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Binding for Freescale QorIQ AHCI SATA Controller
Required properties:
- reg: Physical base address and size of the controller's register area.
- compatible: Compatibility string. Must be 'fsl,<chip>-ahci', where
chip could be ls1021a, ls1043a, ls1046a, ls1088a, ls2080a etc.
- clocks: Input clock specifier. Refer to common clock bindings.
- interrupts: Interrupt specifier. Refer to interrupt binding.
Optional properties:
- dma-coherent: Enable AHCI coherent DMA operation.
- reg-names: register area names when there are more than 1 register area.
sata@3200000 {
compatible = "fsl,ls1021a-ahci";
reg = <0x0 0x3200000 0x0 0x10000>;
interrupts = <GIC_SPI 101 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
clocks = <&platform_clk 1>;