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#include <linux/types.h> /* for __u32 etc */
* Copyright (C) Andreas Neuper, Sep 1998.
* This file may be redistributed under
* the terms of the GNU Public License.
typedef struct {
unsigned int magic; /* expect AIX_LABEL_MAGIC */
unsigned int fillbytes1[124];
unsigned int physical_volume_id;
unsigned int fillbytes2[124];
} aix_partition;
#define AIX_LABEL_MAGIC 0xc9c2d4c1
#define AIX_LABEL_MAGIC_SWAPPED 0xc1d4c2c9
#define AIX_INFO_MAGIC 0x00072959
#define AIX_INFO_MAGIC_SWAPPED 0x59290700
/* fdisk.c */
#define aixlabel ((aix_partition *)MBRbuffer)
/* fdiskaixlabel.c */
extern struct systypes aix_sys_types[];
extern void aix_nolabel( void );
extern int check_aix_label( void );
#endif /* FDISK_AIX_LABEL_H */