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.TH SLN 8 2021-03-22 "GNU" "Linux Programmer's Manual"
sln \- create symbolic links
.BI sln " source dest"
.BI sln " filelist"
.B sln
program creates symbolic links.
Unlike the
.BR ln (1)
program, it is statically linked.
This means that if for some reason the dynamic linker is not working,
.BR sln
can be used to make symbolic links to dynamic libraries.
The command line has two forms.
In the first form, it creates
.I dest
as a new symbolic link to
.IR source .
In the second form,
.I filelist
is a list of space-separated pathname pairs,
and the effect is as if
.BR sln
was executed once for each line of the file,
with the two pathnames as the arguments.
.B sln
program supports no command-line options.
.BR ln (1),
.BR (8),
.BR ldconfig (8)