Merge tag 'x86_core_for_5.18_rc1' of git://

Pull x86 CET-IBT (Control-Flow-Integrity) support from Peter Zijlstra:
 "Add support for Intel CET-IBT, available since Tigerlake (11th gen),
  which is a coarse grained, hardware based, forward edge
  Control-Flow-Integrity mechanism where any indirect CALL/JMP must
  target an ENDBR instruction or suffer #CP.

  Additionally, since Alderlake (12th gen)/Sapphire-Rapids, speculation
  is limited to 2 instructions (and typically fewer) on branch targets
  not starting with ENDBR. CET-IBT also limits speculation of the next
  sequential instruction after the indirect CALL/JMP [1].

  CET-IBT is fundamentally incompatible with retpolines, but provides,
  as described above, speculation limits itself"


* tag 'x86_core_for_5.18_rc1' of git:// (53 commits)
  kvm/emulate: Fix SETcc emulation for ENDBR
  x86/Kconfig: Only allow CONFIG_X86_KERNEL_IBT with ld.lld >= 14.0.0
  x86/Kconfig: Only enable CONFIG_CC_HAS_IBT for clang >= 14.0.0
  kbuild: Fixup the IBT kbuild changes
  x86/Kconfig: Do not allow CONFIG_X86_X32_ABI=y with llvm-objcopy
  x86: Remove toolchain check for X32 ABI capability
  x86/alternative: Use .ibt_endbr_seal to seal indirect calls
  objtool: Find unused ENDBR instructions
  objtool: Validate IBT assumptions
  objtool: Add IBT/ENDBR decoding
  objtool: Read the NOENDBR annotation
  x86: Annotate idtentry_df()
  x86,objtool: Move the ASM_REACHABLE annotation to objtool.h
  x86: Annotate call_on_stack()
  objtool: Rework ASM_REACHABLE
  x86: Mark __invalid_creds() __noreturn
  exit: Mark do_group_exit() __noreturn
  x86: Mark stop_this_cpu() __noreturn
  objtool: Ignore extra-symbol code
  objtool: Rename --duplicate to --lto