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# The name becomes the title of the placemark.
name: 'Konstantin Ryabitsev'
# You do not have to list your address, and you may also use
# anti-spam obfuscation techniques if you so desire.
email: ''
# List the PGP key that you use for purposes (the one that
# carries signatures from other kernel developers). We will link to the
# key stats page, and may eventually provide our own keystats info.
key: '329DD07E'
# You may list as many locations as you like.
# The names of the cities are purely for your reference.
latlong: '45.45,-73.80'
# Using > like this lets you write multiline entries
description: >
I work from home, but if necessary I can easily make a trip
downtown for keysigning. Just give me a couple of days of advance
'Portland, OR':
latlong: '45.5202471,-122.6741948'
description: >
I am occasionally found in Portland, but it is not worth trying
to catch me there, as my schedule is entirely unpredictable.
# The script should be entirely UTF-8 friendly
latlong: '56.4193908,40.4487893'
description: >
I am never actually in Suzdal. I just like the name. Я ни разу не
был в Суздале. Мне просто нравится имя города.