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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
* Copyright (c) 2000-2005 Silicon Graphics, Inc.All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef LIBXLOG_H
#define LIBXLOG_H
* define the userlevel xlog_t to be the subset of the kernel's
* xlog_t that we actually need to get our work done, avoiding
* the need to define any exotic kernel types in userland.
struct xlog {
atomic64_t l_tail_lsn; /* lsn of 1st LR w/ unflush buffers */
atomic64_t l_last_sync_lsn;/* lsn of last LR on disk */
xfs_mount_t *l_mp; /* mount point */
struct xfs_buftarg *l_dev; /* dev_t of log */
xfs_daddr_t l_logBBstart; /* start block of log */
int l_logBBsize; /* size of log in 512 byte chunks */
int l_curr_cycle; /* Cycle number of log writes */
int l_prev_cycle; /* Cycle # b4 last block increment */
int l_curr_block; /* current logical block of log */
int l_prev_block; /* previous logical block of log */
int l_iclog_size; /* size of log in bytes */
int l_iclog_size_log;/* log power size of log */
int l_iclog_bufs; /* number of iclog buffers */
atomic64_t l_grant_reserve_head;
atomic64_t l_grant_write_head;
uint l_sectbb_log; /* log2 of sector size in bbs */
uint l_sectbb_mask; /* sector size (in BBs)
* alignment mask */
int l_sectBBsize; /* size of log sector in 512 byte chunks */
#include "xfs_log_recover.h"
* macros mapping kernel code to user code
* XXX: this is duplicated stuff - should be shared with libxfs.
#define EFSCORRUPTED 990
#define STATIC static
#define XFS_ERROR(e) (e)
#ifdef DEBUG
#define XFS_ERROR_REPORT(e,l,mp) fprintf(stderr, "ERROR: %s\n", e)
#define XFS_ERROR_REPORT(e,l,mp) ((void) 0)
#define XFS_CORRUPTION_ERROR(e,l,mp,m) ((void) 0)
#define unlikely(x) (x)
#define xfs_alert(mp,fmt,args...) cmn_err(CE_ALERT,fmt, ## args)
#define xfs_warn(mp,fmt,args...) cmn_err(CE_WARN,fmt, ## args)
#define xfs_hex_dump(d,n) ((void) 0)
#define __round_mask(x, y) ((__typeof__(x))((y)-1))
#define round_up(x, y) ((((x)-1) | __round_mask(x, y))+1)
#define round_down(x, y) ((x) & ~__round_mask(x, y))
extern void xlog_warn(char *fmt,...);
extern void xlog_exit(char *fmt,...);
extern void xlog_panic(char *fmt,...);
/* exports */
extern int print_exit;
extern int print_skip_uuid;
extern int print_record_header;
/* libxfs parameters */
extern libxfs_init_t x;
extern int xlog_is_dirty(struct xfs_mount *, struct xlog *, libxfs_init_t *,
extern struct xfs_buf *xlog_get_bp(struct xlog *, int);
extern int xlog_bread(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t blk_no, int nbblks,
struct xfs_buf *bp, char **offset);
extern int xlog_bread_noalign(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t blk_no,
int nbblks, struct xfs_buf *bp);
extern int xlog_find_zeroed(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t *blk_no);
extern int xlog_find_cycle_start(struct xlog *log, struct xfs_buf *bp,
xfs_daddr_t first_blk, xfs_daddr_t *last_blk,
uint cycle);
extern int xlog_find_tail(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t *head_blk,
xfs_daddr_t *tail_blk);
extern int xlog_recover(struct xlog *log, int readonly);
extern void xlog_recover_print_data(char *p, int len);
extern void xlog_recover_print_logitem(struct xlog_recover_item *item);
extern void xlog_recover_print_trans_head(struct xlog_recover *tr);
extern int xlog_print_find_oldest(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t *last_blk);
/* for transactional view */
extern void xlog_recover_print_trans_head(struct xlog_recover *tr);
extern void xlog_recover_print_trans(struct xlog_recover *trans,
struct list_head *itemq, int print);
extern int xlog_do_recovery_pass(struct xlog *log, xfs_daddr_t head_blk,
xfs_daddr_t tail_blk, int pass);
extern int xlog_recover_do_trans(struct xlog *log, struct xlog_recover *trans,
int pass);
extern int xlog_header_check_recover(xfs_mount_t *mp,
xlog_rec_header_t *head);
extern int xlog_header_check_mount(xfs_mount_t *mp,
xlog_rec_header_t *head);
#define xlog_assign_atomic_lsn(l,a,b) ((void) 0)
#define xlog_assign_grant_head(l,a,b) ((void) 0)
#endif /* LIBXLOG_H */