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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (c) 2019 Oracle, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
/* This is the minimum reasonable size of a bulkstat request. */
(NBBY * sizeof_field(struct xfs_inumbers, xi_allocmask))
/* Bulkstat wrappers */
struct xfs_bstat;
int xfrog_bulkstat_single(struct xfs_fd *xfd, uint64_t ino, unsigned int flags,
struct xfs_bulkstat *bulkstat);
int xfrog_bulkstat(struct xfs_fd *xfd, struct xfs_bulkstat_req *req);
int xfrog_bulkstat_alloc_req(uint32_t nr, uint64_t startino,
struct xfs_bulkstat_req **preq);
int xfrog_bulkstat_v5_to_v1(struct xfs_fd *xfd, struct xfs_bstat *bs1,
const struct xfs_bulkstat *bstat);
void xfrog_bulkstat_v1_to_v5(struct xfs_fd *xfd, struct xfs_bulkstat *bstat,
const struct xfs_bstat *bs1);
void xfrog_bulkstat_set_ag(struct xfs_bulkstat_req *req, uint32_t agno);
struct xfs_inogrp;
int xfrog_inumbers(struct xfs_fd *xfd, struct xfs_inumbers_req *req);
int xfrog_inumbers_alloc_req(uint32_t nr, uint64_t startino,
struct xfs_inumbers_req **preq);
void xfrog_inumbers_set_ag(struct xfs_inumbers_req *req, uint32_t agno);
void xfrog_inumbers_v5_to_v1(struct xfs_inogrp *ig1,
const struct xfs_inumbers *ig);
void xfrog_inumbers_v1_to_v5(struct xfs_inumbers *ig,
const struct xfs_inogrp *ig1);
#endif /* __LIBFROG_BULKSTAT_H__ */