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# CephFS specific common functions.
# _ceph_create_file_layout <filename> <stripe unit> <stripe count> <object size>
# This function creates a new empty file and sets the file layout according to
# parameters. It will exit if the file already exists.
local fname=$1
local stripe_unit=$2
local stripe_count=$3
local obj_size=$4
if [ -e $fname ]; then
echo "File $fname already exists."
exit 1
touch $fname
$SETFATTR_PROG -n ceph.file.layout \
-v "stripe_unit=$objsz stripe_count=1 object_size=$objsz" \
# this test requires to access file capabilities through vxattr 'ceph.caps'.
$GETFATTR_PROG -n "ceph.caps" $TEST_DIR >/dev/null 2>&1 \
|| _notrun "ceph.caps vxattr not supported"