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2023/02/18 Takashi Sakamoto
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This library provides a higher level API for streaming DV, MPEG-2, and audio and music data over
Linux IEEE 1394, defined in the series of IEC 61883.
Current Status
* Inactive development
* Just maintained
Repository location
* `<>`_
Reference manual
* Not available yet.
Release notes
1.2.0 (15 January 2009)
* Fixed PID handling in MPEG2-TS.
* Added ``iec61883_cip_resync()``.
* Silence some warnings in CMP that may needlessly alarm users.
* Improved validation of DV packets in ``dv_fb``.
* bugfixes
1.1.0 (24 September 2006)
* This is a maintenance release that contains some minor fixes and cleanups, but it also requires
``libraw1394`` 1.2.1 to prevent aborts and halts in isochronous transmission.
1.0.0 (8 April 2005)
* After many months of hard work, the first release of ``libiec61883`` is now available. This
library provides third generation media reception and transmission for DV, MPEG2-TS, and AMDTP
(audio and music) using only ``raw1394`` and not the complicated setup and maintenance of other
kernel modules and their ``/dev`` nodes. This is not just an early development release. It is
already quite capable and robust. Already, ``MythTV`` 0.17 supports MPEG2-TS, ``FreeBob`` is
using AMDTP, and a soon-to-be-released ``dvgrab`` 2.0 is being used in a heavy, 24/7 production
environment. We encourage all developers and applications to migrate to this library as support
for ``dv1394``, ``amdtp``, and ``cmp`` modules are being phased out as well as DV and MPEG2-TS
applications of ``video1394``.
* NOTE: ``libiec61883`` requires ``libraw1394`` 1.2.0.