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* Compact Flash
The Cavium Compact Flash device is connected to the Octeon Boot Bus,
and is thus a child of the Boot Bus device. It can read and write
industry standard compact flash devices.
- compatible: "cavium,ebt3000-compact-flash";
Compatibility with many Cavium evaluation boards.
- reg: The base address of the CF chip select banks. Depending on
the device configuration, there may be one or two banks.
- cavium,bus-width: The width of the connection to the CF devices. Valid
values are 8 and 16.
- cavium,true-ide: Optional, if present the CF connection is in True IDE mode.
- cavium,dma-engine-handle: Optional, a phandle for the DMA Engine connected
to this device.
compact-flash@5,0 {
compatible = "cavium,ebt3000-compact-flash";
reg = <5 0 0x10000>, <6 0 0x10000>;
cavium,bus-width = <16>;
cavium,dma-engine-handle = <&dma0>;