kill.c:327 misc-utils/kill.c:343
#, c-format
msgid "option '%s' requires an argument"
msgstr "opcija „%s“ zahtijeva argument"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1596
#, c-format
msgid "invalid argument of -r: %d"
msgstr "nevaljani argument za -r: %d"
#: disk-utils/fsck.c:1639
msgid "the -l option can be used with one device only -- ignore"
msgstr "opcija -l se može koristiti samo s jednim uređajem -- zanemareno"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:117
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] <file>\n"
msgstr " %s [opcije] <datoteka>\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:120
msgid "Check and repair a compressed ROM filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Provjeri i popravlja komprimirani ROM datotečne sustave.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:123
msgid " -a for compatibility only, ignored\n"
msgstr " -a samo zbog kompatibilnosti -- ignorira se\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:124
msgid " -v, --verbose be more verbose\n"
msgstr " -v, --verbose objašnjava što radi\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:125
msgid " -y for compatibility only, ignored\n"
msgstr " -y samo zbog kompatibilnosti -- ignorira se\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:126
msgid " -b, --blocksize <size> use this blocksize, defaults to page size\n"
msgstr ""
" -b, --blocksize <veličina> koristi tu veličinu bloka; ako veličina\n"
" nije dana koristi se veličina stranice\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:127
msgid " --extract[=<dir>] test uncompression, optionally extract into <dir>\n"
msgstr ""
" --extract[=<dir>] testira dekompresiju (opcionalno,\n"
" ekstrahira u direktorij <dir>)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:167
#, c-format
msgid "ioctl failed: unable to determine device size: %s"
msgstr "ioctl nije uspio: nije moguće odrediti veličinu uređaja: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:173
#, c-format
msgid "not a block device or file: %s"
msgstr "nije blok-uređaj ili datoteka: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:176 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:212
msgid "file length too short"
msgstr "duljina datoteke je prekratka"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:185 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:240
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:260 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:719 libfdisk/src/bsd.c:901
#: login-utils/last.c:209 login-utils/last.c:243 sys-utils/fallocate.c:206
#, c-format
msgid "seek on %s failed"
msgstr "skok (seek) na poziciju %s nije uspio"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:191 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:193
msgid "superblock magic not found"
msgstr "nije pronađen magični broj superbloka"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:196
#, c-format
msgid "cramfs endianness is %s\n"
msgstr "ovaj cramfs je %s\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:197
msgid "big"
msgstr "big endian"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:197
msgid "little"
msgstr "little endian"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:201
msgid "unsupported filesystem features"
msgstr "nepodržane funkcije datotečnog sustava"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:205
#, c-format
msgid "superblock size (%d) too small"
msgstr "veličina superbloka (%d) je premalena"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:210
msgid "zero file count"
msgstr "prebrojeno je nula datoteka"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:214
msgid "file extends past end of filesystem"
msgstr "datoteka se proteže izvan kraja datotečnog sustava"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:216
msgid "old cramfs format"
msgstr "stari cramfs format"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:225
msgid "unable to test CRC: old cramfs format"
msgstr "nije moguće provjeriti CRC: stari cramfs oblik"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:245
#, c-format
msgid "failed to read %<PRIu32> bytes from file %s"
msgstr "nije uspjelo pročitati %<PRIu32> bajta datoteke %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:283
msgid "crc error"
msgstr "CRC greška (krivi kontrolni zbroj)"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:313 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:558
msgid "seek failed"
msgstr "seek nije uspio"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:317
msgid "read romfs failed"
msgstr "čitanje ROM-FS nije uspjelo"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:349
msgid "root inode is not directory"
msgstr "korijenski inod (root inode) nije direktorij"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:353
#, c-format
msgid "bad root offset (%lu)"
msgstr "loš odmak (offset) korijena (%lu)"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:371
msgid "data block too large"
msgstr "podatkovni blok je prevelik"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:375
#, c-format
msgid "decompression error: %s"
msgstr "greška dekompresije: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:401
#, c-format
msgid " hole at %lu (%zu)\n"
msgstr " rupa na %lu (%zu)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:408 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:560
#, c-format
msgid " uncompressing block at %lu to %lu (%lu)\n"
msgstr " dekomprimira se blok pri %lu u %lu (%lu)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:415
#, c-format
msgid "non-block (%ld) bytes"
msgstr "ne-blok (%ld) bajta"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:419
#, c-format
msgid "non-size (%ld vs %ld) bytes"
msgstr "pogrešna veličina (%ld umjesto %ld) bajta"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:424 disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:526
#: disk-utils/swaplabel.c:109 misc-utils/uuidd.c:403 sys-utils/fallocate.c:417
#: sys-utils/rfkill.c:554 sys-utils/setpriv.c:628 sys-utils/setpriv.c:651
#: sys-utils/swapon.c:392 term-utils/script.c:318 term-utils/ttymsg.c:175
#, c-format
msgid "write failed: %s"
msgstr "pisanje nije uspjelo: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:434
#, c-format
msgid "lchown failed: %s"
msgstr "lchown nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:438
#, c-format
msgid "chown failed: %s"
msgstr "chown nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:443
#, c-format
msgid "utimes failed: %s"
msgstr "utimes nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:455
#, c-format
msgid "directory inode has zero offset and non-zero size: %s"
msgstr "inode direktorija ima odmak = 0 i veličinu != 0: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:470
#, c-format
msgid "mkdir failed: %s"
msgstr "mkdir nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:486
msgid "filename length is zero"
msgstr "duljina imena datoteke je nula"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:488
msgid "bad filename length"
msgstr "loša duljina za ime datoteke"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:494
msgid "bad inode offset"
msgstr "nevaljani inodov odmak"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:509
msgid "file inode has zero offset and non-zero size"
msgstr "inode datoteke ima odmak = 0 i veličinu != 0"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:512
msgid "file inode has zero size and non-zero offset"
msgstr "inode datoteke ima veličinu = 0 i odmak != 0"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:541
msgid "symbolic link has zero offset"
msgstr "simbolička poveznica ima odmak = 0"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:543
msgid "symbolic link has zero size"
msgstr "simbolička poveznica ima veličinu = 0"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:552
#, c-format
msgid "size error in symlink: %s"
msgstr "pogrešna veličina u simboličkoj poveznici: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:566
#, c-format
msgid "symlink failed: %s"
msgstr "simbolička poveznica nije uspjela: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:579
#, c-format
msgid "special file has non-zero offset: %s"
msgstr "posebna datoteka ima odmak != 0: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:589
#, c-format
msgid "fifo has non-zero size: %s"
msgstr "FIFO ima veličinu != 0: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:595
#, c-format
msgid "socket has non-zero size: %s"
msgstr "utičnica ima veličinu != 0: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:598
#, c-format
msgid "bogus mode: %s (%o)"
msgstr "lažni način: %s (%o)"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:607
#, c-format
msgid "mknod failed: %s"
msgstr "mknod nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:639
#, c-format
msgid "directory data start (%lu) < sizeof(struct cramfs_super) + start (%zu)"
msgstr "početak podataka direktorija (%lu) < sizeof(struct cramfs_super) + start (%zu)"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:643
#, c-format
msgid "directory data end (%lu) != file data start (%lu)"
msgstr "kraj podataka direktorija (%lu) != početak podataka direktorija (%lu)"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:647
msgid "invalid file data offset"
msgstr "nevaljani odmak podataka datoteke"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:695 disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:736
msgid "invalid blocksize argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument veličine bloka"
#: disk-utils/fsck.cramfs.c:729
#, c-format
msgid "%s: OK\n"
msgstr "%s: u redu\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:185
msgid "Check the consistency of a Minix filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Provjerava konzistenciju datotečnog sustava Minix.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:187
msgid " -l, --list list all filenames\n"
msgstr " -l, --list prikaže imena svih datoteka\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:188
msgid " -a, --auto automatic repair\n"
msgstr " -a, --auto automatsko popravljanje\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:189
msgid " -r, --repair interactive repair\n"
msgstr " -r, --repair interaktivno popravljanje\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:190
msgid " -v, --verbose be verbose\n"
msgstr " -v, --verbose objašnjava što radi\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:191
msgid " -s, --super output super-block information\n"
msgstr " -s, --super pokaže informacije o superbloku\n"
# bp: each inode contains a mode word. This mode word describes the type and state of the inode. Inodes must be one of six types: regular inode, directory inode, symbolic link inode, special block inode, special character inode, or socket inode. I
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:192
msgid " -m, --uncleared activate mode not cleared warnings\n"
msgstr " -m, --uncleared upozori ako „mode“ nije izbrisan\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:193
msgid " -f, --force force check\n"
msgstr " -f, --force prisili na provjeru\n"
#. TRANSLATORS: these yes no questions uses rpmatch(), and should be
#. * translated.
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:252
#, c-format
msgid "%s (y/n)? "
msgstr "%s (d/n)? "
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:252
#, c-format
msgid "%s (n/y)? "
msgstr "%s (n/d)? "
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:269
#, c-format
msgid "y\n"
msgstr "d\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:271
#, c-format
msgid "n\n"
msgstr "n\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:287
#, c-format
msgid "%s is mounted.\t "
msgstr "%s je montiran.\t "
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:289
msgid "Do you really want to continue"
msgstr "Želite zaista nastaviti"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:293
#, c-format
msgid "check aborted.\n"
msgstr "provjera je prekinuta.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:318 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:339
#, c-format
msgid "Zone nr < FIRSTZONE in file `%s'."
msgstr "Broj zone < FIRSTZONE u datoteci „%s“."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:321 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:342
#, c-format
msgid "Zone nr >= ZONES in file `%s'."
msgstr "Broj zone >= ZONES u datoteci „%s“."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:325 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:346
msgid "Remove block"
msgstr "Ukloni blok"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:362
#, c-format
msgid "Read error: unable to seek to block in file '%s'\n"
msgstr "greška pri čitanju: nije moguće izvršiti seek na blok u datoteci „%s”\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:368
#, c-format
msgid "Read error: bad block in file '%s'\n"
msgstr "greška pri čitanju: nevaljani blok u datoteci „%s”\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:380
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Internal error: trying to write bad block\n"
"Write request ignored\n"
msgstr ""
"**Interna programska greška**: pokušava se zapisati oštećeni blok.\n"
"Zahtjev za pisanje se ignorira\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:386
msgid "seek failed in write_block"
msgstr "‘seek’ nije uspješan u write_block()"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:389
#, c-format
msgid "Write error: bad block in file '%s'\n"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju: oštećeni blok u datoteci „%s”\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:423
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: block out of range\n"
msgstr "Upozorenje: blok je izvan raspona\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:510
msgid "seek failed in write_super_block"
msgstr "‘seek’ nije uspješan u write_super_block()"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:512
msgid "unable to write super-block"
msgstr "nije moguće zapisati superblok"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:524
msgid "Unable to write inode map"
msgstr "Nije moguće zapisati mapu inodova"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:527
msgid "Unable to write zone map"
msgstr "Nije moguće zapisati zone-map"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:530
msgid "Unable to write inodes"
msgstr "Nije moguće zapisati inodove"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:562
msgid "unable to alloc buffer for superblock"
msgstr "nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za superblok"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:565
msgid "unable to read super block"
msgstr "nije moguće pročitati superblok"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:587
msgid "bad magic number in super-block"
msgstr "pogrešni magični broj u superbloku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:589
msgid "Only 1k blocks/zones supported"
msgstr "Podržani su samo 1k blokovi/zone"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:591
msgid "bad s_ninodes field in super-block"
msgstr "nevaljano s_ninodes polje u superbloku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:593
msgid "bad s_imap_blocks field in super-block"
msgstr "nevaljano ‘s_imap_blocks’ polje u superbloku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:595
msgid "bad s_firstdatazone field in super-block"
msgstr "nevaljano s_firstdatazone polje u superbloku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:598
msgid "bad s_zmap_blocks field in super-block"
msgstr "nevaljano s_zmap_blocks polje u superbloku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:614
msgid "Unable to allocate buffer for inode map"
msgstr "Nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za mapu inodova"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:617
msgid "Unable to allocate buffer for zone map"
msgstr "Nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za mapu zona"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:620
msgid "Unable to allocate buffer for inodes"
msgstr "Nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za inodove"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:623
msgid "Unable to allocate buffer for inode count"
msgstr "Nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za (iz)broj inodova"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:626
msgid "Unable to allocate buffer for zone count"
msgstr "Nije moguće rezervirati međuspremnik za (iz)broj zona"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:630
msgid "Unable to read inode map"
msgstr "Nije moguće pročitati mapu inodova"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:634
msgid "Unable to read zone map"
msgstr "Nije moguće pročitati mapu zona"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:638
msgid "Unable to read inodes"
msgstr "Nije moguće pročitati inodove"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:640
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: Firstzone != Norm_firstzone\n"
msgstr "Upozorenje: Firstzone != Norm_firstzone\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:645
#, c-format
msgid "%ld inodes\n"
msgstr "%ld inodova\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:646
#, c-format
msgid "%ld blocks\n"
msgstr "%ld blokova\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:647 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:571
#, c-format
msgid "Firstdatazone=%jd (%jd)\n"
msgstr "Firstdatazone=%jd (%jd)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:649
#, c-format
msgid "Zonesize=%d\n"
msgstr "Zonesize=%d\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:650
#, c-format
msgid "Maxsize=%zu\n"
msgstr "MaxVeličina=%zu\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:652
#, c-format
msgid "Filesystem state=%d\n"
msgstr "Stanje datotečnog sustava=%d\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:653
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:668 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:718
#, c-format
msgid "Inode %d marked unused, but used for file '%s'\n"
msgstr "Inode %d označen je kao nekorišten, a rabi se za datoteku „%s”\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:671 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:721
msgid "Mark in use"
msgstr "Označi kao korišten"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:693 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:741
#, c-format
msgid "The file `%s' has mode %05o\n"
msgstr "Datoteka „%s” ima prava pristupa %05o\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:700 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:747
#, c-format
msgid "Warning: inode count too big.\n"
msgstr "Upozorenje: broj inodova je prevelik.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:759 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:767
msgid "root inode isn't a directory"
msgstr "korijenski inode (root inode) nije direktorij"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:779 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:810
#, c-format
msgid "Block has been used before. Now in file `%s'."
msgstr "Blok je već korišten. Sad je u datoteci „%s”."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:781 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:812
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1145 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1154
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1201 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1210
msgid "Clear"
msgstr "Izbrisati"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:791 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:822
#, c-format
msgid "Block %d in file `%s' is marked not in use."
msgstr "Blok %d u datoteci „%s” označen je kao nekorišten."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:793 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:824
msgid "Correct"
msgstr "Popraviti"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:963 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1036
#, c-format
msgid "The directory '%s' contains a bad inode number for file '%.*s'."
msgstr "Direktorij „%s” sadrži nevaljani broj inoda za datoteku „%.*s”."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:965 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1038
msgid " Remove"
msgstr " Ukloni ga"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:981 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1054
#, c-format
msgid "%s: bad directory: '.' isn't first\n"
msgstr "%s: nevaljani direktorij: „.” nije prva\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:990 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1063
#, c-format
msgid "%s: bad directory: '..' isn't second\n"
msgstr "%s: nevaljani direktorij: „..” nije druga\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1096 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1119
msgid "internal error"
msgstr "**interna programska greška**"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1099 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1122
#, c-format
msgid "%s: bad directory: size < 32"
msgstr "%s: nevaljani direktorij: veličina < 32"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1105
#, c-format
msgid "%s: bad directory: invalid i_zone, use --repair to fix\n"
msgstr "%s: nevaljani direktorij: nevaljani i_zone; popravite to s --repair\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1134
msgid "seek failed in bad_zone"
msgstr "seek nije bio uspješan u bad_zone()"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1144 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1200
#, c-format
msgid "Inode %lu mode not cleared."
msgstr "Mȏd od inoda %lu nije izbrisan."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1153 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1209
#, c-format
msgid "Inode %lu not used, marked used in the bitmap."
msgstr "Inode %lu nije korišten, a označen je kao korišten u bitmapi."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1159 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1215
#, c-format
msgid "Inode %lu used, marked unused in the bitmap."
msgstr "Inode %lu je korišten, a označen je kao nekorišten u bitmapi."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1160 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1216
msgid "Set"
msgstr "Označi ga"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1164 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1220
#, c-format
msgid "Inode %lu (mode = %07o), i_nlinks=%d, counted=%d."
msgstr "Inode %lu (mȏd = %07o), i_nlinks=%d, izbrojeno=%d."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1167 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1223
msgid "Set i_nlinks to count"
msgstr "Postavi i_nlinks na taj (iz)broj"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1179 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1235
#, c-format
msgid "Zone %lu: marked in use, no file uses it."
msgstr "Zona %lu: je označena kao korištena, a ne koristi ju nijedna datoteka."
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1181 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1237
msgid "Unmark"
msgstr "Ukloni oznaku"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1186 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1242
#, c-format
msgid "Zone %lu: in use, counted=%d\n"
msgstr "Zona %lu: koriste se, izbrojeno=%d\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1189 disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1245
#, c-format
msgid "Zone %lu: not in use, counted=%d\n"
msgstr "Zona %lu: ne koristi se, izbrojeno=%d\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1295
msgid "bad inode size"
msgstr "pogrešna veličina inoda"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1297
msgid "bad v2 inode size"
msgstr "pogrešna veličina inoda v2"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1341
msgid "need terminal for interactive repairs"
msgstr "za interaktivne popravke treba terminal"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1345
#, c-format
msgid "cannot open %s: %s"
msgstr "nije moguće otvoriti %s: %s"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1356
#, c-format
msgid "%s is clean, no check.\n"
msgstr "%s je u redu, ne provjerava se.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1361
#, c-format
msgid "Forcing filesystem check on %s.\n"
msgstr "Prisilno provjeri datotečni sustav na %s.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1363
#, c-format
msgid "Filesystem on %s is dirty, needs checking.\n"
msgstr "Datotečni sustav na %s nije čist, treba ga provjeriti.\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1395
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%6ld inodes used (%ld%%)\n"
msgstr ""
"%6ld korištenih inodova (%ld%%)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1401
#, c-format
msgid "%6ld zones used (%ld%%)\n"
msgstr "%6ld korištenih zona (%ld%%)\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1403
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%6d regular files\n"
"%6d directories\n"
"%6d character device files\n"
"%6d block device files\n"
"%6d links\n"
"%6d symbolic links\n"
"%6d files\n"
msgstr ""
"%6d običnih datoteka\n"
"%6d direktorija\n"
"%6d datoteka bajt-uređaja\n"
"%6d datoteka blok-uređaja\n"
"%6d poveznica\n"
"%6d simboličkih poveznica\n"
"%6d datoteka\n"
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1417
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/fsck.minix.c:1429 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:854
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:668 disk-utils/partx.c:1068 disk-utils/resizepart.c:115
#: login-utils/utmpdump.c:395 sys-utils/dmesg.c:679 sys-utils/wdctl.c:386
#: sys-utils/wdctl.c:446 term-utils/setterm.c:908 text-utils/col.c:195
#: text-utils/pg.c:1259
msgid "write failed"
msgstr "pisanje nije uspjelo"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:57
#, c-format
msgid "%s: might not be an ISO filesystem"
msgstr "%s: možda to nije ISO datotečni sustav"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:62 disk-utils/isosize.c:64
#, c-format
msgid "read error on %s"
msgstr "greška pri čitanju na %s"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:75
#, c-format
msgid "sector count: %d, sector size: %d\n"
msgstr "broj sektora: %d, veličina sektora: %d\n"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:99
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] <iso9660_image_file> ...\n"
msgstr " %s [opcije] <slika_datoteke_iso9660>...\n"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:103
msgid "Show the length of an ISO-9660 filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Pokaže duljinu datotečnog sustava ISO-9660.\n"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:106
msgid " -d, --divisor=<number> divide the amount of bytes by <number>\n"
msgstr " -d, --divisor=<broj> podijeli količinu bajtova s(a) <broj>\n"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:107
msgid " -x, --sectors show sector count and size\n"
msgstr " -x, --sectors pokaže broj i veličinu sektora\n"
#: disk-utils/isosize.c:138
msgid "invalid divisor argument"
msgstr "nevaljani argument djelitelja"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:74
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [options] device [block-count]\n"
msgstr "Uporaba: %s [opcije] uređaj [broj_blokova]\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:78
msgid "Make an SCO bfs filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Napravi datotečni sustav SCO BFS.\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:80
#, c-format
msgid ""
" -N, --inodes=NUM specify desired number of inodes\n"
" -V, --vname=NAME specify volume name\n"
" -F, --fname=NAME specify file system name\n"
" -v, --verbose explain what is being done\n"
" -c this option is silently ignored\n"
" -l this option is silently ignored\n"
msgstr ""
" -N, --inodes=BROJ specifikacija željenog BROJA inodova\n"
" -V, --vname=IME specifikacija IMENA volumena\n"
" -F, --fname=IME specifikacija IMENA sustava\n"
" -v, --verbose objašnjava što radi\n"
" -c ova opcija se prešutno ignorira\n"
" -l ova opcija se prešutno ignorira\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:139
msgid "invalid number of inodes"
msgstr "nevaljani broj inodova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:145
msgid "volume name too long"
msgstr "ime prostora je predugačko"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:152
msgid "fsname name too long"
msgstr "ime datotečnog sustava je predugačko"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:190
msgid "invalid block-count"
msgstr "nevaljani broj-blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:198
#, c-format
msgid "cannot get size of %s"
msgstr "nije moguće dobiti veličinu %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:203
#, c-format
msgid "blocks argument too large, max is %llu"
msgstr "argument blokova je prevelik, najviše %llu"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:218
msgid "too many inodes - max is 512"
msgstr "previše inodova - maksimum je 512"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:228
#, c-format
msgid "not enough space, need at least %llu blocks"
msgstr "nema dovoljno prostora, potrebno je barem %llu blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:240
#, c-format
msgid "Device: %s\n"
msgstr "Uređaj: %s\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:241
#, c-format
msgid "Volume: <%-6s>\n"
msgstr "Prostor: <%-6s>\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:242
#, c-format
msgid "FSname: <%-6s>\n"
msgstr "Ime datotečnog sustava: <%-6s>\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:243
#, c-format
msgid "BlockSize: %d\n"
msgstr "Veličina bloka: %d\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:245
#, c-format
msgid "Inodes: %ld (in 1 block)\n"
msgstr "Inodova: %ld (u 1 bloku)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:248
#, c-format
msgid "Inodes: %ld (in %llu blocks)\n"
msgstr "Inodova: %ld (u %llu blokova)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:250
#, c-format
msgid "Blocks: %llu\n"
msgstr "Blokovi: %llu\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:251
#, c-format
msgid "Inode end: %d, Data end: %d\n"
msgstr "Kraj inoda: %d, kraj od podataka: %d\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:256
msgid "error writing superblock"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju superbloka"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:277
msgid "error writing root inode"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju korijenskoga (root inode) inoda"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:282
msgid "error writing inode"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju inoda"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:285
msgid "seek error"
msgstr "seek greška"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:291
msgid "error writing . entry"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju „.“-stavke"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:295
msgid "error writing .. entry"
msgstr "greška pri pisanju „..“-stavke"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.bfs.c:298
#, c-format
msgid "error closing %s"
msgstr "greška pri zatvaranju %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:45
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] [-t <type>] [fs-options] <device> [<size>]\n"
msgstr ""
" %s [opcije] [-t <vrsta_datotečnogsustava>] [opcije_datotečnogsustava]\n"
" <uređaj> [<veličina>]\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:49
msgid "Make a Linux filesystem.\n"
msgstr "Kreira datotečni sustav Linux.\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:52
#, c-format
msgid " -t, --type=<type> filesystem type; when unspecified, ext2 is used\n"
msgstr " -t, --type=<vrsta> vrsta datotečnog sustava (ako nije dana: ext2)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:53
#, c-format
msgid " fs-options parameters for the real filesystem builder\n"
msgstr " ds-opcije parametri za stvarnog graditelja datotečnog sustava\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:54
#, c-format
msgid " <device> path to the device to be used\n"
msgstr " <uređaj> putanja za uređaj koji se koristi\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:55
#, c-format
msgid " <size> number of blocks to be used on the device\n"
msgstr " <veličina> broj blokova za korištenje na uređaju\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:56
#, c-format
msgid ""
" -V, --verbose explain what is being done;\n"
" specifying -V more than once will cause a dry-run\n"
msgstr ""
" -V, --verbose objašnjava što radi;\n"
" više od jedan V (npr. -VV) izvrši probu (dry-run)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.c:133 include/c.h:269 login-utils/su-common.c:1238
#: login-utils/sulogin.c:794 login-utils/sulogin.c:798 sys-utils/flock.c:123
#: sys-utils/rtcwake.c:621
#, c-format
msgid "failed to execute %s"
msgstr "nije uspjelo izvršiti %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:128
#, c-format
msgid " %s [-h] [-v] [-b blksize] [-e edition] [-N endian] [-i file] [-n name] dirname outfile\n"
msgstr ""
" %s [-h] [-v] [-b veličina_bloka] [-e edicija] [-N endian]\n"
" [-i datoteka] [-n naziv] ime_direktorija izlazna_datoteka\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:131
msgid "Make compressed ROM file system."
msgstr "Napravi komprimirani ROM datotečnog sustava."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:133
msgid " -v be verbose"
msgstr " -v opširnije informira"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:134
msgid " -E make all warnings errors (non-zero exit status)"
msgstr ""
" -E učini da je svako upozorenje greška\n"
" (izlazni status različit od nule)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:135
msgid " -b blksize use this blocksize, must equal page size"
msgstr ""
" -b veličina_bloka koristi ovu veličinu_bloka\n"
" (mora biti jednaka veličini stranice)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:136
msgid " -e edition set edition number (part of fsid)"
msgstr " -e edicija postavi broj edicije (dio od fsid)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:137
#, c-format
msgid " -N endian set cramfs endianness (%s|%s|%s), default %s\n"
msgstr ""
" -N endian postavi endianness (poredak bajtova) za cramfs\n"
" (%s|%s|%s), default %s\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:138
msgid " -i file insert a file image into the filesystem"
msgstr " -i datoteka umetne sliku datoteke u datotečni sustav"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:139
msgid " -n name set name of cramfs filesystem"
msgstr " -n naziv postavi naziv za datotečni sustav cramfs"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:140
#, c-format
msgid " -p pad by %d bytes for boot code\n"
msgstr " -p dopuni s %d bajtova kȏd za pokretanje\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:141
msgid " -s sort directory entries (old option, ignored)"
msgstr " -s poreda direktorije (zastarjelo, ignorira se)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:142
msgid " -z make explicit holes"
msgstr " -z napravi eksplicitne rupe"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:143
msgid " dirname root of the filesystem to be compressed"
msgstr " ime_direktorija korijen datotečnog sustava koji se komprimira"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:144
msgid " outfile output file"
msgstr " outfile izlazna_datoteka"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:162
#, c-format
msgid "readlink failed: %s"
msgstr "readlink nije uspio: %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:307
#, c-format
msgid "could not read directory %s"
msgstr "nije moguće čitati direktorij %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:442
msgid "filesystem too big. Exiting."
msgstr "datotečni sustav je prevelik. Izlazim."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:601
#, c-format
msgid "AIEEE: block \"compressed\" to > 2*blocklength (%ld)\n"
msgstr "AJOJ: blok je „komprimiran” na > 2*duljinabloka (%ld)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:620
#, c-format
msgid "%6.2f%% (%+ld bytes)\t%s\n"
msgstr "%6.2f%% (%+ld bajtova)\t%s\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:665
#, c-format
msgid "cannot close file %s"
msgstr "nije moguće zatvoriti datoteku %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:742
msgid "invalid edition number argument"
msgstr "nevaljani broj argumenta izdanja"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:752
msgid "invalid endianness given; must be 'big', 'little', or 'host'"
msgstr "dan je nevaljani endianness; mora bili jedan od „big“, „little“ ili „host“"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:817
#, c-format
msgid "warning: guestimate of required size (upper bound) is %lldMB, but maximum image size is %uMB. We might die prematurely."
msgstr ""
"upozorenje: približna potrebna veličina je %lldMB (gornja granica),\n"
"a maksimalna veličina slike je %uMB.\n"
"Zbog toga program može rano završiti s neuspjehom."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:841
msgid "ROM image map"
msgstr "Mapa ROM slike"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:853
#, c-format
msgid "Including: %s\n"
msgstr "Uključeno: %s\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:859
#, c-format
msgid "Directory data: %zd bytes\n"
msgstr "Podaci direktorija: %zd bajtova\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:867
#, c-format
msgid "Everything: %zd kilobytes\n"
msgstr "Sve: %zd kilobajta\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:872
#, c-format
msgid "Super block: %zd bytes\n"
msgstr "Superblok: %zd bajtova\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:879
#, c-format
msgid "CRC: %x\n"
msgstr "CRC: %x\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:884
#, c-format
msgid "not enough space allocated for ROM image (%lld allocated, %zu used)"
msgstr ""
"dodijeljeno je nedovoljno prostora za ROM sliku\n"
"(%lld je dodijeljeno, %zu korišteno)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:890
#, c-format
msgid "ROM image write failed (%zd %zd)"
msgstr "ROM sliku nije uspjelo zapisati (%zd %zd)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:893
msgid "ROM image"
msgstr "ROM slika"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:902
#, c-format
msgid "warning: filenames truncated to %u bytes."
msgstr "upozorenje: imena datoteka su skraćena na %u bajtova."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:904
msgid "warning: files were skipped due to errors."
msgstr "upozorenje: datoteke su preskočene zbog grešaka."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:906
#, c-format
msgid "warning: file sizes truncated to %luMB (minus 1 byte)."
msgstr "upozorenje: veličina datoteka skraćena je na %luMB (minus 1 bajt)."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:910
#, c-format
msgid "warning: uids truncated to %u bits. (This may be a security concern.)"
msgstr "upozorenje: UID-ovi su skraćeni na %u bitova. (Može biti sigurnosni problem.)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:913
#, c-format
msgid "warning: gids truncated to %u bits. (This may be a security concern.)"
msgstr "upozorenje: GID-ovi su skraćeni na %u bitova. (Može biti sigurnosni problem.)"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.cramfs.c:916
#, c-format
msgid ""
"WARNING: device numbers truncated to %u bits. This almost certainly means\n"
"that some device files will be wrong."
msgstr ""
"UPOZORENJE: brojevi uređaja su skraćeni na %u bitova. To vrlo vjerojatno\n"
"znači da neke datoteke uređaja neće biti točne."
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:139
#, c-format
msgid " %s [options] /dev/name [blocks]\n"
msgstr " %s [opcije] /dev/ime [blokovi]\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:141
msgid " -1 use Minix version 1\n"
msgstr " -1 koristi Minix inačicu 1\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:142
msgid " -2, -v use Minix version 2\n"
msgstr " -2 koristi Minix inačicu 2\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:143
msgid " -3 use Minix version 3\n"
msgstr " -3 koristi Minix inačicu 3\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:144
msgid " -n, --namelength <num> maximum length of filenames\n"
msgstr " -n, --namelength <broj> maksimalna duljina imena datoteke\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:145
msgid " -i, --inodes <num> number of inodes for the filesystem\n"
msgstr " -i, --inodes <broj> broj inodova u datotečnom sustavu\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:146
msgid " -c, --check check the device for bad blocks\n"
msgstr " -c, --check provjeri uređaj za oštećene blokove\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:147
msgid " -l, --badblocks <file> list of bad blocks from file\n"
msgstr " -l, --badblocks <datoteka> popis oštećenih blokova iz ove datoteke\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:149
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid " --lock[=<mode>] use exclusive device lock (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " --lock[=<mode>] rabi ekskluzivnu bravu uređaja (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:192
#, c-format
msgid "%s: seek to boot block failed in write_tables"
msgstr "%s: neuspješni seek (skok na pokretački blok (boot block) u write_tables()"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:195
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to clear boot sector"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće očistiti boot sektor"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:197
#, c-format
msgid "%s: seek failed in write_tables"
msgstr "%s: seek nije uspio u write_tables"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:200
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to write super-block"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće pisati superblok"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:203
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to write inode map"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće zapisati mapu inodova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:206
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to write zone map"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće zapisati mapu zona"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:209
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to write inodes"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće zapisati inodove"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:214
#, c-format
msgid "%s: seek failed in write_block"
msgstr "%s: seek (skočiti) nije uspio u write_block()"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:217
#, c-format
msgid "%s: write failed in write_block"
msgstr "%s: pisanje nije uspjelo u write_block()"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:226 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:301
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:350
#, c-format
msgid "%s: too many bad blocks"
msgstr "%s: ima previše oštećenih blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:234
#, c-format
msgid "%s: not enough good blocks"
msgstr "%s: nema nedovoljno dobrih blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:549
#, c-format
msgid ""
"First data block at %jd, which is too far (max %d).\n"
"Try specifying fewer inodes by passing --inodes <num>"
msgstr ""
"Prvi podatkovni blok je pri %jd, a to je predaleko (maks. %d).\n"
"Probajte specificirati manje inodova s opcijom --inodes <broj>"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:569
#, c-format
msgid "%lu inode\n"
msgid_plural "%lu inodes\n"
msgstr[0] "%lu inode\n"
msgstr[1] "%lu inoda\n"
msgstr[2] "%lu inodova\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:570
#, c-format
msgid "%lu block\n"
msgid_plural "%lu blocks\n"
msgstr[0] "%lu blok\n"
msgstr[1] "%lu bloka\n"
msgstr[2] "%lu blokova\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:573
#, c-format
msgid "Zonesize=%zu\n"
msgstr "Veličina zone=%zu\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:574
#, c-format
msgid ""
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:587
#, c-format
msgid "%s: seek failed during testing of blocks"
msgstr "%s: seek nije bio uspješan tijekom testiranja blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:594
#, c-format
msgid "Weird values in do_check: probably bugs\n"
msgstr "Čudne vrijednosti u do_check(): vjerojatno programske greške\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:627
#, c-format
msgid "%s: seek failed in check_blocks"
msgstr "%s: seek nije uspio u check_blocks()"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:637
#, c-format
msgid "%s: bad blocks before data-area: cannot make fs"
msgstr ""
"%s: oštećeni blokovi ispred područja podataka: nije moguće napraviti\n"
"datotečni sustav"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:644 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:668
#, c-format
msgid "%d bad block\n"
msgid_plural "%d bad blocks\n"
msgstr[0] "%d oštećeni blok\n"
msgstr[1] "%d oštećena bloka\n"
msgstr[2] "%d oštećenih blokova\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:653
#, c-format
msgid "%s: can't open file of bad blocks"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće otvoriti datoteku s oštećenim blokovima"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:658
#, c-format
msgid "badblock number input error on line %d\n"
msgstr "ulazna greška broja oštećenog bloka u retku %d\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:659
#, c-format
msgid "%s: cannot read badblocks file"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće čitati datoteku s oštećenim blokovima"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:699
#, c-format
msgid "block size smaller than physical sector size of %s"
msgstr "veličina bloka je manja od veličine fizičkog sektora %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:702
#, c-format
msgid "cannot determine size of %s"
msgstr "nije moguće odrediti veličinu %s"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:710
#, c-format
msgid "%s: requested blocks (%llu) exceeds available (%llu) blocks\n"
msgstr "%s: zatraženi blokovi (%llu) prelaze dostupne (%llu) blokove\n"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:713
#, c-format
msgid "%s: number of blocks too small"
msgstr "%s: premaleni broj blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:728 disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:734
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported name length: %d"
msgstr "nepodržana duljina imena: %d"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:737
#, c-format
msgid "unsupported minix file system version: %d"
msgstr "nepodržana inačica datotečnog sustava Minix: %d"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:778
msgid "-v is ambiguous, use '-2' instead"
msgstr "opcija -v nije jednoznačna; umjesto „-v“, koristite „-2“"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:789
msgid "failed to parse maximum length of filenames"
msgstr "maksimalna duljina imena datoteke nije razumljiva"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:793
msgid "failed to parse number of inodes"
msgstr "nije uspjelo raščlaniti nekoliko inodova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:824
msgid "failed to parse number of blocks"
msgstr "nije uspjelo raščlaniti nekoliko blokova"
#: disk-utils/mkfs.minix.c:832
#, c-format
msgid "%s is mounted; will not make a filesystem here!"
msgstr "%s je montiran; tu se ne može napraviti datotečni sustav!"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:90
#, c-format
msgid "Bad user-specified page size %u"
msgstr "Veličina stranice %u koju je specificirao korisnik nije valjana"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:93
#, c-format
msgid "Using user-specified page size %d, instead of the system value %d"
msgstr ""
"Koristi se veličina stranice %d koju je specificirao korisnik,\n"
"umjesto vrijednosti %d sustava"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:134
msgid "Label was truncated."
msgstr "Oznaka je skraćena."
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:142
#, c-format
msgid "no label, "
msgstr "nema oznake, "
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:150
#, c-format
msgid "no uuid\n"
msgstr "nema UUID\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:159
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid " %s [options] device [size]\n"
msgstr ""
" %s [opcije] uređaj [veličina]\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:162
msgid "Set up a Linux swap area.\n"
msgstr "Kreira Linux odlagalište (swap area, prostor za razmjenu memorije).\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:165
#, fuzzy
msgid " -c, --check check bad blocks before creating the swap area\n"
msgstr " -c, --check provjeri uređaj za oštećene blokove\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:166
#, fuzzy
msgid " -f, --force allow swap size area be larger than device\n"
msgstr " -f, --find potraži prvi neiskorišteni ZRAM-uređaj\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:167
#, fuzzy
msgid " -p, --pagesize SIZE specify page size in bytes\n"
msgstr " -b, --bytes veličine u bajtovima\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:168
#, fuzzy
msgid " -L, --label LABEL specify label\n"
msgstr " -X, --label <vrsta> specificira vrstu oznake (dos, gpt, ...)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:169
#, fuzzy
msgid " -v, --swapversion NUM specify swap-space version number\n"
msgstr " -N, --partno <broj> specificira broj particije\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:170
#, fuzzy
msgid " -U, --uuid UUID specify the uuid to use\n"
msgstr " -g, --group <grupa> specifikacija primarne grupe\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:171
#, fuzzy
msgid " --verbose verbose output\n"
msgstr " -v, --verbose prikaže više informacija\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:174 disk-utils/sfdisk.c:2061
#, c-format
msgid " --lock[=<mode>] use exclusive device lock (%s, %s or %s)\n"
msgstr " --lock[=<mode>] rabi ekskluzivnu bravu uređaja (%s, %s ili %s)\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:187
#, c-format
msgid "too many bad pages: %lu"
msgstr "previše oštećenih stranica: %lu"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:208
msgid "seek failed in check_blocks"
msgstr "seek nije uspio u check_blocks"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:216
#, c-format
msgid "%lu bad page\n"
msgid_plural "%lu bad pages\n"
msgstr[0] "%lu nevaljana stranica\n"
msgstr[1] "%lu nevaljane stranice\n"
msgstr[2] "%lu nevaljanih stranica\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:228
#, c-format
msgid ""
"mkswap: %s contains holes or other unsupported extents.\n"
" This swap file can be rejected by kernel on swap activation!\n"
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:236
#, fuzzy, c-format
msgid " Use --verbose for more details.\n"
msgstr " --verbose ispisuje više detalja\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:275 disk-utils/mkswap.c:300
#, c-format
msgid "hole detected at offset %ju"
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:283
#, c-format
msgid "data inline extent at offset %ju"
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:286
#, c-format
msgid "shared extent at offset %ju"
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:289
#, c-format
msgid "unallocated extent at offset %ju"
msgstr ""
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:329
msgid "unable to alloc new libblkid probe"
msgstr "nema dovoljno memorije za novu libblkid sondu"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:331
msgid "unable to assign device to libblkid probe"
msgstr "nije moguće dodijeliti uređaj libblkid sondi"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:352
#, c-format
msgid "warning: checking bad blocks from swap file is not supported: %s"
msgstr ""
"upozorenje: provjera oštećenih blokova\n"
"u datoteci odlagališta nije podržana: %s"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:368 disk-utils/mkswap.c:393 disk-utils/mkswap.c:440
msgid "unable to rewind swap-device"
msgstr "nije moguće premotati swap-uređaj"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:396
msgid "unable to erase bootbits sectors"
msgstr "nije moguće izbrisati bootbits sektore (pokretačke sektore)"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:412
#, c-format
msgid "%s: warning: wiping old %s signature."
msgstr "%s: upozorenje: briše se stari potpis %s."
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:417
#, c-format
msgid "%s: warning: don't erase bootbits sectors"
msgstr "%s: upozorenje: nemojte izbrisati bootbits sektore (pokretačke sektore)"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:420
#, c-format
msgid " (%s partition table detected). "
msgstr " (otkrivena %s particijska tablica). "
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:422
#, c-format
msgid " (compiled without libblkid). "
msgstr " (kompilirano bez libblkid). "
# prisilno što?
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:423
#, c-format
msgid "Use -f to force.\n"
msgstr "Za prisilu koristite -f.\n"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:445
#, c-format
msgid "%s: unable to write signature page"
msgstr "%s: nije moguće napisati stranicu s potpisom"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:492
msgid "parsing page size failed"
msgstr "nije uspjelo razabrati veličine stranice"
#: disk-utils/mkswap.c:498
msgid "parsing version number failed"
msgstr "nije uspjelo razabrati broj inačice"