* More progress on the protected VM front, now with the full
  fixed feature set as well as the limitation of some hypercalls
  after initialisation.

* Cleanup of the RAZ/WI sysreg handling, which was pointlessly

* Fixes for the vgic placement in the IPA space, together with a
  bunch of selftests

* More memcg accounting of the memory allocated on behalf of a guest

* Timer and vgic selftests

* Workarounds for the Apple M1 broken vgic implementation

* KConfig cleanups

* New kvmarm.mode=none option, for those who really dislike us

* New KVM port.

* New API to control TSC offset from userspace

* TSC scaling for nested hypervisors on SVM

* Switch masterclock protection from raw_spin_lock to seqcount

* Clean up function prototypes in the page fault code and avoid
repeated memslot lookups

* Convey the exit reason to userspace on emulation failure

* Configure time between NX page recovery iterations

* Expose Predictive Store Forwarding Disable CPUID leaf

* Allocate page tracking data structures lazily (if the i915
KVM-GT functionality is not compiled in)

* Cleanups, fixes and optimizations for the shadow MMU code

* SIGP Fixes

* initial preparations for lazy destroy of secure VMs

* storage key improvements/fixes

* Log the guest CPNC

Starting from this release, KVM-PPC patches will come from
Michael Ellerman's PPC tree.
Merge tag 'kvm-riscv-5.16-2' of into HEAD

Minor cocci warning fixes:
1) Bool return warning fix
2) Unnedded semicolon warning fix