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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
* Copyright (C) 2023 Oracle. All Rights Reserved.
* Author: Darrick J. Wong <>
#include "libfrog/randbytes.h"
/* 100 test cases */
static struct dahash_test {
uint16_t start; /* random 12 bit offset in buf */
uint16_t length; /* random 8 bit length of test */
xfs_dahash_t dahash; /* expected dahash result */
} dahash_tests[] =
{0x0567, 0x0097, 0x96951389},
{0x0869, 0x0055, 0x6455ab4f},
{0x0c51, 0x00be, 0x8663afde},
{0x044a, 0x00fc, 0x98fbe432},
{0x0f29, 0x0079, 0x42371997},
{0x08ba, 0x0052, 0x942be4f7},
{0x01f2, 0x0013, 0x5262687e},
{0x09e3, 0x00e2, 0x8ffb0908},
{0x007c, 0x0051, 0xb3158491},
{0x0854, 0x001f, 0x83bb20d9},
{0x031b, 0x0008, 0x98970bdf},
{0x0de7, 0x0027, 0xbfbf6f6c},
{0x0f76, 0x0005, 0x906a7105},
{0x092e, 0x00d0, 0x86631850},
{0x0233, 0x0082, 0xdbdd914e},
{0x04c9, 0x0075, 0x5a400a9e},
{0x0b66, 0x0099, 0xae128b45},
{0x000d, 0x00ed, 0xe61c216a},
{0x0a31, 0x003d, 0xf69663b9},
{0x00a3, 0x0052, 0x643c39ae},
{0x0125, 0x00d5, 0x7c310b0d},
{0x0105, 0x004a, 0x06a77e74},
{0x0858, 0x008e, 0x265bc739},
{0x045e, 0x0095, 0x13d6b192},
{0x0dab, 0x003c, 0xc4498704},
{0x00cd, 0x00b5, 0x802a4e2d},
{0x069b, 0x008c, 0x5df60f71},
{0x0454, 0x006c, 0x5f03d8bb},
{0x040e, 0x0032, 0x0ce513b5},
{0x0874, 0x00e2, 0x6a811fb3},
{0x0521, 0x00b4, 0x93296833},
{0x0ddc, 0x00cf, 0xf9305338},
{0x0a70, 0x0023, 0x239549ea},
{0x083e, 0x0027, 0x2d88ba97},
{0x0241, 0x00a7, 0xfe0b32e1},
{0x0dfc, 0x0096, 0x1a11e815},
{0x023e, 0x001e, 0xebc9a1f3},
{0x067e, 0x0066, 0xb1067f81},
{0x09ea, 0x000e, 0x46fd7247},
{0x036b, 0x008c, 0x1a39acdf},
{0x078f, 0x0030, 0x964042ab},
{0x085c, 0x008f, 0x1829edab},
{0x02ec, 0x009f, 0x6aefa72d},
{0x043b, 0x00ce, 0x65642ff5},
{0x0a32, 0x00b8, 0xbd82759e},
{0x0d3c, 0x0087, 0xf4d66d54},
{0x09ec, 0x008a, 0x06bfa1ff},
{0x0902, 0x0015, 0x755025d2},
{0x08fe, 0x000e, 0xf690ce2d},
{0x00fb, 0x00dc, 0xe55f1528},
{0x0eaa, 0x003a, 0x0fe0a8d7},
{0x05fb, 0x0006, 0x86281cfb},
{0x0dd1, 0x00a7, 0x60ab51b4},
{0x0005, 0x001b, 0xf51d969b},
{0x077c, 0x00dd, 0xc2fed268},
{0x0575, 0x00f5, 0x432c0b1a},
{0x05be, 0x0088, 0x78baa04b},
{0x0c89, 0x0068, 0xeda9e428},
{0x0f5c, 0x0068, 0xec143c76},
{0x06a8, 0x0009, 0xd72651ce},
{0x060f, 0x008e, 0x765426cd},
{0x07b1, 0x0047, 0x2cfcfa0c},
{0x04f1, 0x0041, 0x55b172f9},
{0x0e05, 0x00ac, 0x61efde93},
{0x0bf7, 0x0097, 0x05b83eee},
{0x04e9, 0x00f3, 0x9928223a},
{0x023a, 0x0005, 0xdfada9bc},
{0x0acb, 0x000e, 0x2217cecd},
{0x0148, 0x0060, 0xbc3f7405},
{0x0764, 0x0059, 0xcbc201b1},
{0x021f, 0x0059, 0x5d6b2256},
{0x0f1e, 0x006c, 0xdefeeb45},
{0x071c, 0x00b9, 0xb9b59309},
{0x0564, 0x0063, 0xae064271},
{0x0b14, 0x0044, 0xdb867d9b},
{0x0e5a, 0x0055, 0xff06b685},
{0x015e, 0x00ba, 0x1115ccbc},
{0x0379, 0x00e6, 0x5f4e58dd},
{0x013b, 0x0067, 0x4897427e},
{0x0e64, 0x0071, 0x7af2b7a4},
{0x0a11, 0x0050, 0x92105726},
{0x0109, 0x0055, 0xd0d000f9},
{0x00aa, 0x0022, 0x815d229d},
{0x09ac, 0x004f, 0x02f9d985},
{0x0e1b, 0x00ce, 0x5cf92ab4},
{0x08af, 0x00d8, 0x17ca72d1},
{0x0e33, 0x000a, 0xda2dba6b},
{0x0ee3, 0x006a, 0xb00048e5},
{0x0648, 0x001a, 0x2364b8cb},
{0x0315, 0x0085, 0x0596fd0d},
{0x0fbb, 0x003e, 0x298230ca},
{0x0422, 0x006a, 0x78ada4ab},
{0x04ba, 0x0073, 0xced1fbc2},
{0x007d, 0x0061, 0x4b7ff236},
{0x070b, 0x00d0, 0x261cf0ae},
{0x0c1a, 0x0035, 0x8be92ee2},
{0x0af8, 0x0063, 0x824dcf03},
{0x08f8, 0x006d, 0xd289710c},
{0x021b, 0x00ee, 0x6ac1c41d},
{0x05b5, 0x00da, 0x8e52f0e2},
/* Don't print anything to stdout. */
#define DAHASHTEST_QUIET (1U << 0)
static int
unsigned int flags)
int i;
int errors = 0;
int bytes = 0;
struct timeval start, stop;
uint64_t usec;
/* keep static to prevent cache warming code from
* getting eliminated by the compiler */
static xfs_dahash_t hash;
/* pre-warm the cache */
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(dahash_tests); i++) {
bytes += 2 * dahash_tests[i].length;
hash ^= libxfs_da_hashname(
randbytes_test_buf + dahash_tests[i].start,
gettimeofday(&start, NULL);
for (i = 0; i < ARRAY_SIZE(dahash_tests); i++) {
hash = libxfs_da_hashname(
randbytes_test_buf + dahash_tests[i].start,
if (hash != dahash_tests[i].dahash)
gettimeofday(&stop, NULL);
usec = stop.tv_usec - start.tv_usec +
1000000 * (stop.tv_sec - start.tv_sec);
return errors;
if (errors)
printf("dahash: %d self tests failed\n", errors);
else {
printf("dahash: tests passed, %d bytes in %" PRIu64 " usec\n",
bytes, usec);
return errors;