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# Automate generation of a new release
# Need to first update these files:
# VERSION (with new version number)
# docs/CHANGES (with changelog and version/date string)
# (with new version string)
# debian/changelog (with new release entry, only for release version)
date=`date +"%-d %B %Y"`
echo "Cleaning up"
make realclean
echo "Updating CHANGES"
sed -e "s/${version}.*/${version} (${date})/" doc/CHANGES > doc/CHANGES.tmp && \
mv doc/CHANGES.tmp doc/CHANGES
echo "Commiting CHANGES update to git"
git commit -a -m "${version} release"
echo "Tagging git repository"
git tag -a -m "${version} release" v${version}
echo "Making source tarball"
make dist
#echo "Sign the source tarball"
#gpg --detach-sign xfsprogs-${version}.tar.gz
echo "Done. Please remember to push out tags using \"git push --tags\""